New Looks For Less with Leon’s


The last time we shopped for home furniture, we were getting the twins their very own bedroom sets, it was that milestone from toddler bed to big-girl bed. My husband is a ‘Find it and buy it. Done’ kind of person and likes the process to be quick and simple. I, on the other hand, love furniture shopping and like to spend a lot of time exploring my options … and perhaps get a little distracted in other areas of the store.New Looks For Less with Leon’s 

Yet we can both agree on walking into Leon’s, he immediately finds what he’s looking for and I get the chance to browse around at all the great and stylish items. Usually he’s got the receipt in hand and is walking out the door while I’m still sitting on a couch and getting a feel for some kind of fabric, tallying how many throw cushions I’d need. It’s true that we can go in for one reason and leave with an idea sparked for another room of the house. Also, it’s amazing how even the littlest changes make a whole new look!


Leon’s Facebook Fan Cover Design

Leon’s has launched an innovative video that showcases the Design of a print flyer that was driven by their Facebook fans. Over four weeks, fans helped Leon’s select the sofa, the table, and the winning colour scheme for the flyer cover shot. One look at the video and you see a wonder snapshot of the process.


New Looks for Less Commercial

Check out Leon’s “New Looks for Less” commercial below. For years they have been all about quality yet this is definitely hip, modern and stylish. This is why I spend so much time in there!


What’s your Leon’s style?


This post has been brought to you by Leon’s . All opinions are my own.




  1. We love Leons! In fact I purchased a massive L-shaped couch there 17 years ago and we still get compliments on how nice it is. It has been years since we shopped there, but I am loving the leather couch in the ad spot above:)

  2. I love their trendy designs. We are buying a new house in spring, so will have to check them out when we look for new furniture.

  3. I could use a couple new things to update our home. Thanks for this, I’ll have to pop over and see what goodies they have now!

  4. I love the living room you have pictured up top. With small kids, the white decor is only a dream. But, I am starting to itch to decorate our living room. Will have to check out Leons for inspiration!

  5. Awww… don’t tell my hubby I’m looking… That means I want and have a re-design in my mind…hahah Love to redecorate and add new designs and furniture.. these look awesome, totally checking it out and get some new inspiration. thanks for sharing

  6. I love the clean and awesome designs. I love rearranging furniture at home to create a new look. have not been to a Leon’s yet or have checked their website but I think I will now…

  7. I love Leons as well 🙂 They have such a great selection of furniture that is is reasonably priced and still high quality! I love just browsing through the stores – if I had the money I would certainly be remodelling rooms left and right! hah 🙂

  8. I’ve always loved Leon’s for their beautiful furniture and reasonable prices. Recently we saw a TV commercial and were blown away when we realized it was for Leon’s. The furniture looked like it came from a fancy dandy store, not a chain.

  9. My hubby is the same way…get in and get out shopper so I have to have an idea of what I’d like before I shop anywhere. We love Leons for the fact that they are super easy to shop and their displays give us lots of ideas as well, makes him want to look around more 🙂

  10. We went to leons last year and had a blast ! we furnished the living room, dining room and kids rooms… time to go back again and finish our bedroom and basement 🙂

  11. I guess my style from Leon’s would be cozy and comfortable. We have purchased items from Leon’s over the years and really like the store. The staff are very courteous, friendly and helpful.
    I really love the video. It is a wonderful way to get some new ideas and to see the range of their items and how they can be put together. Thank you for this Video.

  12. I need a new sofa, should check them out not sure they deliver for free to my house though as I am quite far away.

  13. We love Leon’s!! When we took early retirement almost 2 yrs. ago and moved to a small town…we were thrilled to learn that Leon’s delivered here so it was a no brainer for us! We went in and chose 6 appliances, a 60″ Smart TV, large fireplace console and matching reclining loveseat & sofa. We moved in on a Friday and the following Thursday our things were delivered from Leon’s which gave us just enough time to get the boxes unpacked and out of the way! To this day, we love spending time (and some $) at Leon’s. Can’t say enough good things about their friendly & helpful staff.

  14. We were looking online at sectionals as we would like to replace our sofa and love seat and they do have nice furniture. Just trying to get ideas now. Even nice to walk through there stores and see the st up and looks of the furniture.

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