I am not one to rush out and purchase the latest cute kids’ item, just because a celebrity baby is spotted with it. Yet, I do recall the first time I seen Suri Cruise photographed with Kidorable ladybug umbrella. I did take notice {it was simply adorable}, and this one picture seemed to be everywhere I looked. So, I went to the Kidorable website and saw that this item was just one of plenty that I was interested in. I just knew it was one company that just had to be apart of the 2009 Holiday Gift Guide
here on My Organized Chaos.
Kidorable was created in 1997, featuring functional and fun children’s apparel. Their bright, eye catching designs are anything but ordinary. Kid think it’s everything from ‘pretty’ to ‘cool’, and parents can’t help but to ‘awe!’. And, you are able to outfit a kid in one design from head to foot as well, so many options to
mix and match and coordinate.

For review, we got a few items from Kidorable. The Woodland Fairy Rain Coat has so many details which make it suit it’s name. From the ruffled ‘petal’ hem and sleeves to the colors and point top hood – there is not one space on the coat that doesn’t fit the theme. Guaranteed, this coat is like nothing that you could find in stores, and the sizes are very true to form. It’s made of 100% PVC Vinyl to make it waterproof, yet lines with a soft polyester for comfort. It’s easy to care for and clean and even comes with a matching hand-painted hanger {each coat comes with a hanger}.
My daughter also got the Ladybug Knit Mittens with matching Ladybug Knit Hat. As the weather gets colder, these items are a necessity, and are bright and fun as well. I chose the ladybug design in particular, because my daughter has always had a love for them {we call her the ladybug-whisperer}. I like that the hat stretches very well, the Twins can wear it as well as my 5 year old. So, when this item says that one size fits most, that is very accurate!
I like that the mittens have strings attached to them. At 5, my daughter still needs them {she loses them often, especially at school}. And, mittens on strings are hard to find at older ages. The bold red colors are nice for being able to pick out your child in a crowd. Again, the details on these items {cute little ladybugs} is what makes it unique.
Kidorable? Why yes they are!

Kidorable is supporting Toys for Tots, by donating $1 for every new Kidorable Facebook Fan from Nov 1-Dec 25! {up to 500 fans}. Also, if they get 2,000 Facebook fans by Dec 25, they will donate 250 umbrellas to the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program. So, make sure to become fans and help to make this a very special Christmas Holiday for so many kids.

It is so much fun to browse the items at Kidorable. They have great ones for both boys and girls, and sizes 1-6X. Kidorable has all the necessities to ensure kids step out in style. And to save even more, Kidorable has an online outlet store as well!


** Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, opinions are my own



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