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Lily Lolo Mineral Cosmetics is a company originating in the UK and is available for online purchasing. What interests me about their products is that they ‘contain the minimum of ingredients (natural ones at that) but still promise truly great products that really perform’. After all, we strive to put only the best into our bodies, why not the outside as well?
Lily Lolo sent me some of the their mineral products to try out. The first product was the Mineral Foundation. It comes in powder form, and right awayIwas impressed with how little you have to apply! Regular foundations (no matter which one I tried) felt like a mask on my face, and it always made my skin break out. Lily Lolo’s Mineral Foundation lightly covered my face, without me even knowing it was there. My face could still breathe! It blended perfectly with my skin tone, so I was able to apply it either all over or just where I needed it. Something that the Lilo Lolo site taught me was that ‘most powder products contain talc or corn starch which is drying and gives skin that ‘powdery’ look. Mineral foundation is silky or creamy and is not drying to the skin.’ This explains why makeup ‘cracks’! And to answer your next question, No, the mineral foundation did not crack or flake off my face at any point while I was wearing it.The Mineral Finishing Powder could be applied over the foundation to complete your look. I only did this when I wanted a long-lasting matte look or it was a special occasion (I hate shiny face!). I also like to apply the finishing powder alone, when I was going on errands and didn’t want to wear a full face – but wanted some coverage.Lily Lolo blushes are magnificent! They went on like a dream and the color blended to a perfect tint. I detest blushes that go on streaky. This blush looked very natural on the skin! And again, a little does go a long way. Your money is not wasted with Lily Lolo.

The eye colors I tried were the Sticky Toffee and the Khaki Sparkle. With my other shadows, I’d have to apply and reapply to get the color I wanted. With the Mineral eye colors, one sweep was all I needed. And to my amazement, the color stayed on, as good as new, many hours later. I really couldn’t have picked 2 eye shadow colors better suited for me than the ones that I was sent. They were of perfect compliment not only to my own eyes, but to each other as well.

To top it all off, I got to use the Super Kabuki synthetic application brush. (you should really check out their great selection of brushes and applicators!) The Super Kabuki brush is most likely the 2nd softest thing to ever touch my face (1st being, of course, baby’s skin) After using this, I have to ask myself – why did I use those other hard bristle brushes before this? Really, this brush is like silk! It is definitely a must for all makeup wearers. Maybe the rough brushes I have used in the past added to my problematic skin?
After trying the Lily Lolo line of mineral cosmetics, I feel more comfortable in wearing makeup more often. Trying some excellent products made me realize all those years worth of makeup mistakes. For me, Lily Lologave me a cosmetic line that felt great and looked fabulous – from morning until night!WIN IT: Lily Lolo would like to send one My Organized Chaos reader the ‘Ultimate kit’!
What’s does this include?
Well, you’d get a foundation, finishing powder, cover up, Bronzers & Shimmers and a blush pot.
Yep, all of that!! Thanks Lily Lolo!

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