Knork Flatware

I recently had the opportunity to review a set of Knork Flatware. It came at a perfect time, as I had just noticed how much of an eyesore our flatware ‘set’ had become. Our flatware consisted of a mish-mash of when hubby and I first combined our belongings, to odds and ends purchased here and there since. Having a complete and matching set of quality flatware was something I always intended to purchase, yet it never was put onto the priority purchasing list. Why can’t I think of things like these at Christmastime?

Knork Flatware, a division of Phantom Enterprises, was formed with the hope and vision of creating and producing products to aid in the chaos of today’s on-the-go society. Founded by Michael D. Miller, the company is aggressive in its strategy and innovative in its approach-creating solutions to enhance the dining experience. Knork creates modern, unique products that are designed for how you naturally eat.

When my flatware arrived, I happily set aside all the mismatched pieces and made room for the new. The first thing you’ll notice about Knork Flatware is the weight, they are not flimsy and cheap cutlery! As well, due to the size, I needed to clear more space for my sturdy Knork Flatware. I admire the simple design, very trendy and able to match any place setting. It may sound silly, but I feel more in control when I eat now. I”m not sure how to explain it, but holding Knork flatware isn’t as flimsy. And, I noted that I was able to piece and cut food so easily with the fork alone. It’s this innovative design, a reinvented fork+knife. It has a curved, beveled edge that allows it to rock back and forth to cut through foods, even meats. Yet amazingly, when the fork is in your mouth, you’d never know about the edge.

My husband, a creature of habit, resisted the new flatware at first, calling it our ‘medieval’ set. He joked about the weight of the flatware, reminding me to never drop them or I’ll break the kitchen tile. Yet, he always comments that he likes the flatware at fine dining restaurants{?!}. I just remind him that he used to bend spoons when digging at ice cream, and how Knork flatware doesn’t bend. Men!

Recently, Knork had the privilege of being the exclusive flatware provider of Top Chef, Wolfgang Puck’s American Wine and Food Festival, the Malibu Wine and Food Festival, and Asphalt Chef. You can find Knork in many leading fine restaurants and purchase the wide variety of flatware products on and from various stores across North America. Knork flatware is made of 18/0 stainless steel and is available in glossy, matte and duo finishes. 18/10 stainless steel sets are also available for an additional price.


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.




  1. I would LOVE the 5 piece serving set as well as the flatware! So pretty!

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  2. I’d love to try the line buy getting the single knork 18/0 – matte finish (and I love the single packaging, so cute)

  3. I am a “liker” on facebook and received newsletter.
    I am totally in love with the Modern Iced teaspoon 6pk! I love how long the handle is, soooo perfect for when I make my iced teas, perfect timing for the summer season!

  4. I liked the plastic ware specifically the camping knorks. They are so colorful and look very festive and fun.

  5. I follow you on facebook and love it, we do not have one matching piece of silverware and run out of teaspoons all the time. It would be amazing to actually have company over and not be embarrassed about what we have to eat with !!!

  6. I love their Knork 4 Set Steak Knives. I love the style of them. Very trendy and fresh.

  7. 5 Piece Serving Set – Matte Finish 18/0 is what interests me.


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  12. I actually really like the Knork Outdoors: Camping Knork (12pk). Super cute and great for road trips and/or camping!

  13. I would love to have the Knork steak knife set. We have more knives in our kitchen than anything else because anytime I come across a nice looking set I have to have it! There’s something to be said for a good set of cooking knives.

  14. The 5 Piece Serving Set – Duo Finish would be very useful!!


  15. What is it with guys and utensil? My Hubby is still stuck on the forks he used growing up and yes he snagged them when his mom passed away.

    I like the Knork steak knives. 🙂

  16. I visited Knork and I like their 4 set steak knives. I like that the steel goes through the handle.

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  19. A Knork product thatbinterested me was the Knork 4 Set Steak Knives

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  21. I am also interested in the 5 Piece Serving Set – Duo Finish


  22. I love the knork outdoors: camping knork (12pk)

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  26. I really like the 5 Piece Matte Finish Serving Set. It’d look great in our dinning room.

  27. I love the ice tea spoons at knork thanks for the giveaway nupa123atgmaildotcom

  28. The Knork Outdoors: Camping Knork set is cute for plasticware! I find it interesting that Richard Blais uses Knork; he is my favorite Top Chef! Thanks so much for the chance!

  29. I’m interested in the Camping Knork. We do lots of eating outdoors in the summer and this would certainly come in handy. Thanks.

  30. I like the 5 Piece Serving Set – Duo Finish, and the crazy looking guy on the website!

  31. I’m also interested in the Knork Outdoors: Camping Knork. I love all the different colors

  32. Another product that interest me in the Knork steak knives, my husband always goes to the cheap dollar stores and buys steak knives that won’t cut soft butter. My original flatware set and knives are from when we got married 39 years ago, so these would sure be a nice treat. Thanks for the great giveaway

  33. Would love to try out the Knork Outdoors: Camping Knork (12pk) on our next camping trip.

  34. hey it’s richard blais (sp?) from top chef! cool!
    their plasticware is so bright & pretty!

  35. I love their outdoor camping plastic wear it looks like so much fun all the bright colors

  36. I love the 5-piece Serving Set with the Duo Finish…beautiful!
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    I also like the knork 4 set steak knives.


  38. this flatware is so modern and exquisite, I LOVE it. I also like the 5 Piece Serving Set!

  39. I like the Knork set of four Steak knives. The knives I have at the house are a little busted. thank you.

  40. I like their steak knives. The handles look comfortable and they appear to be very well balanced.

  41. Not only do I desperately need and want this silverware set, I would love to have their steak knives as well.


  42. Knork Outdoors: Camping Knork (12pk) would be great for the kids lunch boxes.

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  44. At the Knork website, I would like to try their 4 piece steak knives.

    They have great quality products.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  45. Would love to try the Knork Outdoors: Camping Knork (12pk) on one of our many camping trips