Little Kids in a Big World


A couple of weeks ago my daughter started Grade 1. One thing on her back-to-school must-have list was a new backpack. Last years’ design is ‘so last year’, it had a couple of holes in it, and was too small. Yet, I noticed when shopping that there is really only two sizes in backpacks. Small and Large.

kidFor an almost 6 year old, the Large is Very large, and it looks so odd to see such a gigantic backpack on a wee little girl {I mean, she fits into the thing herself. Yes, I did try}. Yet, with books, agendas, lunch kit, water bottle and a few other necessities – that huge backpack fills up rather quickly. My daughter already complains about the weight of her backpack and all I can think is, ‘You haven’t felt anything yet!’ as I think back to all the books from High School and College.

It really reminds me that she still is my baby, fresh into the world of school, knowledge and growth. Everyday when I drop her off at school and watch her backpack walk toward the school doors {bye, backpack! I can’t see the girl behind you, but I know she’s there!}, I am reminded of how fast time flies. I know one day I’ll see her grow into that backpack and recall the time when she first started the school years. For now, I run after her and offer to carry that huge backpack for her, to guide and assist her – and to watch my baby be
{huge} backpack-free one last time.



  1. You’d think they would have come up with better sizing for backpacks by now! It’s not as if small children going to school is going togo out of style lol.

    1. I didn’t realize the sizing until this year, Alyssa. Very odd = too small or freaking huge! ?

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