Last Year at this time…

My family and I took on our city’s midway a couple days ago. I had to think back and chuckle,
reminiscing about last year at this time…there I was, 35.5 weeks pregnant with Twins, waddling around the same fairgrounds as this year.
(Hopefully this time without the waddle)
Last year, It was so funny to see peoples’ reactions
when I approached them. The look of horror, like I was going to explode at any given moment.
And yes, I was kinda praying I would have.
In fact, I walked in that scorching heat all day long, and never even felt a twinge.
All I got was super-swollen. Really, it was aweful how much I swelled, and it didn’t go away until 2 months after they were born.

My Twin pregnancy was pretty boring, everything went great actually.
I only found out I was expecting twins at 21 weeks, at my first ultrasound (in May 2008)
The tech had a peek and then suggested I tell my husband (in the waiting room) that I would be in there twice as long.
I started to panic, thinking something was wrong with my baby.
The tech said, “Oh..I take it you don’t know that you are having twins?”

Ummmm…NO! (I really wish I would have gotten that reaction on film!)

During the first 21 weeks, sure – I had gotten pretty big really fast. But, Doc credited that to the fact that my body was recognizing it, and showing early. Plus he only ever heard one heartbeat. Either the other was always hiding, or they were going at the same rate.
(They were already playing games on me!)

21 weeks and beyond were just reading up on Twins and preparing for their arrival. We decided to find out the sex of the babies the day of that first ultrasound. We needed to know what to prepare for, and if I could keep all the pink gear from when Isabelle was a baby. 2 girls!
Last year at this time, I showed no signs of labor at all, and I remember being pretty freaking depressed about that. I was a swollen and tired mess, I was done!

Last year at this time I had no idea what this year with Twins would bring….

I cannot believe the Twins will be 1 Next weekend!!!

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