Kushies; Pampering Babies for over 50 years

Kushies is a brand that I am sure we have all not only heard of, but have at home. When I teamed up with Kushies for product reviews, It opened my eyes as I actually have many Kushies items here at home and never really noticed. The top of my list are the onesies, many of them bearing the Kushies label have been on all my kids from birth upward. These onesies have been my choice to use at nighttime for their comfort and perfect fit.

What I didn’t know while doing some research on the Kushies history, was how long the company has been around. In fact, it most likely the longest-running company I have ever featured. Kushies was established as Diana Dolls Wear Ltd. in 1953, by Mary Malinowski in Stoney Creek, Ontario. It began as a small “cottage-style” industry, it grew to become the only Canadian manufacturer of doll clothing and accessories. In 1987, Mary Malinowski retired and Susan Malinowski and Sam Perez continued the name in 1988. The company then expanded to focus on the infant children’s market, with the initial product to be a re-useable form-fitted cloth diaper (Kooshies, which later changed to Kushies). Today, the company still has its main roots in Stoney Creek, ON and now produces products from educational toys, bedding and clothing.

I was sent an adorable Zebra Blanket, in a vibrant hot pink. In fact, among the pastel blankets I have, this one stands out as being the loudest and sassiest one. Great for my strong-minded girls! It is very soft with a band of sink around the edge. And, as this Mommy loves, very easy to wash and dry. This blanket is available in every large department store (I seen it at Babies R Us) and is very affordable as well. It came with a little stuffed Zebra to complete the set. The Zebra line goes beyond this blanket as well. There are clothes and toys which compliment and match the theme too.

I also got a Kushies Toy, one in the Zolo series called the HaHa Mirror. Made with bright colors and a little face to make it fun. It features a safe-for-babies mirror, it crinkles when it’s squeezed, and has some ribbon for hair. The Zolo toys are made to stimulate physical and cognitive growth. I can see it that is made to benefit all the senses. The girls love looking at themselves, the HaHa Mirror is the most compact and take-along mirror they have. This Zolo toy is safe for pulling and chewing on, it withstands the exploration that little ones put it under. There are so many Zolo toys in the series, all with different features and sizes. Some are hand-held and some are specificall y made for the stroller or carseat.

 **Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, views are my own. 

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