Little Fit

My daughter tries everything to be just like her Dad. As much as she is a princess at heart, she likes to get dirty and crazy when dad is around. When he is near, it’s all about him. (Grandpa, or her cousins for that matter) Isn’t it funny how kids always seem to gravitate to older kids and some adults? They love to imitate and follow them around like a shadow. Isabelle would even be willing to trade in her tiara, for a cap, just to get in their good books.

Little Fit is an online company that makes ‘big people’ flex and trucker hats for the little ones. Trucker hats! Yep, the same style of hat my Dad wore, and exactly the same that the teenagers are sporting these days. (Am I aging myself even more here?) Why wouldn’t it be just fitting for kids to want to follow the same trends and fashions as the people they look up to?

In fact Little Fit has some ‘cool hats’ as my daughteLinkr pointed out when I showed her the site. A husband and wife team are behind Little fit and their 2 children are their inspiration. They wanted a stylish, fitted hat that offered superb sun protection and a quality design. Using their kids to perfect the ultimate design, they have succeeded in offering hip styles in head wear for both ‘little’ and ‘big’ kids.

Since Isabelle would be the one testing out and showing off the hat, I let her decide on which one she liked the best. The Butterfly Trucker Hat’ it was (not so surprised). It is a beautiful and colorful design complete with rhinestones for that blinged look. Actually, she has termed it her, “tattoo hat”…(not really sure where this came from, but it suits the design!) I was really impressed with the designs for boys as well. And for this Mom of 3 girls to notice boys’ items! Well, that is just something in itself! I managed to get a picture of her in the Little Fit hat, but it was hard as she didn’t stop moving because Daddy was around. But, he managed to keep her still on his knee for a brief second for a quick shot. She just wouldn’t pull down the back of the hat enough this day though, “Mom, my curls!!”

The fit of the hat is wonderful, it just needed a little brim-bending from Dad, and she was happy. The stitching of the entire hat, (as well as the embroidery) proves it as a durable, quality product. I’m sure it’ll hold up to all the constant abuse that a kid can put it under. In fact, in the first few days Isabelle wore this hat, she got the brim very dirty. (most likely helping Daddy in the garage) Little Fit hats washes up like a charm. And, the air vents in this hat will be nice to have for the peak of summer, as she always takes off hats and complains they make her head too hot. Lots of her hats are all bows and frills, it’s great to see her with a new design unlike the others. Plus, it makes her feel special to know that she is a little ‘cooler now’.


**Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, views are my own. 

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