Kodak ESP7250 Wi-Fi All-In-One Printer Review

If there’s one product that is needed in any home or office, it’s a printer. Whether you are a student, professional, have a home office or just like to print the occasional photo or article – a dependable printer is a must. Yet, when choosing a printer for your home, you have to take into consideration ease of use and most importantly, ink cost {that can literally break the bank with some}. Kodak strives to offer affordable, quality printers that also won’t cost a fortune when it comes to purchasing ink. I have been testing out the Kodak ESP7250 Wi-Fi All-In-One Printer as a review, and it has some very ingenious features that expands it’s duties way beyond the simple ‘print’ feature.

Kodak ESP7250 Wi-Fi All-In-One Printer Review

First of all, set up was too simple. Other printers had me installing from discs and downloading from sites, even calling support a few times to get it working properly. Those are the kind of printers that don’t last long in my home. Yet the Kodak ESP7250 instillation was so easy, I literally had to triple check that I didn’t miss a step or 15. Being a Wi-Fi model too, I was amazed! I am shocked by this since my last Wi-Fi printer never worked wirelessly for more than 2 consecutive days {hence the constant calls to support and hours on the phone}. After the easy setup of my Kodak ESP7250, there has been not one glitch or roadblock – and I haven’t had to run for the manual once.

For more convenience, this printer connects to your favorite mobile devices, and receive pictures from your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. Just imagine, no more calling home and “I’m emailing you a pic, download to a hosting site and print.” Just print already! And true to Kodak photo quality, the ESP7250 produces photos in vibrant color. In the past, I never understood why anyone would want to print photos using a home printer – it was way too expensive for ink and the quality was so poor. The Kodak ESP7250 changed my viewpoint on printing photos, I have done it more recently than I have in my lifetime! And, when you print photos, you just drop the sheets into the photo paper tray {up to 40 at a time} and click ‘print’. Are you starting to understand how easy this printer is to use?

Now, onto the frugal price of ink! Kodak printers have the “lowest ink replacement cost in the industry“. I mean, when’s the last time you spent $10 (msrp) on a Black Ink Cartridge {from the store}? Compared to my last all-in-one printer, who’s black ink cartridges costs a whopping $42 each – yes, the price for Kodak ink makes me very happy. Especially when we usually buy ink every 1.5-2 months in my home {Eeek!}. You see, unlike other inks, Kodak ink is pigment based, so it lasts much longer. This can save an average of $110 per year, based on printing 4 pages per day {though I know my own savings is much more}.

The printer itself is very sturdy, no flimsy lids and trays. I have faith that this printer will last in my home,I am always printing a document, scanning a receipt, copying fliers, or printing photos. Yet if you get this model, please don’t limit this printer to only ‘printing’, you have to experience all it’s capabilities! We use ours for home and for our businesses and it hasn’t disappointed yet.

Outstanding connectivity:

  • Get the latest in Wi-Fi technology with 802.11n
  • Extremely simplified Wi-Fi setup—effortlessly connect to wireless networks at the home or office
  • Print and share your mobile life—with built-in wireless connectivity, you can easily print from multiple sources
  • Print documents and photos sent from a Wi-Fi enabled BLACKBERRY Smartphone and photos in multiple sizes sent from an iPhone or iPod touch[3 ]with the KODAK Pic Flick App—you can even send the same image to your printer and KODAK EASYSHARE W820 or W1020 Wireless Digital Frame at the same time

Affordable printing for the home:

  • Lowest total ink replacement cost in the industry[4 ]
    $9.99 (msrp) KODAK Black Ink Cartridge, 10B; $16.99 (msrp) KODAK Black Ink Cartridge, 10XL; $17.99 (msrp) KODAK Color Ink Cartridge, 10C[5]
  • KODAK Black 10XL keeps you printing longer—print more pages and save time with less replacing[6]
  • Get 70% more pages with KODAK Black 10XL compared to standard KODAK Black 10B [7]
  • Get 10% more color pages with KODAK Color 10C compared to previous No. 10 color cartridge [8]

Intelligent features:

  • Intelligent paper sensor automatically detects the amount of paper
  • Two paper trays—includes an auto-engaging photo tray and general purpose tray
  • Photo tray holds 3 sizes: 4 × 6 in. , 4 × 7 in. HD, and 5 × 7 in.
  • Built-in two-sided printing saves time and money
  • Scan multiple pictures simultaneously up to 2400 DPI—software creates separate files automatically
  • Intuitive control panel gives you quick and easy access to tasks you use the most
  • View and print photos without a computer using its 2.4 in. color display and media card slots (supports SD/SDHC, MS, Duo, and CF)

Remarkable quality you expect from Kodak

  • KODACOLOR Technology, backed by 100+ years of KODAK Image Science, provides quality, speed and longevity in one printing system—without compromise
  • Low cost, high quality pigmented inks and porous papers dry instantly, are water and fade resistant[9]

The Kodak ESP7250 is priced at approx. $199.99 CAD. The newer model is the Kodak 9250, and it has the added feature of Fax for just $50 more than the ESP7250. In fact, Kodak has entire line of printers that offer low cost ink, and all vary in size, price and features.With Back-To-School and the holiday season approaching, you’ll come across sales too. Combine that with the frugal cost of ink, and you have a smart purchase!

Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this post, opinions are my own.


  1. Wow! that is an awesome price for ink. The cost of mine is through the roof, I really should have done my research first. My next printer WILL be a Kodak!

    Thank you so much!

  2. The ink replacement cost is always the deal breaker on these inkjet printers. Why buy an ink replacement cartridge when you can get a new printer for close to the same price?? Hooray to Kodak for getting the cost for replacement ink down to $10!

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