How to Set up Mickey Mote

DVD and Mickey MouseWith twin toddlers in my house, you know that Playhouse Disney is on our TV quite a bit! Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment is releasing a new product on November 16th, one which I think you should certainly know about if you have toddlers. It’s called the Mickey Mote, a kids’ remote control that works with any Disney Preschool DVD that includes Discovery Mode. And this post tell you how to set up mickey mote!!

Not only do you have the option of watching the DVD has regular programming, there is also the option of choosing the interactive “Watch & Play” feature. This plays the regular program, yet has brief questions throughout, asking questions regarding the scenes they just watched on the DVD {for instance, Which is a bigger object?} To answer, kids have to press one of the four color-coded buttons on the Mickey Mote {a yellow star, green circle, blue square or orange triangle}. As well, the Discovery Mode features two levels of play, an easier and a harder level – so that it grows with your child and they can enjoy it for years.

The Twins, at 2, love the fact that they get their very own remote {they immediately knew it was a special remote made just for them!}. Right now they can’t totally comprehend the question and answer, yet I can help them along the way and ask, “Sophia, which one is the blue square?”. This has been great for teaching them their colors and shapes – plus, they love the cause/effect benefit of the Mickey Mote and the TV – they get really excited about watching and playing with the Mickey Mote. One more reason as to why my kids love their Playhouse Disney!

How To Set Up Your Mickey Mote:
Put some AAA batteries into the Mickey Mote {not included}. Turn on the Mote by pressing and holding down the blue and green buttons simultaneously, until a green light between the ears comes on. Then, place the Mickey Mote flat on a surface any DVD remote control facing it, about three inches apart. Press the UP button on the DVD remote, 4 times slowly. After the first 3 presses, the green light on the MICKEY MOTE will go off – then come back on. After the forth press, the green light will flash quickly, and then turn off and come back on. Repeat these steps for the DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT buttons on the DVD remote control. Now all 4 buttons on the Mickey Mote should be programmed with your DVD player!

DVD and Mickey Mouse

Discovery Mode DVD’s:
For review, we got the Mickey Mote with 2 Discovery Mode DVDs – Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Numbers Roundup and Handy Manny: Big Construction Job. Though the Twins love both DVD’s, I think they prefer dancing to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse {I have been known to dance silly to the theme song too, what can I say?} and focus in on Handy Mandy {or ‘Hanny’ as they call him}. Maybe it’s the adorable accent?

DVD and Mickey Mouse

There are more to add to your Mickey Mote collection:

  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Road Rally
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey’s Adventures in Wonderland
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey’s Choo Choo
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Minnie’s Bow-Tique
  • Handy Manny: Manny’s Motorcycle Adventure
  • Handy Manny: Manny’s Big Race
  • Little Einsteins: Fire Truck Blast Off
  • My Friends Tigger & Pooh: Super Duper Super Sleuths
  • My Friends Tigger & Pooh: Bedtime With Pooh

Organ and FontThe Mickey Mote is intended for kids aged 2-5, and I think that’s about right. This is a great interactive and learning tool that sparks their interest since it centers around their much-adored Playhouse Disney characters.

Suggested retail price: 1 Disc DVD + Mickey Mote = $29.99 US/ $35.99 Canada
1 Disc DVD = $26.99 US/$29.99 Canada

Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this post, opinions are my own.


  1. Seems like a great idea, but my daughter pushes anything with buttons so fast, I wonder if it would totally screw up the DVD… Hmm.

    1. It wont. My son is a bit excitable himself, luckily it has no functions other than the arrow keys 🙂 its a great investment.

  2. The Mickey Mote would be perfect for my granddaughter. She would love the great selection of add-ons and the colorful easy to use remote.

  3. Oh my gosh, how cool and what a great idea. I am definitely going to have to look into that for nieces and nephews. And for me too if God sees fit to give us another child. Shh, don’t tell my daughter. Lol. She has only child syndrome really severely.

  4. Man such cool Disney stuff for little ones. I’m kind of jealous and wish I was little again.

  5. I think this is so cute. I love the gadgets they come out with. They just keep getting better. The Mickey Mote makes it so much more fun for the little ones.

  6. I have mixed feelings about this one.
    1.My kids watch too much tv as it is
    2.I have a 2yo and 1yo and I just see them fighting over this!!
    1.Distract the kids so I can get things done (thats what we use tv for now, lol)
    2.Fun and educational
    3.Maybe they would learn to use the tv themselves (to the extent that they can) and wouldn’t yell for me to come change or fix something! LOL.

  7. Saw this commercial on TV and wondered if it would be suitable for my 5 year old or if it’s too young for him? Suppose I could always get it and keep it for when the baby’s a bit older…

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  9. It rarely (if ever!) occurs to me that a remote control could function as a learning device – it certainly doesn’t in our household! 🙂 The Mickey Mote sounds like a really great idea; thanks for the info!

  10. My son is 5 — but im not sure if he’ll be able to operate this on his own… But its truly a great product. Probably when he’s older.

  11. what a great idea, it could have been black tho because thats what my little one want 0

  12. A remote for baby and a remote for me, yay! That means little man would leave my remote alone. I love it. This is a really cool holiday gift idea so I’ve shared it with a RT. The specific set up instructions you’ve posted are sublime! Thanks for the great review.

  13. I cracked up when reading Jen’s comments…boy do I remember those days. I think the interactive remote is pretty ingenius! Kids do watch a lot of TV. so at least it gives them some learning capability. Plus,…how cute is that??!!!
    And Jen,…they still fight over it at 11,13 ,and 18…OH…AND 42! LOL!

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