LeapFrog Zippity


One new product that caught my attention this year is the LeapFrog Zippity. Like all of the LeapFrog products, this one focuses on learning through play. This time, Disney joined forces with Leap Frog to create an interactive {active being the key aspect} gaming system. With the Zippity, there are 8 included games {in 2 different levels of difficulty}. These games are lead by characters from Disney shows like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Handy Manny, Little Einsteins, and My friends Tigger & Pooh. Yep, we all know those, right parents! In fact, just thinking of these shows has me humming the songs from them. So, catchy! And that’s why kids will like characters of Zippity.

Thanks to LeapFrog, my kids were sent a Zippity Learning System. It easily connects to the television and the games are played by jumping around on the mat, and moving the “bopper” controller. It’s intended for kids aged 3-5, which I would consider to be very accurate. My daughter, at 5 breezed through Level One games and is working her way through Level Two. Right now she enjoys the reading and letter recognition games, since that is what she is learning in Kindergarten. And, she loves the math and music as well – the Zippity is fantastic for keeping their attention.
Personally, what this Mom likes most about the Zippity is that it involves movement and exercise. To me, it’s much better than simply moving a thumb or hand. Kids get really excited playing the Zippity, whether on their own or playing with friends. I would suggest introducing the Zippity right at 3 years of age. Kids of this age might not be able to be totally independent with it yet, but they would catch on fast.
One disappointment to this system is that it takes a total of eight “C” batteries. I know, that aspect makes parents shudder, doesn’t it? And, for performance, using rechargeable batteries isn’t recommended. Though the system shuts itself off after being inactive for a certain period of time, when used a lot, you may be going through a lot of batteries. I do wish the console had an adaptor to plug in, yet I like that it’s cordless from the mat to the console {so that the babies are grabbing at cords}.

Like I said, active games are more than welcome in this house, especially for the current winter season. When the cold weather makes you want to lay on the couch all winter, the Zippity is great for keeping the kids moving and active. And, there are more Zippity games available for purchase. The Zippity retails for $89.99 CDN, so to get the most bang for the buck, I’d suggest getting one for the younger kids, so they’ll use it for years. The Zippity would be great for parents who would like to steer clear of computer and hand-held gaming for as long as they can, keep the children entertained and on their feet!


** Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, opinions are my own


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