Kiddy Kap

Sometimes I leave the house in a mad dash (who me?) And though I remember the diaper bag, my keys and purse (and yes, the kids), I usually forget something for my oldest to drink. It seems like I always get into a store and hear, “Mom, I’m thirsty!”. So, I buy a bottle of water or juice and cross my fingers that she won’t spill it all over, including on herself.

Kiddy Kap sells plastic caps that fit 90% of the bottles made today. So, if you don’t have a sippy cup or your usual bottle – simply screw on the Kiddy Kap and you’ve got yourself a spill-proof beverage.

Simple enough! When I tried Kiddy Kap for myself, I have to tell you that the liquid will not be completely contained. It does still drip, but at least it’s not the whole thing pouring all over everything. It features a lid, to make it spill-proof, so you can toss the remaining drink into a bag. (So no switching from Kap to bottle lid when you want to store it for a while) I like keeping these in the car (or in the diaper bag) because I don’t need to use them when at home. They are a take-along item for me, to use when I need them most. Saves me some hassle and worry, about whats going to happen to that entire drink I just bought her!



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