LeapFrog Leapster Explorer

I became a Canadian LeapFrog Mom last year. Since then have tested many products, including hosting a LeapFrog Play Date, allowing many other Moms and kids to try out LeapFrog products as well. New to the LeapFrog family is the Leapster Explorer, which is similar to the original Leapster handheld game – except is has a few new impressive features:

  • Touch screen capability {yet still has the signature pen to use as well}
  • Incredible clarity and vibrant color of the larger screen {dare I say HD quality!?}
  • Video capability {they can watch shows, movies and previews}
  • The option of purchasing cartridges or purchasing/download “leaplet” apps {e-Books, videos and games}.
  • There is a separate camera that can be purchased, allowing even more creativity as they can edit those pictures


It is nice that there is the option for Canadian English too, since it’s important for my little student to not get confused while she is learning to read and write. With other handheld games, I have noticed that my daughter switches games before she gets too far into a challenge and then quits when it gets too frustrating. With the Leapster Explorer, it initially asks the Grade level of the child playing. This allows kids to be challenged starting from their skill level, yet it also recognizes when a child is struggling and automatically adjusts to make it a bit easier. The Leapster Explorer then remembers the child’s progress from game-to-game, so it’s wonderful to know that as soon as she starts playing the Leapster Explorer, she is learning.

The Leapster Explorer does come with one game, the Pet Pad App. And this is exactly up my daughters’ alley. She can feed, dress and bathe her pet and when connected to the internet – she can take her pet to LeapWorld.

Overall, if you like the Leapster, this is a great upgrade with the latest in technology. Our use has only scratched the myorganizedchaos.net,surface though, since there are so many apps that are available. I would compare it to the excitement of browsing the iPhone apps, there just so many choices for kids. It’s definitely a handheld game that I feel she will learn much from, since it is such a versatile product. With the LeapFrog Leapster Explorer she can learn World Geography, Basic Science Concepts, Real-World Math and Reading Fluency – exactly mimicking and reinforcing what she will be learning in the upcoming school year.

Product Price: LeapFrog Leapster Exploror ~ $79.99 CAD

Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this post, opinions are my own.



  1. This is so cute – and how fun for little ones. My daughter would have loved this when she was younger!

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