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When it comes to my trusted brands, LeapFrog is one of them. Their products are appropriate for infancy all the way to 18 years. And various LeapFrog products, when not in the kids’ hands, have been a toy on my floor {ok…also on the couch, the tables, and in the car} for over 5 years. Since the Twins have only just begun their LeapFrog journey, I know the brand will continue to be with us
for many years to come.

One of the latest products to hit the market is the LeapFrog Text and Learn. Even before I even knew about it, Isabelle had scooped it off of a store shelf and immediately begun playing it, telling me what it could do. Alas, sometimes us parents are the last to know! So, here I am, giving other parents the know on a product that my daughter introduced to me…

I call the Text & Learn ‘the Baby Blackberry’ or a ‘mini-me’s PDA’, as it has planners, games, texting, and typing. Yes, the days of your child who tries to steal your phone, may be over – here’s a kid-friendly one of their own!

Alas, it’s not only fun, LeapFrog products also teach in the process. And the Text & Learn is no different.

~ it has a full QWERTY keyboard {and a great game that helps them find letters on the keyboard. Then, when it comes time for them to master the real keyboard, they already know where everything is!}
~ the alphabet and their phonetic sounds
~ shape identification and letter matching
~ following directions and learning arrow keys in the process
~ Receive and send text messages from Scout
~ With the planner, they can learn the days of the week
~ And of course there is a lot of fun music and silliness mixed in there too.

My girls got a LeapFrog Text & Learn, and have been fighting over it ever since. Seriously! The babies are a bit young for the recommended age {which is 3-5 years}, yet they can push buttons to learn cause & effect right now. And, they already have connected some buttons with specific effects – so they are learning already {I’m sure they will be great with this product way before 3 years of age}. The Text & Learn is a very durable product, I have absolutely no worries letting the Twins plunk away at it. My oldest daughter, being 5 is almost too old for the Text & Learn, as most of it is very simple for her – but fun for her nonetheless. In fact, she was completely amused by the keyboard and asked me how to ‘change her Facebook status’ on it.
Want to watch a Text & Learn Demo? Click Here.

Yes, parents, it is the digital age, and our kids need to master the computer and technology way earlier than we did. The Text and Learn is a great tool to help them along the way.
And, at only $24.99 – that’s a pretty good price!
Especially considering the years of use this product will provide.
The Text & Learn is available wherever LeapFrog products are sold, online and in stores such as Toys R Us and Walmart.


** Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, opinions are my own


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