Limeapple Back to School Pre-packed Gift Boxes

When back to school shopping for the kids, I tend to focus on the necessities as well as the basics that make up a wardrobe. While ‘fillers’ can be added at any time {check those sales!}, it’s these basic necessities that are needed all the time – especially this time of year.

Not only is it back to school, and wearing more clothing than the usual bathing suit and tanks summer attire, it’s also a jump back into kids activities. All three of my girls are competitive cheerleaders and while they had corresponding courses and camps during the summer months, soon it’s back to regular routine and practice classes. 

Taking it back to new clothing this time of year, my main focus was active wear and a couple cute outfits for the twins, including those basic necessities like black leggings {right now we can’t get enough of leggings!}. 

This is why I just love Calgary’s own Limeapple – and their brilliant idea for a back to school sale. They are offering back to school pre-packed gift boxes from August 15-17, and you’ll want to take advantage of this! 

During this sale Limeapple is offering the following packs – the Active Pack, Little Lime Pack, Boutique Pack and Gym Strip pack. All of the packs have over $150 worth of clothing in them, yet you can snag yours for $100 or less, depending on the pack.

My girls each got one of these fantastic packs, and I was completely giddy about the items in each pack. It was all I could do to keep the girls away until I took a few photos.

Limeapple Back to School Pre-packed Gift Boxes boutique pack


Limeapple Back to School Pre-packed Gift Boxes active pack


Limeapple active pack back to school sale

As always, they were completely smitten about the bubble hoodies, a signature to Limeapple

The boutique pack included two outfits as well, plus super soft headbands. The cut and style of these tops are so unique, definitely something different than what the other kids on the playground will be wearing!

The two active packs for my oldest and one of my twins included a couple of the same pieces, the sports bra and shorts – which they both needed for cheer practice {they read my mind!}, yet also some longer pants and sports tops in each {along with more headbands, another item which you just can’t have enough of}. Again all of these items are mix and match. 

My girls have been wearing these clothes for days – to and from swim practice, just out shopping, to cheer camp – and also to a Springfree trampoline event which I hosted in Calgary. No matter what kids are doing, there’s activity of course! 

Thanks to these basics, I think we’re on the road to being prepared for back to school and back to activities in just a few weeks. Rather than spending time {and more money} in buying these pieces separately – the back to school pre-packed gift boxes are convenient, frugal, quality and fashionable! 

… and now some everyday photos of my girls in their new Limeapple pre-packed items. 

Make sure you check out the sale packages before August 17th!

Limeapple Back to School Pre-packed Gift Boxes


Limeapple Back to School Pre-packed Gift Boxes August sale


Limeapple Back to School boutique pack


Limeapple Activewear Back to School


activewear sale Limeapple Back to School


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this post, all opinions are my own.



  1. The outfits are so pretty. Your girl look lovely and are true beauties. I always enjoy hearing about your girls.

  2. My daughter has a couple of the hoodies – so soft and comfy – she loves them!

  3. Thank you for so many wonderful suggestions…I have so many nephews and nieces who are almost ready to go back to school

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