Lightscoop Your Way To Better Photos!

I can’t think of one parent that wouldn’t put their camera and thus their photos on their ‘favorite items’ list. As a Mom of 3 girls, I take photos on a daily basis – and a lot of them. I’m continually thankful for digital cameras, since I tend to take hundreds at one sitting just to make sure I capture all that I want. I have many digital cameras, and all have unique qualities – but I do have one common complaint about them all – the pop-up flashes! Unfortunately most of my photos are taken indoors {I thank our cold Canadian winters for that!} and the lack of good natural light in my house is a major cause for many terrible photos. I have debated getting an external flash, yet the expense is too much right now. Yet every time indoor lighting or lack thereof ruins a great photo, I get very discouraged!

Enter, Lightscoop – a product that I am extremely excited about. It’s a simple and lightweight device that clips to the built in flash {hot shoe} of a cameras that has an interchangeable lens. With it’s mirror, it works by directing light to all surrounding areas. This works to prevent hot spots and overexposure on faces and light areas and takes away shadows. This is one effective and easy way of spreading the natural light, without having to hike up ISO and chancing blur and noise. I find that sometimes I just want to point and shoot and not even worry about settings and lighting compensation. And, Lightscoop, at $29.95, is a frugal and easy alternative to the $300+ cost of an external flash.

The photos using the Lightscoop on my Canon DSLR look way more natural, especially for skin tones. I love that faces are no longer bleached out, with harsh shadows all around. Seriously, this simple device has made the biggest impact in my photos, definitely the best photography product I have seen in a long time!


Even on this product shot of a Scentsy warmer – see how the it looks white in the before photo?! The after photo, shows how Lightscoop prevents the harsh flash and allows the photo to display what color the product really is. What a difference!

Keep in mind, since Lightscoop reflects light onto the floors and ceilings, it won’t work well in areas with huge ceilings, such as churches and gymnasiums. Yet, it works perfectly in my home and that is where I do most of my indoor shots. And, it slips on and off the camera so easily. No more begging and pleading the kids to stand by the windows!! After using Lightscoop I don’t even daydream about getting the external flash anymore.

Meet Ken Kobré, the inventor of the Lightscoop. His  textbook, “Photojournalism: The Professionals’ Approach,” has been the widest-selling text on photojournalism in the world since 1980. He invented Lightscoop because he
“HATES looking at UGLY flash photos.”
I agree, Ken! And, thanks for developing a cost effective product that prevents that!

Lightscoop is available online, and can be purchased for a better deal when you buy 2. I’m sure you know someone who hates ugly flash photos too – Father’s Day? Christmas? Just because they swear at their camera all the time? Oh…is that only me?
Refer to the list of compatible cameras, and there’s a standard lightscoop and a warming one too!

Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this review post, opinions are my own.


  1. I learned that to get a good picture of a baby turn your camera vertically and use the Lightscoop to bounce the pop-up flash off a wall.
    This product would be great for my hubby, we got his T1i back in February for his photography business(he’s been using an old Pentax film camera till this year when we could afford a nice DSLR) and I think this would be great.

  2. I learned: Camera meters often overexpose dark scenes and turn black into grey.
    I did not know that! And obviously, this gift would be perfect for ME! Not only to I have a VERY photogenic 3 year old, but I also have a black cat!

  3. which bounced the light off a wall, is as soft and directional as window light. A ceiling bounce re-creates typical overhead indoor lighting. Bounced light IS diffused. I learnt all this and more..\i think it would hlep me take better photos

  4. That ambient light will not be overpowered by the bright flash and you will be able to see the light of the christmas tree or soft glow of a lamp.
    My husband loves photography and is always experimenting with light to get rid of shadows.

  5. I learned that Lightscoop is a smart low-tech device that creates soft, flattering light by redirecting your camera’s pop-up flash to a ceiling or wall. It would actually be perfect for my camera 🙂

  6. I learned that the lightscoop redirects the harsh light AWAY from the baby’s eyes – I’ve always hated the over powering flash in a little baby’s face

  7. I learned that I wasn’t doing anything wrong when taking pictures of black dogs – it was my camera’s fault! 🙂 This would be perfect for my camera! I would love to get the perfect shot with no blinky-eye flash issues!

  8. I learned how this product can improve flash shots indoors, which I need a product for – I’m constantly getting bad flash shots and shadows…. I’m a DSLR newbie!

  9. I liked this tip for group shots, since we have a big family:
    “Try standing on a chair and shooting from above to get the whole crew in the picture. This will change the view point, make it possible to see all the faces, and simultaneously eliminate any double chins. They can thank you later.”

    The lightscoop would be good for me & my hubby…he has a dslr, but I hardly use it because it’s so heavy w/ the external flash..the lightscoop would make it easier for me to use during the day at home to capture baby’s moments that he misses while he’s @ work!

  10. I learned that it redirects the light, making it more flattering on the subjects faces. It would be perfect for my sister or mom – they are really into photography!

  11. I learned that it is best to stand on a chair for family shots to get the whole group in better.

    This would be good for my dad who loves to take photos. I’d love it too!

  12. Camera meters often overexpose dark scenes and turn black into grey, I was unaware and this gift would be all mine. I love to take photos!

  13. I found out that it is great for getting rid of red eye, shadows and bleached out faces. This would be great for me, but my mom would love it too. Thanks for the giveaway.

  14. I learned that my flash is way too harsh. Yeah I’d love it for myself. I take a lot of pictures and I’d just love to try it out. See how it works with my Nikon D90.

  15. I learned that that Light Scoop redirects your camera’s pop-up flash to the ceiling creates a larger source of light that also comes from a natural direction (rather than from the middle of your forehead).

    I need this product to use with my Nikon D5000

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  20. Wow! I learned that lightscoop works better than diffusers as it spreads the light over a larger surface are not just softening hot spots like diffusers do. This product would be perfect for me! I also have a canon dslr.

  21. I learned the lightscoop works by redirecting the small light from your camera’s pop-up flash to the ceiling. This creates a larger source of light that also comes from a natural direction. This product will be perfect for me & other camera happy moms!

  22. I learned that the lightscoop would help take the red eye out of photos and that it will help avoid the bright flash that hurts your eyes. This would be perfect for a friend who takes a lot of portrait type photos.

  23. I learned that using Lightscoop will evenly light everyone in my party pix. It would be perfect for me and my Fuji so I can take even better pics of family and friends.

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  25. I love this, this would be perfect for my step-dad, he’s constantly taking pictures and loves all camera related gadgetry. I learned that I can get rid of red eye with this!

  26. I learned that that Light Scoop redirects your camera’s pop-up flash to the ceiling creates a larger source of light that also comes from a natural direction. This would be perfect for me – I just bought the Nikon D90 and am in the market for a flash!!

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