Last Dance Classes for Kids …

Yesterday was my daughters’ last Jazz dance class for this term.
Just before we went, I reminded her that this was the last one.
“Oh, finally! That is SO good, Mom” was her reply.

I was a little confused, because I thought she loved
her dance class…
So, I thought I’d better find out the story…

“Isabelle, why don’t you like Jazz class?”

“I dunno…”

“So…you don’t want to take it again after the break?”

“…well no, Mom. I already have the shoes”

“Shoes? What do you mean?”

“Mom, I have the Ballet shoes and now
the Jazz shoes….Can I take Tap next?”

“…I’ll have to look into that….wait, are
you saying that you want
to take all these dance classes,
just to get the shoes?”



Later that night, after looking at our recreation
schedule I asked Isabelle,
“So, what about Gymnastics? Do you want to do try
that this time?”

There was a long pause from her then,
“…so, what kind of shoes do I get for it?”

Are you kidding me?
SHE’S 5!
Can you just imagine her obsession when she’s older??


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