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If you live in Canada, and frequent home and garden & interior design shows – you may have gotten to know the products of Keramikos Kitchen. And if you haven’t, well – you are about to find out! Keramikos kitchen manufactures and sells ceramic kitchen knives from Vancouver.

What a better way, then to just show you. So, here is a great demonstration of the Keramikos Kitchen products, taken at the Calgary Home EXPO this year.
It perfectly explains what ceramic knives are all about:


~ So…Why Ceramic? ~


  • Hardness



Ceramic is second when it comes to harness, the first is natural diamond!

  • Light-Weight



For such a high quality and hard stone, it’s so surprisingly light

  • Durable



They will never need sharpening (r if they do, it’ll be 10 years from now) But also they will never rust

  • Resistability



to food acids – which means that they won’t stain
use and health benefits of ceramic knives.

  • Chemically Inert


this is a fancy way of saying that they won’t make your foods taste like metal like steel knives will.

What does this mean to the everyday cook?
Since they are such long-lasting and durable products, you won’t have to buy new ones for such a long time. It seems like everyone that I know, will invest in a great set of high-quality knives. And, ceramic is a great choice when it comes to knives.

I got 2 Keramikos Knives to review. And, this was the first time that I have used a ceramic knife, so I was really eager to see what all the commotion was about.
I have the 6″ Ceramic Santuko Knife (white ceramic with blue handle) and the 6″ Ceramic Chef Knife (black on black). They both cut amazingly well, they are nice and comfortable to hold and work with. They each slice food with ease, from fruit to meat (but, do not cut through bones!). And, I like being able to cut lettuce without the leaves turning brown (which results from cutting with steel knives) Keramikos kitchen makes fantastic knives that any chef…or SAHM would appreciate.

** Disclosure: Product samples provided for review purposes, all opinions are my own




  1. I bought a black ceramic knife at the Calgary Home Show and can tell you with some certainty that the knife is NO-WHERE near as sharp as the $10 cheapie I bought from London Drugs. I’ve either gotten a lemon, or my tomatoes have a leather skin….

    They don’t seem to have a number to call that you can talk to someone.

  2. These knives are complete and utter garbage. Numerous times they have chipped while preparing food and we have had to destroy the meal. We have now had to have the complete set replaced TWICE. For the price we paid this should not have been an issue. Very disappointing purchase.

  3. We purchased a set of these knives in August 2016. They didn’t cut any better than any other steel knives we had. The points on the knives very quickly chipped. We returned them to their North Vancouver outlet and they replaced the entire set. The second set is no better than the first. They too have chipped points and a close look at the blades show numerous chips. With both sets the blades seem to drag when cutting anything thick. We are vegetarians and so have never had to cut any bones or thick cuts of meat. We have a butcher knife for cutting squashes etc.
    The knives have seen very light duty use and they still are relatively useless. Would never buy another on these.

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