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Kewt Kids is a fabulous Canadian store that I have come to just adore. Not only are the items handmade with extra special care and attention, but Angela {the owner of this shop} is also one awesome lady. And it’s really nice to know that there is a genuine and compassionate person behind a brand, isn’t it?

The items that Angela makes for Kewt Kids stems from over 15 years as a seamstress. She decided to turn her passion for creating and sewing into a business where she could provide quality, stylish and practical items for every parent.

Angela made my girls a Winter Warmer Bandanain a purple leopard printfor my review, and this item had quickly became my top winter essential this year {and every year from this point forward}. Made from a thick and warm fleece, this bandana has a couple of very important function for the winter season:
It’s a safer alternative to scarfs, which can get caught in playground equipment or even car doors. We hate to think of this at all, but as parents we have to face the realities of possible dangers in our children’s lives. With the bandana, there are no loose threads or tails and is snug to the body for safety. Yet it is held on by a Velcro that if pulled hard enough, can come free from the neck.
This also makes it safer for wearing.
Scarfs and anything too bulky makes the girls terribly upset, which is not the case with the Winter Warmer Bandana {it keeps their neck and chests so warm without the bulk!}. This is especially true when in a car seat, when sitting down and pushing up the bulk {into their face} adds to the misery. Also, I have found that the zippers of jackets rub at the girls necks and faces {again especially when in a car seat}. I was always torn between chancing possible scratching and irritation or undoing their jackets in the car {which is not a smart thing to do in my Canadian winters}. The Winter Warmer Bandana is so soft and comfortable for them, and has seemed to solve all of my problems, especially protecting them from jacket zippers. Plus, this item is usable for ages 6 months to 8 years, so all 3 of my children can use them!

Angela also sent me a pair of Mitten Clips, which we also use daily in this house. This item is used more for Isabelle right now, as she always loses her mitts {mostly at school}. At her age and size, mittens on strings are hard to come by, which has frustrated me so much. With the Mitten Clips from Kewt Kids, the mitts stay on and lessen the chance of Isabelle to lose them. Plus, she doesn’t drop her mitts in slush, dirt or a pile of snow {and lose them, or try to put on frozen & wet mittens after they have been dropped}. The clips on either end are strong, even for those thick winter jacket cuffs. I got the purple stripes color {to match the Winter Warmer Bandana}, yet there are so many options for designs. Just another functional product to save a little sanity this season!

The Winter Warmer Bandana and the Mitten Clips are the latest items added at Kewt Kids. Yet, there are so many other items as well – such as feeding gear, hair accessories, bibs, clothing and more. And, all prices are in Canadian Dollars, which is great for Canadian and US customers. And, to make matters more attractive, the shipping at Kewt Kids is very reasonable as well.

 ** Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, opinions are my own


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