LeapFrog Leapster 2

When I think of a product that has excellent quality, one in particular comes to mind right away. It’s Leapster by LeapFrog. My daughter got her Leapster last year, from someone who had passed it onto her, after them and another family had used it. Her original Leapster is almost 7 years old and works perfectly. Given the age, that my daughter is the third child to use it and since kids aren’t the gentlest on their toys – is amazing to me that not one thing has broken, fallen off or just outright died from abuse.

Yes, I’d certainly say impeccable quality!

The original Leapster launched in 2003, and is an handheld game console with an education and a fun purpose. In it’s history, about 30-40 games are available for Leapster. The Leapster 2 was released in 2008, and is essentially the same as the original, yet with an added USB port and SD card slot. This allows the data on the Leapster 2 to be downloaded to LeapFrog’s ‘Learning Path’ System – a tracking system in which parents can check on what has been learned. You can also use the Leapster 2 online, and download games and get some bonus games as well.

I always groan when I hear that a new game system has been developed , since it usually means that the old system and all the games available are ‘old’ and incompatible with the newer versions. It pleases me to no end to know that Leapster allowed all games to be compatible on all Leapster game consoles. This means that all the games that Isabelle has that were passed down from kid to kid to kid, are all usable with the new system.
Right on LeapFrog!

The Leapster 2 is touch screen, with a pen. This develops those gross and fine motor skills as well as writing. And, it’s so easy for little hands to navigate. Each games teaches lessons in math, language arts, reading and science. Plus, with such fun games for many age levels – kids will egt really excited about it.
When she got her Leapster last year, she caught on really fast and has come so far with her skills. And, if something is a bit challenging, there are prompts to guide them. She likes the added features of the Leapster 2, especially the online creative studio where she can work on her art. I do believe that getting a Leapster last year helped her so much in going to Kindergarten this year. And now, the Leapster 2 allows her to explore the online world as well. And, it’s nice knowing that the quality of LeapFrog will allow the Twins to use it one day, and most likely another family after that.

The Leapster products are great for use at home or while travelling. While a book or coloring can only keep them occupied for a short time, these can keep them entertained for quite some time. Be forewarned parents, you will have to set time limits on these though {they will want to play..and play..all the time!}. The Leapster 2 can be purchased online or in stores, along with a wide assortment of games. Plus, the Leapster 2 comes in a variety of colors and themes, and in convenient gift packs too. It is recommended for ages 4-8, which I think is accurate. My daughter got it when she just turned 4, and it was passed down to her from a 9 year old. Yet, older kids have played her Leapster 2 when they were over, and they don’t find it as challenging {but it’s still fun for those older kids…Ahem, and parents too}

** Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, opinions are my own


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