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When my oldest started competitive cheerleading, I was thrust into a different world. Many trips to practice per week and learning all about the sport and everything that goes with it. Up until then, she dabbled in a very different sports and activities {trying everything from dance to soccer}, yet this is the first sport that ‘stuck’ with her. Now, our evenings and weekends are filled with all 3 of my girls in cheerleading and dance.

In these last couple of years I’ve learned through experience that activewear is best left to the professionals. When buying clothing and gear from box department stores, you usually get what you pay for. Meaning, to get the bang for the buck, you really need to look for quality. Clothing to stand up to the intense activity that kids do!

limeapple activewear for girls canada review

Limeapple, a company from Calgary Alberta, promotes an active lifestyle for young girls! They make quality, trendy and fun active-wear for girls, offering exceptional clothing to promote healthy and fun living.

I got to pick an item for each of my girls to review. I decided to pick an array of items for them – to really see the diverse stock that Limeapple carries and to get a good feel for their apparel.

My oldest got a Soulmate Hoodie, which is adorable! The shape of this hoodie is unique and I love the peplum cut, lace additions and the little pockets.

limeapple Soulmate Hoodie review

It looks great on her and she says it’s so comfortable – which is a must since it’s a hoodie she wears to and from practice now. Right now a lot of hoodies and zip-ups are made short in length, and I noticed she always did the pull-down when she wore them. She’s never done that with the Limeapple Soulmate Hoodie, which screams ‘comfort’ to me as a parent.

Katelyn got the Bubble Dance Shrug in Black, that has thumbholes on the sleeves for cozy hands. This lightweight material is the ultimate in soft, when Katie is near I cannot stop petting her shrug!

limeapple Bubble Dance Shrug review

Perfect for her dance class, Katie is also seen sporting this shrug with any other clothing she can. It also perfectly pairs with dresses and a black shrug is needed for a little warmth during this time of year. I’m very impressed with the style and quality of this shrug and plan to add a couple more to their closet very soon.

For Sophia, I chose the Eclipse Dress, since I thought the cut of it was so cute and unique. This dress does not disappoint, it stands out from the other dresses in the closet, the attention to the cut is fantastic and the cotton blend is so soft.

limeapple dresses for girls review

The combination of colours in this dress are perfect for Fall and Winter, including rich burgundy colour and not red like the photo turned out. This dress is trendy, fun, playful but also moves with her so that wearing a dress doesn’t impede in her activity.

My girls love their new Limeapple apparel additions, which very much suit their very active lifestyles. They wear them to their sports, yet they also wear them outside of their activities as well. Meaning, you don’t have an item that is worn for just an hour or two per week.

Limeapple offers young girls activewear and a great a clothing line with dresses, tops, hoodies, jackets and more. They even have a swim line! Order online and you’ll get free shipping to both the USA and Canada on orders over $50. Or, take a peek at the Limeapple Store Locator, I was happy to see that Limeapple is sold in our dance and costumes stores here in my city!



Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.




  1. The Limeapple Bubble Hoodies are an absolute favourite in our house – our girls love how soft they are and I love how cute they look plus I appreciate the quality. Another cute item that caught my eye was the Maisy Top, since we love owls. 🙂

  2. My daughter would love the Soulmate Hoodie, she is a competitive gymnast, and would love to wear a hoodie from this company to and from the gym -her second home! Great post!

  3. I love the Aurora Dress, perfect for church and for outings and Christmas eve!! and I love Sophia’s hair colour, both my girls had the same colour when they were young and the dress looks fabulous on her!!

  4. These 3 cuties would look good in anything; but, as a Grandma I am a bit biased. Very appealing clothing

  5. The Solstice Dress is one that my granddaughter would absolutely love – she’s be swirling all over the house 🙂

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