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At the first signs of Spring, I watched the girls bring out their bikes and speed down the street. They still had training wheels on, and I realized that they weren’t even trying to balance – they kind of coasted on one side, leaned over and completely supported by the wheel. 

I need to take those off or they’ll never learn“, I said to my husband. 

Despite my husbands hesitation, we took off the training wheels and threw them out. Just like that. My approach was the, ‘you don’t have them, so you better learn’ method. 

Well, the girls had zero balance. Nada. They couldn’t even get onto their bikes and get their feet up without falling over. 

This resulted in them avoiding their bikes for the next month and a half. 

I wish we had just kept those training wheels on. At least then they’d be on their bikes this summer“, said hubby.

I smelled a challenge.

My mission for summer 2014 was to get these girls riding, it was my one main goal. To be fully honest, it was my husbands doubt that was my fuel. Oh, it was on.

So, during the last couple weeks of school, I thought about how to best tackle this because frankly – they outnumber me. I asked friends and I fully admit to doing a Google search {no help}.

With the bike-strike, they were left with one scooter. Fights galore? You bet! Really? I have twins, WHY did I buy just one scooter years ago? It’s like I’m new here!

Then I remembered that Barbie had sent us a cool scooter which I hadn’t yet introduced to the girls. With happy shrieks, they jumped on it. Yet – they couldn’t ride it very well at the beginning. 


You see, the old scooter had 2 wheels at the back, whereas the new Barbie scooter just just one. Again, they have no balance on wheels and the old scooter was partly to blame! Gah!

In retrospect, parents, go with the one-wheeled scooter right off the bat. It’s a smarter design and the other does nothing for balance. Live and learn. 


It only took a couple tries for the twins to gain some balancing skills with thanks to the new Barbie scooter. Side note, it’s so cute since it comes with a little mini-scooter for a doll friend {Insert: ‘awww, so cute’!}.


Then it was July 1st – fresh out of school and we were packing up to go to our creek property for camping. I loaded the twins bikes into the van, determined to make this happen.

After lunch that day, it was time. Now or never. The girls were nervous, ‘Mom, can Barbie come with me for this?‘ asked Katie. ‘That’s why you have a basket on your bike hun, of course!‘. She relaxed a little and off we went, helmets on and to the grassed area. 

I instructed the girls to put their feet on the pedals and when I pushed their bikes forward, they were to push with their feet. They got about 10 cm and fell over. “It’s ok, get up and let’s try again“. 

Back and forth I went from twin to twin, and with each push they went farther before stopping and falling. I was a sweaty mess from running back and forth from child to child, along with the heat that day – but I persisted.

They persisted, despite getting frustrated at times. 

Yet slowly and surely, they went farther with each push until they could go the length of the green. By this time, neighbouring campers had heard the commotion and had placed their lawn chairs by their trailers, enthralled with the afternoon show. Pretty soon my cheers were joined with theirs. 

Next I moved onto the next step. Get off the grass.

See, I did it this way because not only is grass better to fall on, but it’s harder to bike on it. So, if they can master biking on grass, it’ll be much easier to bike on packed gravel. 

And it was!


Once the girls moved over to the gravel road, it was much easier for them and they just took off! My cheeks hurt from smiling. They were so proud of themselves. 


My little ones, cruising down the road, with Barbie bouncing in their baskets with them. It was a sight that I’ll always remember, and I’m pretty sure there was a young Tammi that did the very same thing years ago. Bikes and Barbies. They were a summer tradition, and a perfect pair. 


It took more time for the twins to learn to fully get going on the bike without me pushing, yet that came all on their own with practice. After they gained the balance and confidence to stay upright, I stopped giving them that initial push and at times it took them numerous tries to get going. But, they did learn to start and keep the momentum, all on their own. 


The first days of summer 2014, I met my main goal. The twins now ride their bikes and after 15 years of being without – I bought one too.

Together, we’ve been riding through our neighbourhood all month long. It’s a new kind of freedom, having all your kids ride their bikes solo. It’s new world of adventures and fun.

Through this my hubby learned not to doubt his girls or his stubborn determined wife, and I learned to not be intimidated by a big parenting job x2.

The girls? Well, they learned that they could do anything, especially with a little help and support from family and friends {even from those smiling at you from the basket or at the front of your scooter}.

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  1. Love this!! My son hasn’t learned how to get off the training wheels yet but my daughter took to it very naturally. Barbie bikes are a great incentive for getting kids outside to play, which is something we LOVE to do!

    1. My oldest was very hard to teach, i don’t think she did until almost 7. By then she was the only one in the class to not ride a 2-wheeled bike. She came home from a bike-a-thon in tears, she was embarrassed. That’s what it took to get her going. I have to admit, that was part of the reason why I was so adamant on the twins learning now, some of their friends had been inviting us on bike rides and I wanted the twins to be able to ride with them and keep up. In any case, done and done. They’re all over! lol

  2. I just love those moments when your kid learns something new or experiences something exciting for the first time. A week ago we were in Big Bear and my daughter rode on a really fast boat for the first time… I didn’t foresee it being a big moment, but the look on her face when we really started racing – just pure excitement. I’m blessed to experience the world through her eyes. Congrats on the big biking-riding kids = ) I love that scooter!

    1. Awe, that is so sweet, I can just picture it! I love the ‘wow’ look on their faces, new experiences and new discoveries. Kids are amazing little ones! btw – the scooter is awesome, so durable and sturdy. I’d recommend it to anyone!

  3. I love that you documented this. Now when they have kids you can go back and show them when they learned to ride. Don’t worry. I used the just take them off approach as well. πŸ™‚

    1. Yeah, I love that about this space too – one day they can read back and know. Unlike those baby books that I never completed. Haha, I guess they got something better! πŸ˜‰

  4. That’s awesome that the girls had a great time and such confidence with your support. Those are some cool Barbie rides too!

    1. I’m so happy too, I love being able to bike with them, it was one of the highlights of the summer. But man, tackling twins sometimes is tough …. omg, when they learn to drive a car!!!! Hold me!!!!

  5. What a fun milestone! My daughter learned last year and she has been riding everywhere! She caught on very, very quickly even though her bike was a bit too big for her. Congrats to them on their achievement!

  6. Look at them go! I’m so glad you pulled out that second scooter from Barbie. I can’t imagine one went over well with two girls. LOL Love this post!

    1. I know, it really saved the day. Buying one … what was I thinking?!?! On the other hand, the Barbie one is much better, so it all ended up for the better.

    1. It all happened by chance, grateful but it certainly wasn’t planned! lol
      Ummm, I mean, I totally planned that! πŸ˜‰

  7. Sure is a great idea. My daughter has a bike and she’s afraid to balance as well. The tendency is for her to lean on one side and paddle the other foot so she will move. Thank you for sharing!

  8. I know how you feel. My husband wants my 6 year old to ride his bike without training wheels but it isn’t happening as fast as he wants. My kids prefer their scooters over their bikes.

    1. It’ll come, my oldest didn’t have much interest at first either, which is why it took her longer. Now, you can’t get her off her bike!!

  9. What a lovely post – and a peek inside such a fun milestone for your family. So happy to read that you too now have a bike! Thanks for the tip with the scooter, i try to remember that when my little guy gets of age.

  10. What fun! I remember learning to ride a scooter. We just upgraded my toddlers tricycle to a 2 wheel bike with training wheels and she just loves it! Glad you are enjoying the summer.

  11. That was such a special day; glad to hear u followed through and got a bike for yourself as well

  12. My girls play with Barbies constantly. My 22 month old just started saying “Barbie!”

  13. We went through this last summer when our oldest was 6! Right down to the scooters (3 wheeled, then realizing 2 was better!). This summer she was a little rusty when she got back on her bike (and it seemed to have more to do with nerves more than anything), but after just a short time practicing at the track one day she was zipping around like a pro. It is soooo liberating when they learn to ride – one of my favourite milestones so far for sure! πŸ™‚ Now I need to get biking too – I am very nervous rider, and my husband is almost pro (he does ridiculously long and challenging bike rides throughout the year like Vancouver to Seattle, Vancouver to Whistler and so on), so I tend to let him ride with her and I stay home with the baby. But I need to get over my fears and get back on my bike so that we can go for family rides.

    1. Wow, same experience! Glad she got the hang of it this year, and you will too. You hubby is a keener, huh? That’s awesome, but I’m sure it’s intimidating. I’m sure you two will be biking circles around him in no time! ;P

  14. That’s awesome., it’s feel so good when our children accomplish somethings.
    Love the barbies.

  15. My youngest son was 5 when he learned to ride a bike without training wheels. One day out of no where he just picked up his older brother’s bike and off he went. We had no idea where he learned, but he just did it lol.

  16. Great post and way to go getting the girls to ride without their training wheels. Being “stubborn” some time is a good thing πŸ™‚

  17. I’m so glad to hear the girls finally learned to ride their bikes. The scooter was a great way for them to practice their balance. Good thinking!

  18. My boys have the same issue! They are scared to ride their bikes and balance. We have gotten them scooters and they are really good on them. But I seriously want to get them back on their bikes and learn how to ride!

  19. Thank you so much for sharing. I am sure there are plenty of moms and dads out there that are facing the same frustrations that you did. Sounds like the Barbie Scooter really helped them learn to balance and engage muscles they were not using before which made it easier for them to bike. So nice that you are now all going for rides together!

  20. I love this. In house house, growing up, we never did training wheels… or training anything- it was just GO! My Dad stuck me on ice skates, for instance, in the middle of a rink and skated away from me a few feet back. I have always been a great swimmer, skater and cyclist- and I attribute it to just doing it!

    1. Funny you mention that, I did the same thing on skates too – worked like a charm. I think sometimes we parents need to just let go and allow kids to learn without the padding.

  21. What an accomplishment for them and for you. Y’all worked so hard for this. Woohoo!

  22. Really? I had no clue that they should start with the one-wheeled one… like you said, live and learn. My girls are at the age where they would just love this scooter. Thanks for the info.

  23. My son has begged to have the training wheels off, but I fear the same thing. Plus, unfortunately hubby has been swamped and hasn’t had time to take him out to practice w/o the training wheels.

  24. I love that your daughter has a little Barbie in her Barbie basket! What a fun day that must have been!

  25. Oh my goodness, your girls are adorable! And that Barbie scooter is so cute, especially with the little Scooter/Barbie holder on the front!! I had been thinking of getting my daughter a three wheeled scooter, but thank you for the info, I hadn’t even thought of how it would work against her learning to ride a bike!!

  26. I didn’t know three wheel scooters were a thing! My daughter really liked her scooter when she was little. I bet she would have liked a Barbie one!

  27. Yayy! So happy you achieved your goal. My mom started my siblings on a big field of grass with 3 trees. They both ran into the same one. LOL

  28. Men are, admittedly, always willing to jump to negativity when it comes to accomplishing big goals (i.e. like learning to ride a bike or scooter!). I am glad you rose to the occasion, and you got to spend some time with your girls! You all are rockstars!

  29. You are so right! I’m really thinking that training wheels do nothing to help them learn to ride. My girls had training wheels for years and never got anywhere. My one child had a three wheeled scooter and it did not help at all.

  30. That’s so great that you stuck to it. My brother in law gave in when he was a child and ended up having my husband teach him how to ride a bike last year (he was 24).

  31. What fun Barbie rides.. my daughter just got off her training wheels over the summer, I bet she would love to get a big Girl Barbie bike..thanks for sharing and your little one looked soo proud.. way to go

  32. What a great post! Congrats to the twins for learning how to ride their bike as that is such a huge milestone. I love that you got a bike and you now go for family rides.

  33. My daughter loves her one wheeled scooter and I think in a way balancing on the same helped her a bit while learning to ride her bike minus training wheels.

  34. My daughter loves her one wheeled scooter and I think in a way balancing on the same helped her a bit while learning to ride her bike minus training wheels.

  35. Oh my goodness this brings back some great memories. Mine are all grown up, but I remember our “learning how to be big kids” days. Now my Barbie Project includes teaching them how to drive and teaching myself how to handle dating and my kids leaving home. Enjoy these times.

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