Kelly Moore Bag

I used to be all about cute little purses. Then the kids came and I dived into the world of diaper bags and oversized bags. Which is fine in itself, but in a realistic world, I was much better off with something with more pockets and features. You know, the practical side of me always had a need for something functional plus fabulous, marrying my need for style and fitting the bazillion things I carry with me each day.

Kelly Moore BagI recently got a {hot} Kelly Moore Bag for review, and it’s become my favorite bag of all time. Rewind for a moment though and I’ll tell you the woman behind the company and what exactly is a ‘Kelly Moore bag’…

About three years ago, I started sketching and dreaming about having a handbag/lens bag line of my own. As a photographer and a woman, I was always left wanting more when it came to my options for a stylish, functional bag that I could use to carry my equipment while I photographed. I sat down and made a wish list of everything that I wanted in a great bag, and now 3 years later, I’m so excited that my wishlist has come to life!!

As you know, I am a Mom of 3 {hence carrying around ‘Mom stuff’ as well as an assortment of cameras and equipment}. I also regularly travel for my work here on My Organized Chaos. At these times I carry around a few cameras, lenses, laptop, cords and a whole lot more. In the past I always wrestled with both a camera bag and my laptop bag when traveling – inconvenient and a royal pain.

Kelly Moore Bag

And that’s exactly why I chose the Libby bag to review from Kelly More Bags. Not only is it one beautiful and trendy photography bag, but it packs so much of that practical function which I had been seeking. The Libby bag arrived in a protective fabric bag, and each zipper and clasp was individually wrapped for protection as well. Attention to details on the bag are sure to impress; from the stamped leather pulls on the zippers to the decorative buckles and the name plate adorning the front of the bag. The leather, so rich in Sapphire color, is thick and sturdy. This speaks highly of the quality.

The outside of the Libby bag boasts three zippered pockets, and two side {non-zippered} pockets. These outside pockets are convenient for those items you need quickly such as keys, phone and cards. One of these zippered pockets is huge and covers the entire back side of the bag. It can fit documents and other paperwork that you want to store flat and safely {again, perfect for travelling or just ensuring they remain intact}.

The gem is definitely the design of the inside of the bag though. The adjustable seperators allow for customization of the space, fitting what YOU need it to. Also to note: the separators aren’t hard and rigid which make the spaces seem like a bookcase. Kelly Moore bags have wonderful separators that have that same silky material on the outside, but have a strong foam board inside. As well, the separators can be moved anywhere inside the bag, just not in designated spaces. When you peek inside the main compartment {or into any of the zippered pockets}, you will notice the contrasting color of the silky soft lining. Just a fine touch to make it all the more fabulous, right?

From professional to educational purposes, the Libby bag can hold camera equipment to a 17″ laptop. FYI – my bag usually looks like the example on the left {of the photo above}. In a matter of seconds though, I can take out most of the ‘Mom’ and add paper, wallet, business cards and more. Like I said before, I used to carry multiple bags or threw everything into an oversized and hoped that everything stayed safe. With my Kelly Moore Libby bag, I know everything is where it should be, and protected.

The top of the bag closes by way of zipper. But, it’s not one that squishes the bag sides together.

The Libby bag also has metal stands on the bottom, to keep the bag and the contents safe {and clean}.
It also has a removable messenger strap, for those that prefer the long strap. Plus, the included removable strap is padded for comfort.

One more thing … did I mention that Libby is just one fabulously hot looking bag?

Libby is priced at $249, and there are many other styles of bags to choose from at Each one has great choices in color too. For me, choosing color was the hardest part!

I’m so excited to be taking Libby with me to the BlogHer ’11 Conference in San Diego {leaving tomorrow!}. Watch for me, I’ll be the one with this beautiful bag. If you are going, make sure to check Libby out {I won’t take you for rude, most women take long glances in her direction.
I’m used to it}.


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.




  1. I would get the Libby bag. Because that’s my name, and that’s awesome. I’d get it in that wicked awesome orange colour!

  2. I’d love to win the Kelly Boy Bag in Grey. I need a new business case/bag, and plus, this is the only bag for men on the site!

  3. I’m so jealous. I’ve been salivating over a Kelly Moore bad for months. It’s the the Kelly Boy in yellow that had captured my interest. LOVE IT! have a great time at BlogHer. Travel safe and have fun.

  4. I would get the Libby bag in Carmel. This bag is casual yet it has enough detail to give it character. Carmel color because it is warm and would go with most of my wardrobe.

  5. I’d pick the “b-hobo bag, coral” because it’s a bold color and I love it!

  6. I would choose the green b-hobo. Not too big or too small, so I could actually take it on days out. I love the pop of color, especially because I normally choose neutrals. Would LOVE to win one. Thanks for the great review.

  7. OH I sooo dream of the Libby bag in black!!! I would hold it, squeeze it, hug it, kiss it….
    nathania.a at gmail dot com

  8. I really like the Mimi bag in Lavender! It’s not overly big so it will better suit my smaller frame. The lavender color is just so pretty!

  9. I’d pick the Juju Bag in Muted Teal and as for why? I love the color and Quite frankly, I approached her for a review on my blog and after a delayed flat ‘no’ I feel it would be the universe sending me justice if I should be lucky enough to win! 🙂

  10. I would choose the Kelly Moore Classic Bag | Rich Fuchsia because its soooo gorgeous, I love how it has the different compartments! Maybe I will carry my camera more 🙂

  11. i would love the libby bag ln caramel soo nice , i loved alot of others too but that was my favorite as i love the color and style, it is big and has lots of outside pockets which i love for phones etc
    staceyx at telus dot net

  12. I love the Mini Bag in grey, I like the fact it’s a little more compact and holds just as much, love the style of it!

  13. I love the Libby in Sapphire, but the Classic in Cranberry Croc is absolutely stunning. I’d probably go with the Libby though – love that it doesn’t have a top flap..

  14. I love the Libby Bag l in Sapphire but I wish it was in Fushia. The room it has is amazing. I carry so much stuff that I need organization. This bag looks like it might help me keep my act together.

  15. I’d love to win this, I have twin boy toddlers and this would make things so much easier rather than always bringing my purse PLUS a diaper bag around with me!

  16. I would take the Mimi bag in black. I don’t like my bags too big because the bigger the bag, the more you put in, and the heavier it gets. I also like the style.

  17. I would choose the Juju bag in Walnut. It looks so soft and almost vintagey. Love it!

  18. I would choose the Kelly Moore Classic Bag in Muted Teal because it’s not too big, not too small and I love the two pockets on the outside.

  19. I am in LOVE with the Sapphire Libby bag! What a fantastic win this would be!! Thanks for the chance! I didn’t realize there was a perfect bag out there for an organized freak like me! 😉

  20. I have been drooling over Kelly Moore bags for quite a while now. And it looks like she’s added a few new designs to the collection…yay!! I’ve always loved the Boy Bag, but now my new favorite is the Juju in Walnut. I would choose that one because my husband often carries my lenses and equipment for me, and the Juju doesn’t look too ‘girly’. 🙂 Although, if I were lucky enough to win one, I think I would ALWAYS want to carry it myself!

    Thanks for this amazing chance!
    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  21. I would choose the Libby Bag l Caramel. I so love this bag and i need one with lots of room and this would be perfect!
    reneetaylor at sympatico dot ca

  22. The Libby in Caramel would be my choice because its fantastically gorgeous and can hold everything a grandma needs!


  23. Mimi Bag in Lavender is my choice; I love purples and the bag is cute and suits
    my style. My camera and accessories will fit nicely in this bag.


  24. cute bags! I am always looking for another that I will LOVE

    I would pick the JUJU in muted teal- I like the libby, but like the color of the juju better


  25. I would choose the B-Hobo Bag l Heather Grey. I like the look and the compartments in it. I think it would do great.

    silverneon2000 at yahoo dot com

  26. I would choose “the classic” because it’s the perfect size for me (and my girls). I also like that I can wear it cross shoulder!

  27. I love the Kelly Boy Bag in Mustard, because the messenger bag look is totally my style and it would be the most functional for me on photoshoots! I love the color too!

  28. I would so get the Libby bag in saphire, just as you have. It would be great for now when my youngest is still in diapers, but I think it would transition into a fantastic work bag. And the color is to die for!!

  29. I would choose the Libby bag in black because I like the style and like the color black for bags.

  30. I would go with the libby bag in caramel. I was going to go with the boy bag…. until I noticed that the libby bag actually does have an optional messenger style strap. Oh so perfect. I am in love.

  31. OMG these are sweet nags…I adore the color of the one you chose, but would likely chose the Kelly Moore Classic Bag | Rich Fuchsia – I need a camera bag for my 2 kids 3 sporting events and this is pretty enough to get me to the field in style!!

  32. I would chose the “Kelly Moore Classic Bag | Purple ” because:
    1. It’s a great size…big enough to carry my camera gear, phone, wallet, but not too big for frequent use.
    2. It zips open on the top with no annoying flap.
    3. It has outside pockets.
    4. It’s PURPLE!
    someluckydog at gmail dot com

  33. I would choose the JuJu bag in muted teal. I love the style and it would fit my DIL’s camera nicely.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  34. I would choose the B-Hobo Bag in l Muted Teal as it is very stylish looking, but VERY practical for carrying everything you could ever need – and I do tend to carry a camera, extra batteries and a phone with me. I would love to have that space built in!

  35. Been looking for a nice camera bag for some time…oh my goodness, these are fabulous! Really love the Kelly Boy Bag in brown. 🙂

  36. I like the B-Hobo Bag in Almost Black. Why? Because I think it would mold around my enlarged body. I had a hard time choosing one – I really wanted all of them. Wow! Awesome bags!

  37. I would choose the Libby Bag – Black because I can use it as my diaper bags and hold a lot of baby stuff in there

  38. I would probably choose the Mimi Bag l Black,it is classic,would match anything and very roomy!
    ksceviour at hotmail dot com

  39. i like the libby bag in orange..big enough to hold everything and a great fun color
    nannypanpan at

  40. Oh I have been DREAMING about a Kelly Moore Camera Bag since I started my photography business! Thanks so much for the opportunity. My mind always changes, but right now I would choose the Libby Bag l Sapphire!!

  41. The Libby Bag in Caramel would make a great everyday bag for me to carry everything I need for running errands and shopping.

  42. My favourite colour and style is the Libby bag in caramel because it’s a nice neutral colour to go with all my outfits, and is nice and roomy.

  43. I’m going to cheat and pick two because it’s so hard to choose just one! The b-hobo (in heather or walnut) and the juju (in heather or walnut) are my favorites. But I think I’d get the b-hobo first!

  44. Would love the Libby Bag grey. It would be great for my camera and things for my two kiddos.

  45. I would choose the B-Hobo in Coral. I want this bag because I heart my one Kelly Moore I have already, but I’d love another for a different season!

  46. I would love the Libby Bag in Caramel! I love that color and I need something that is big enough for me to carry my gear plus my laptop.

  47. I always wanted a Sapphire bag, and the Libby bag is the
    one. It looks so unique and stylish. Kelly Moore is so
    creative in her making of her awesome bags.
    great giveaway.

  48. I would pick the Mimi in black. I think it would hold all of my current camera gear, with room for a couple more lenses. Plus it’s really cute!

  49. I would choose the Classic in Grey. It is a perfect size to hold everything u need and then some without being too bulky. And so stylish too! Thanks for the chance, I love these bags!

    Blondredhead at Mac dot com

  50. I would choose the libby bag is sapphire (or grey; do i have to choose now?) because I just about shrieked when I saw the camera bag and the diapers in the bag at the same time: that’s just what I need!

  51. I love the the classic in cranberry croc — it’s super traditional and classic but the colour really makes it pop! Perfect size and style for a mom on the go:)

  52. I like the B-Hobo Bag in Azure the most as I love the shade and the large size of this bag.

  53. I think I’d choose the Posey Bag in slate grey as it’s funky, functional and a great size for everyday use.

  54. What fun, I’m a Libby fan too, have always wanted orange, but this sapphire is pretty hot too!

  55. Libby lover here too! Not sure how to choose between those fabulous colors! If I win, I will have to choose 🙂

  56. I like the Libby in caramel or the Juju in walnut. The bags are nice neutral colours with lots of storage space. Thanks for the giveaway.

  57. I love the Libby bag(Sapphire color) for all the room inside and the trendy look outside. I also love The Classic in fushia, purple or cranberry for it’s more compact size and fabulous colors. Man, would I have a hard time picking. Thanks for the awesome giveaway 😉

  58. I like the Libby Bag in Lavender. I just got my first DSLR camera, & this bag is so nice!

  59. I would like the mimi in lavender because it is the perfect size and so cute.

  60. I’d choose the juju bag almost black because its more my style just the right size not to big not too small and i can fit everything i need and dont have to tote along a diaper bag with and still look stylish

  61. I would choose the Boy Bag in grey. It’s roomy for all my gear and the distressed grey looks quite stylish.

  62. oooh I would choose the Libby in Black, its THE perfect bag for gear and your laptop, plus its soooo gorgeous!

  63. i would choose the Mimi Bag in Black because is simple and i love the style

  64. I would get the Libby bag in lavendar. I have 3 kids so I need lots of compartments to keep all of their stuff!! I also love the color

  65. I would love the libby bag in black with two small kids i need a stylish bag that can hold all of their stuff and mine ( im the kind of person that has a book with me at all times) this bag would do the trick.

  66. I’ve never heard of these bags before but after seeing them I LOVE them! For my camera stuff right now I have a backpack and gets so heavy carrying around plus its not very stylish. I’m torn between the mimi and the 2 sues, in either coral or black. I would love to win one so I can upgrade my current camera bag, plus use it as a purse/diaper bag when I go out someplace.

  67. I love the Kelly Moore Classic Bag | Cranberry Croc I am forever taking pics and vids and this bag would hold all my gadgets with space to spare.

    1. Sorry I commented here. Realized afterwards that I was supposed to do it on the form, but the form isn’t showing up for me for some reason. Sorry!

  68. I would choose Libby Bag l Orange , since it’s my favorite color! Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  69. I would choose the 2 Sues Bag in Black, because I prefer the less zippered look and it still has room for things like iPad and books. 🙂

  70. Oh it is SO hard to choose, I’d have to choose the Kelly Boy Bag in Mustard though. Yellow is my bag color and it’s a classic look. LOVE Kelly Moore bags!! My camera and lenses would love their new home in one;)

  71. These bags are so cute! I adore the Blue and Purple are my favorite colors, and they just so happen to have those colors in the two bags that I like…it’s a tie between the Mini Bag in Lavender, and the B-Hobo bag in Azure. Thanks so much I’d LOVE to win!

  72. i love the libby bag in black! it is gorgeous and so spacious to carry my things AND some baby stuff! i love the number of compartments/dividers and that it has both shoulder and messenger length straps!
    tumyiix at gmail dot com

  73. I would choose the 2 Sues Bag l Raspberry because I love the colour and the shape and size appeals to me.

  74. I would choose the Libby in Grey. I like that one b/c it’s the perfect size to use as a camera bag and a purse at the same time! Gorgeous!

  75. I love the Libby in caramel or gray. I’d be able to carry my camera and other goodies 😉 Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  76. I just recently bought the juju in teal and LOVE it so so much but I debated back and forth for a week about the libby in sapphire and would love to add that to my collection.

  77. Great review! I’ve already been sold on the Kelly Moore bag for a while, just waiting till I have the money, but your review answered some of my questions and I think switched my choice of bag! Eek! I’m excited for my future bag already!

  78. I would buy the B-Hobo in walnut. I just love everything about it, especially the shape and size. It would be perfect!

  79. I have SUCH a deep love of everything Kelly Moore does, and I desperately, desperately want the Libby bag in Sapphire. I travel all the time (leaving me loving my job, but generally penniless) and my carry on’s are always a source of horror to me. Big giant briefcases vs. smaller bags but no enough stuff, packing gear into my checked bags (eeeeeee!!!! the horror!) The Libby bag would solve that problem for me, being able to carry my camera gear AND my all important laptop without the ugly 10yr old giant rollerbag that I normally have to lug around.

    Kelly Moore is a genius and from what I can tell a beautiful, beautiful lady.

  80. I would love so many of them but I love the Libby in Lavendar!! I love anything purple but also love it because of all the room it has! So I can fit my gear and more!

  81. I have been yearning for this bag!!! I need something beautiful and functional for shooting weddings, but also one that I can look fly with when I am heading off with hubby for a date night or with our boys to a play date and tote my camera gear with my family’s odds and ends. I would choose Kelly Moore Classic Bag…Cranberry Croc!!!!! Thank you for the opportunity!!

  82. I would want the Libby bag also in the Caramel. I am a college student and a photographer. I think the bag would be great for me to use as a school bag and also be able to carry my camera with out being to worried about it. I always wish I had my camera as school.

  83. I would LOVE the Kelly Boy bag in grey! It would work perfectly for my up and coming photo business venture! I love my B-Hobo but it’s getting a little small for the amount of equipment that I have. Thanks! 🙂

  84. I’ve been wanting the Kelly Boy in yellow but since having my second baby recently I am falling more and more in love with the libby bag. I love it in the orange! I think the libby would be great I could cut out the diaper bag and still have room for my gear when out and about and at sessions.

  85. I have always loved the classic in cranberry croc but now that she is coming out with new bags I don’t know – they are all so beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  86. All the KMbags are awesome, so it’s hard to choose. I have the classic, and it’s been great for carrying my gear. Soon I’ll be adding a little babe to the family, and I’m thinking the 2 Sues bag (in gray) we be perfect for doubling as a diaper bag/camera bag. It’s beautiful and functional. Kelly Moore rocks!

  87. I am a wedding and portrait photographer. I am always on the go, always chasing little kiddos around. I have had several camera bags, but when I got my Kelly Moore bag at Wppi this year, all of the other bags have been collecting dust! I LOVE it! I travel ALL THE TIME! I started out with the classic camera bag in my FAV color, Purple, but now I can’t wait to get my hands on the Libby which will make my carry on for my flights that much easier to keep my camera gear, computer and personal gear all in one place. 🙂 Keep it up Kel!

  88. I REALLY want the JuJu bag in Grey or Walnut! It’s big, cute, and would be good for when I travel!

  89. I love the new 2Sues in Mustard. I’m a makeup artist, and these bags hold a makeup kit well!

  90. I would LOVE the Libby bag in sapphire. I have soon to be 2yo twins and a 3yo (all boys) and I hate carrying multiple bags, it would be nice to have one big SEXY bag.

  91. I am in love with the new 2 Sues bag in Raspberry! From the bright color to the all of the pockets! Everything has it’s place: my lenses, my CC, my camera body, and all those other nic nacs that I carry but may not need to 🙂 PERFECTION!

  92. I would love the Posey Bag in Muted Teal. I love the front pocket and it looks like the perfect size.

  93. I am in LOVE with the Classic in Teal. I am a photographer and the most frustrating part is my small black boring back I have now.

  94. I would get the Libby in Grey. The bag is absolutely beautiful. I love that it has room for everything you could possibly so you will have no need to carry around three different bags for all sorts of things. This bag would be so helpful to have! I LOVE IT!

  95. I would LOVE a Libby bag! I have a 17″ laptop and need something that will fit my laptop and camera equipment. I have been eyeing it for quite a while but just haven’t taken the plunge (mostly because I can’t decide which color to get 🙂 )!

  96. I would love the new Kelly Moore – 2 Sues bag in Black. I love the purse still of this bag but total camera ready functionality. It’s like the best of both worlds plus it holds my iPad! Sweet! Great review btw and thanks for the giveaway!

  97. I would get the Libby…in..ah…so many pretty colors! But I would go with Caramel.

    I’d like to have a bag to use for travel that could hold my camera plus laptop, kindle, etc.

  98. I LOVE the Juju Bag l Slate Grey. I think the color is neutral so I can use it all of the time, it is large enough to carry my cmera, extra lens, my personal stuff (cell, wallet etc) and some stuff for the little ones. I love that with this I can carry only one bag and not 3!

  99. I LOOOOOOOOOVE the Libby in ORANGE! I have been drooling and swooning over Kelly’s bags for a long time! Thank you for the opportunity to win one!

  100. I’ve been dying to get my hands on the b-hobo bag in mustard for so long. I would LOVE to win this!

  101. I would actually pick the Libby in Blue…same as yours….love the colour and love the design.

  102. I would love to win the Libby bag in Sapphire. I have the Posey but it is just to small for me now..

  103. I know the Mommy bloggers always win, but guess what? We old gals heart the Libby bag too and would love to win it and use when we go visit our daughters who are Mommy bloggers. Grandmas rock, so there ya go.

  104. I would love the purple classic bag! I need a shooting bag badly and after I saw a fellow photo friend using the classic, I knew I need it! and in purple because not only is it my favorite color, but it matches my business colors :)!

  105. I LOVE this bag! I want one so badly I have entered every contest for it. This blog hit the nail on the head for the best reason why, because it suits my organized chaotic life!

  106. I would choose the Libby bag in Saphire Blue. It would be perfect with my jeans which I always wear!

  107. I love the B-Hobo in green, because it is my favorite color and the bag is sure to fit everything this Mom of 2 little ones might need.

  108. Oh my I’m in love with the Posey bag in muted teal. Perfect for an engagement shoot and much slimmer than the bulky bag I’m using!

    1. …in green! Perfect not too big, not too small bag. Although, I have a baby on the way and may need a bigger one…

  109. Oops – I forgot to leave which one I’m currently enamored with. That would be bhobo in the teal/almost black color.

  110. LOVE these bags!! I have the hobo and use it everyday. I love being able to carry my camera, lens, and necessities! In love! I have been REALLY wanting a Libby! Fantastic bag!

  111. I love my Kelly Moore B Hobo but Its a little small. So, now I want the 2 Sues bag in Raspberry.

  112. I would choose the Juju in slate gray. I love all the compartments and the color goes with anything.

  113. Oh, I am so envious! I adore that bag, and it’s the one I’d choose, too. It is hard to find a stylish bag that will fit a 17″ laptop!

  114. I love KMBags and I am hoping someday soon I will be able to have one of my very own! I’ve been following KM blog on this incredible journey she has had over the past few years and it is such an inspiration! I am hoping to win and be able to be a market for KM and spread the word about this incredible bag! I would choose the Libby or the Classic!

  115. I would love the juju bag in slate gray. I am a working mom of 2 and I am constantly looking for a bag that will hold gear for the girls and my stuff too… This looks awesome!

  116. I would TOTALLY choose the LIBBY bag in orange or caramel because I am a working mom. I have to carry baby stuff… work stuff…. and everyday goodies…. this is the PERFECT bag for me!

  117. I’ve been lusting after a Kelly Moore bag for so long! I even blogged about it today actually!

    PICK ME!!!!!!

  118. I love the classic bag in muted teal. It would be great for diapers and just for using when my baby is bigger. The Libby bag in orange is sweet too!

  119. I LOVE the juju bag in teal. So beautiful and great when you need to carry more than just a body and lens. I want to be able to carry multiple lenses, ipad and other stuff too!

  120. I would get the Juju bag in Walnut. I think the color goes with everything and I love the many compartments. It would double as a diaper bag for me

    lyromero77 at yahoo dot com

  121. I’d get the Mimi in Lavender. What a CUTE bag and I can’t believe that I’ll be able to keep my Canon T-2i in it alongside my wallet and other stuff. It’s like Mary Poppin’s carpet bag for photographers but WAY CUTER!

    *takes out lamp*

  122. I love them all, but my favorite is the Mimi in black. I love the look of it and it looks to be the perfect size for my gear. Wish it came in teal though 🙂

  123. love so many, but i would get the libby bag in caramel b/c i’m a mom of twin toddler girls, so needless to say we need lots of room in our bag. 🙂 i’m also a photographer on the side so this bag is perfect for everything! love love them…. and the caramel is amazing. pretty sure i would never buy another bag for the rest of my life. ha!

  124. I would choose the Libby bag in Saphire. I ♥ my Kelly Moore B-Hobo bag so much! I’ll be heading to Europe in the fall &will be photographing in 9 different countries. The LIbby would be a perfect travel bag for my gear and laptop and since all my $ is going to the trip this would help a ton. Thanks for the opportunity to win!
    ♥ free love & peace ☮

  125. Hmmm….I just recently purchased the Libby and it IS a fabulous bag. If I won, I would love to have the classic. I am totally digging that pinkish color. So pretty.

  126. If I were to win I’d pick the mimi bag in gray. I love the size, style and function of the bag!

  127. I am loving this Libby bag in Sapphire or Black..or gray! Haha it’s so hard to choose a color but definitely the room that the Libby bag has is perfect. Great review BTW!

  128. I would choose the Kelly Moore Libby Bag in Grey if I was the lucky winner. Thanks so much for this chance.

  129. I would soooooo LOVE the Libby in grey. I really need a bag that will hold my 5D, 24-70, 70-200 AND my 15″ laptop – and I know this bag would be perfect for that!

  130. I also used to be all about cute little purses too until I got into photography & needed more. I recently discovered Kelly Moore Bags and now her B-Hobo is my favorite bag! She goes wiht me everywehre. I’ll be going to Europe in the fall & will get to photograph 9 countries! The Libby in Saphire would be perfect. Thanks for this awesome opportunity to win a great bag! ♥ ☮

  131. If I won, I would choose a 2 Sues Bag in Black! I love the style–modern yet still classic! Plus, I LOVE the laptop slot. That is feature I would love to have in a bag!

  132. I love Kelly’s bag! I’ve been drooling over this one in this color for a while. If I win this one, it means I can buy a second style as well!


  133. I would love, love, love the MiMi bag in grey…so functional AND chic!!!

    On another note…love this site! So glad I found it!!

  134. I so want the Libby in orange. I want to store my laptop with my camera’s when I travel!

  135. It would be awesome to get this bag in Blue…..when I am with my 9 grandkids I need an organized purse-diaper bag!

  136. I love KELLY MOORE!! I’m especially an excited about the new bag she just came out with … the 2 Sues!! So wishing I had the money to buy it right now, but it is not so. I was so excited when I saw this post!! Pretty please pick me … with a cherry on top! 🙂

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  138. I’d love the black Libby bag! I’ve stopped lugging around my big Canon camera and have been using my iphone for shots. Not nearly as nice, I know. This bag would be a stylish way to keep my “good” camera with me at all times!

  139. I would LOVE the @ Sues in Walnut!…. It would be great to go on my loooong trip to the USA soon!

  140. It’s really hard to choose, if been dreaming about a Kelly Moore bag for some time now. I think a Libby in saphire.

  141. I have been drooling over these bags for a while now. I just saw on the Kelly Moore site that there is a new “2 Sues” bag in grey – It looks perfect!!

  142. I would totally get the B-hobo in Azure. I need a camera bag that I can wear across my body and the color is awesome and happens to match my logo. It is a tough call though, because I love them all!

  143. Oooh it’s a tie! I LOVE the B-Hobo bag in walnut, but I also love the JuJu bag in walnut. I have just recently taken up photography, and I have done a few family weddings, but I have my first paid engagement session in a month, and I’ll be flying solo. I need a bag that will be able to help me get everything I need done as smooth as possible! 🙂

  144. Oh my, I was just admiring Elsie’s on A Beautiful Mess! I would chose the Libby Bag in caramel, because it would go with everything, has a shoulder strap and looks gorgeous!

  145. Can’t wait to read about your blogHer experience! Just learned about the conference about a month ago, and I’m already planning to attend next years!!

  146. these bags truly look amazing!!!! i really want the libby, not sure what color though…

  147. I love the B-hobo in muted teal. One of my best friends bought this bag and brought it on our roadtrip. It was the perfect bag from the trip, and got many envious glances from me.

  148. I would choose the Mimi Bag in Black. I would choose this one because I like the design and the look of this bag.

  149. I have to say I love the 2 Sues bag, as a Mumma to 7 kids with 2 still in Diapers…..this bag would be awesome for me when we go on our frequent photo shoot outings…..and how amazing is it that I can also take my laptop in the same bag……..But having to choose between the Black and Walnut would be hard LOL..

  150. I really like the 2 Sues bag – and I think I would have a hard time choosing between Raspberry, Mustard, or the black.

  151. So many great bags. Lately when I travel I notice the Libby would work best since I take my laptop and at least one camera kit.

  152. I would totally choose the Mimi Bag in Lavender. I love the color and shape so much and that I can carry my ipad with me, unlike many other camera bags.

  153. I totally love the bag you have, although I did visit the site too. I would want my Libby bag though in Green. The Blue is beautiful also

  154. Sorry, I would choose the Libby bag because with 4 children im always carrying around the diaper bag and my purse and this would be perfect to use just one thing!

  155. I would choose the Kelly Moore Classic Bag in Muted Teal. Why? It’s definitely my style…I prefer this kind of shoulder strap as opposed to the others.

  156. Ohhh la laaaaaa!!!! To dream of complete bag such as a Kelly Moore…… sigh! One day… one day… I will proudly hang one over my shoulder!

  157. Wow! So many gorgeous bags – it’s really hard to choose a favourite.
    I’d have to go with the 2 Sues Bag in Walnut as I think it would be the most versatile for me, and I love the pockets.

  158. OOOH! Kelly Moore bags… AMAZING!

    I think I’d pick the 2 sues bag… I don’t know what color!

    Thanks for the great opportunity!

  159. I would choose the B-Hobo in mustard because I like the smaller size of this bag as compared to the others.

  160. i just love the Kelly Moore Classic Bag in Rich Fuchsia. The style is classic and very practical, but that color just makes the bag really stand out. I’m tired of my boring black and brown handbags.

  161. I would love the Libby in caramel because I think it is gorgeous with the two pockets and so roomy!

    jenbutterfly12 at yahoo dot com

  162. i would chose the B-Hobo Bag ln the Grassy Green color. I like that one because i love the swoop shape.
    melisa0072 at gmail dot com

  163. I liked the classic bag in muted teal because of the double pocket design in the front and the color which is unusual enough to be appealing without being bright or gaudy.
    iridia718 at gmail dot com

  164. The 2 Sues bag because it’s large but not so large that it’s too big. I’d pick it in Raspberry color.

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  165. I would choose the Libby Bag in Sapphire because it is gorgeous & different than any purse I have right now.

  166. I’s choose the Libby Bag in Orange. It fits my style and personality and is a color that’s out of my comfort zone for a change.

  167. JuJu in muted teal b/c I think it would look divine with jeans!
    jeanlynd at att dot net

  168. I would choose the Libby bag in black because I love the style and it will hold everything I need!

  169. I love the Kelly Boy Bag in Brown – its nice and simple and has a long strap for over my shoulder to make it easier to carry when I;m with my kids

  170. I love the Juju Bag l Muted Teal. Many pockets for cell phone and eyeglasses. What gorgeous bags they have!

  171. I would get the juju bag in black just because I like it best
    brittneydejajason at gmail dot com

  172. Loving the B-Hobo bag in Walnut! This would be perfect for me as I tend to carry a camera with me in addition to the many other things that find themselves in my bags. The dividers will be a life saver.

  173. I love the 2 Sues Bag l Mustard because of the color and because it looks really roomy. It will hold all of my photography stuff.

  174. I def need the Libby! i need a bag that can hold all of my gear when it’s not a in a shootsac!! These bags are amazing! I most likely get it in Carmel!

  175. I would choose the classic bag in cranberry croc, because I love the color, plus this bag also has a zipper pocket large enough for my iPad and outside pockets for my phone.

  176. I chose the Libby Bag in the Sapphire color because it holds a big camera, it has a removable long messenger strap and it has dividers for my film. I am a photographer so I need something that is durable, dependable and will last.

  177. Kelly Boy Bag | Grey is the bag I like, these are fabulous, I don’t see bags I love often but this is one nupa123atgmaildotcom

  178. I like the Libby Bag in black because it’s huge! It could fit my laptop and all of my gear too!

    incorporealidol [at] aol [dot] com

  179. I would love the Classic bag in Muted Teal because I love the look of it and the functional aspect of the front pockets

  180. I would get the Kelly Moore classic bag in Cranberry Croc. I love the color of the bag and the gold hardware together. I think that is great that the back has so much detail.

  181. I would pick The MiMi in grey because I love the way it looks and I think it is big enough for what I need it for!

  182. Gotta have it! Maybe THIS is the answer to me being able to find my cell phone or my keys when I need them and perhaps my husband will stop rolling his eyes when I’m digging around in search of them 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win, if I got to pick I’d take the hobo in gray? Too many choices…..

  183. I would choose the Kelly Moore Classic Bag in black. I chose this bag because it has an outside pocket for my phone and I think the compartment that holds an iPad would probably be the right size to carry my netbook in. I just like the over all look of the bag too.

  184. Hello!

    I must say I agree with you, the Libby bag seems absolutely amazing! If I were lucky enough to receive the bag, I would choose the Libby in Black. As to why, there are many reasons. As a student, I carry around my laptop, books and camera as well as any other things I need on a daily basis. It seems to be just the perfect bag! I could fit my laptop safely, my books with room to spare, my camera so that I can take pictures easily, and my scripts (I’m an actress) with ease! The pockets would keep me organized and ready for anything! This bag, on top of being functional, durable, and all around great in the practical areas, is also so fashionable! It is chic and versatile. While it will look great to go to class, I can go straight from class to a restaurant and not feel like a total geek with the backpack.

    I know I have written too much, but this bag seems perfect! Thanks for reading!

  185. i’d choose the libby bag in ‘caramel’ because it’s a great color- will go w/ just abt any outfit and it’s the perfect size- i could even use it as a purse/ diaper bag!

  186. I would love the Mimi bag in grey – basically because it’s one of the most gorgeous camera bags I’ve ever seen. I’d definitely wear it just as a purse if I didn’t need it so badly as a camera case! Just got my first dslr for my birthday, but I’ve been carefully carrying it around in a semi-sturdy lunchbox until I get a camera bag! : )

  187. I would absolutely choose this bag but I am at a total loss for which color! Probably black though.

  188. I thought I did this – but it’s saying I haven’t entered……so this is the bag I would DIE to have…..B Hobo Bag – Grassy Green…..or….The Classic in Muted Teal….Love love love love….

  189. I would LOVE to win the JuJu bag in muted teal. Carrying around a LowPro bag clashes with just about every outfit ever. Kelly Moore bags are too adorable to NOT take everywhere.

  190. the kelley boy bag in MUSTARD is to die for. i love everything about it and it would help me carry my equipment around in an easy and stylish way on my shoots.♥

    plus, everyone would be jealous.

  191. I like this one:
    B-Hobo Bag l Almost Black [back in stock early september]
    $ 169.00
    I like it because it isn’t huge & I don’t have a lot of camera equipment to carry, so this would be perfect.

  192. I love the 2 Sues!! But after reading your review I think I love the Libby again. EEK…But I if I had to choose one it’s the 2 Sues in grey. I love the size and all the pockets and how it has the Posey pocket on one side too. We don’t have any gorgeous camera bags here in NZ so I’d love to show it off here

    1. Doh.. silly me.. scrolled all the way down and forgot this was a rafflecopter one. 😉 please disregard.

  193. I think I’d pick the Kelly Boy Bag in black . I’d pick it because my dad has a great camera he needs a great case for. I also really, really like the Mimi in Lavender for myself.

  194. I’d get the B-Hobo bag in muted teal because it’s my favorite color and the bag is sizeable without being oversized.

  195. I really want to have kelly moore B HOBO BAG in musturd color. the design is so simple yet classy.

  196. I would choose the Kelly Moore Classic Bag | Cranberry Croc. I love this bag because it is red and I love, love, love red!

  197. I love the libby bag in lavender…mainly cause my last name is lavinder and I am kinda a dweeb like that. Plus I need something to carry my 17 inch laptop and camera, plus baby things of course!

  198. I would Choose the Kelly Moore Libbly Bag in Orange because it would put a major smile on my sweeties face and due to health smiles have been hard to come by in the last 12 months

  199. I love them alll!!!!!! I’m stalking them on ebay, it’d be way more fun to win one!! First choice is the Libby in grey, but I love the classic in teal and the boy bag in mustard. Fingers crossed!

    1. Dang.. I think I did it again… putting the tweet here instead of the rafflecopter form. disregard this one.. sorry!

  200. i absolutely LOVE the B-Hobo! That teal is just gorgeous.

    I have loved these bags since I first saw them a few months ago! And I have been really really craving one for my new DSLR!

  201. Libby in black… or 2 sues in Raspberry. 2 sues. Definitely 2 sues. Unless… No 2 sues it is 😉

  202. i like the b-hobo in almost black. its a great size and i really need a black purse because i don’t have one

  203. I like the 2 Sues bag in Walnut, because I like a bag with multiple pockets/dividers but do not want a really large one. The color is just because it is fairly neutral without being dull.

  204. I would choose the Kelly Boy Bag in Chocolate because I would surprise my husband with it. He is the photographer in the family.

  205. I’d pick the Kelly Moore Classic Bag | Black because I love the looks of it and black is my favorite color for bags

  206. Bags and camera gear – my two favorite things! I’m loving the Mimi in Lavender and Black (already have the Libby in orange)!

  207. I would choose the Libby Bag – Lavender. It would be perfect to use for school when I have classes, or to carry my knitting projects when I am out and about running errands (along with a few snacks). I use an open bag that has no pockets right now (it was a free gift from Lancome or something) – which is awful because I throw everything into it – my keys, wallet, water bottle – and it all gets jumbled up inside. It’s awful when it rains, too.

  208. Oh my gosh- Kelly’s video showing and describing the bags helped me so much! I really appreciated that, as she’s right- sometimes it’s difficult to shop online for certain items when all you have to go by is a photo.

    They’re all really cute, but I love the the B-Hobo in azure because I like the color and style. Would probably end up going with the black Kelly Boy bag though, because my husband really needs a nice laptop bag.

    What a great prize. Thanks for the chance to win!

  209. I`ve been looking for a big enough bag for my laptop, my camera + other girly stuff. After doing some research I fell in love with the Libby bag in Caramel and would love to own one 🙂

  210. I love the Kelly Moore Classic Bag in Cranberry Croc. I love it’s classic design and it looks sophisticated!

  211. I would pick the Libby bag in lavender. I chose that bag because it’s the biggest one they have and I carry a lot of stuff between toiletries, work stuff, mom stuff, etc. And I love the color!

  212. I like the Libby Bag l Grey. The color is awesome and I love all the pockets on the outside!

  213. Love the Mimi Bag in Grey – I’d pick that for about a million reasons. Love that the dividers are removable – and if it holds an iPad – that means it will hold a Calculus textbook. Love having a “book bag” that is as gorgeous as this!

    e-mail: lucky02130 (at) gmail (dot) com

  214. I would love love love the Libby bag in caramel. Love the color and design and so desperetly could use this bag esepcailly for travel! Thx!

  215. I LOVE the Libby bag! I am also a mom of twins + one so I need large stylish bag for all of my gear!

  216. I’d choose the Juju Bag in Muted Teal because I like the size, shape and color and the multiple outside pockets that are so handy to keep multiple electronic devices separate (and easy to find).

  217. Raspberry 2 Sues bag. I usually never stray away from my black bags but the raspberry 2 Sues is too hot to handle

  218. i love the b-hobo in mustard because of the size and the awesome color! i may be allergic to mustard but i can totally rock the color. 😉

  219. I would choose the Libby Bag l Caramel because it looks like it would be great at organizing all my “stuff” that I like to bring along and it is an attractive bag. I like the color because it will go with just about anything. wgbc1446[at]yahoo[dot]com

  220. These arengorgeous…love the Libby in Lavendar! It would be a perfect bag for fall, and it would be so nice to have a place to carry the 6 (yes, 6) cameras and video cameras I carry with me most of the time!
    kcoud33 at gmail dot com

  221. Ooooh I really love the blue color!! Gorgeous! I’m not sure exactly which style bag I would want, they are all so amazing…but I definitely want one in that blue color!

  222. I love her camera bags!! Ive been oggling them for 2yrs now 🙂 If I would have to pick just one I would say the Mimi bag in Lavender is my fav (at the moment).. 🙂

    *fingers crossed*

  223. I really like the Libby in Orange. I love the look and the fact that it can hold a 10″ lens.

  224. I would pick the 2 sues bag in Walnut! I LOVE that it has two fronts to it.. and the size is perfect for my gear!! It’s hard to choose.. I LOVE THEM ALL!!!

  225. I’d choose the juju bag l slate grey, because I need a new bag for my camera and the color/style of this bag is classic, yet beautiful.


  226. ju-ju bag in muted teal. It not only fits all my stuff but teal goes with almost everything

  227. I would choose the 2 Sues bag in the color raspberry. I think it fits my personality the best, I like color in purses, I like that it has many pockets and looks like a purse that would function very well.

  228. This bag is exactly what I have been looking for! I am so glad you reviewed it!

  229. I choose the B-Hobo Bag l Heather Grey because I like that style the best, plus it’s got just the right amount of pockets and inside space for my everyday needs.

  230. I love the Libby bag in oragne. I could use it at work, and go straight to girl scouts or soccer practice for my kids, and have everything I need in it!

  231. I would love to have the Kelly Boy Bag in Brown as it would be perfect for either me or my husband to carry.


  232. I really like the Libby bag in caramel. Why? Because I am a student and I usually carry a purse, plus a book bag. With the Libby I could fit it all!

  233. I love the Mimi in Lavender. I have a soft spot for satchel shapes and love the amount of organization. I also really like that all the exterior pockets zip, as well as the top zipper.

  234. I love these bags. I’ve been looking for a nice camera bag, and I can’t find anything I like in stores (although the stores where I look don’t carry anything as pricey as the Kelly Moore bags). I just went over and “window shopped” again, and as much as I like the look of the Juju Bag, I’m won over by the Libby because it can definitely hold a laptop, along with a DSLR and all the adcoutrements. Plus the Libby comes in lavender.

  235. I would choose the b-hobo bag in walnut because I love the way it looks and it would be the perfect size for me

  236. I would pick the JuJu bag in muted teal, because it’s a beautiful color with lots of room!

  237. If I won I would get the Libby Bag l (Black) with 3 kids I am always hauling my camera with me and this would be perfect, I would choose black because the inside is my FAVORITE color purple 🙂

  238. I would pick the Mimi Bag in Grey because it’s a little smaller but would fit everything I need it to!

  239. I like the 2 Sues bag in mustard because yellow is my favorite color and I really like the style of this bag!!!!!

  240. wife loves Juju Bag in Almost Black. she’s really picky and just loves this bag ><; She also loves Libby Bag in Lavender!

  241. I would choose the classic bag (I’m a simple girl at heart!) in gray just because it’s a great classic color suitable for most outfits I own!

  242. I would choose the b-hobo bag l mustard … I love the color and its sooo trendy. SO cute!!

  243. I would choose the b-hobo bag l heather grey because Dev is in advanced photog and takes her camera everywhere- this would hold the supplies she needs to carry for picture taking (camera, lenses, etc) as well as her essentials so she wouldn’t need to drag along a purse as well.

  244. I love the B-Hobo Bag in Muted Teal… it would be so perfect for when I need to travel! Katharina angelsandmusic[at]gmail[dot]com

  245. I like the Libby Bag 1 Grey. It looks spacious, like the handle, and the color would go with different outfits.
    Thank you!

  246. id choose the Juju Bag l Muted Teal i love that color and never owned a purse in is so very pretty not to mention how roomy it looks 🙂


  247. I love the 2 Sues in Rasberry. the color is beautiful and I like the shape of the bag a lot

  248. I would like the b-hobo bag l heather grey because the color is so neutral and I love the hobo bag design. reejen at comcast dot net

  249. I would love to have the Libby bag in Blue…it seems like the best choice to keep the things I carry on a daily basis in order. Also the blue would look good with all my jackets!

  250. I would love the 2 Sues bag in gray. I love my camera bag now but it is so bulky and doesn’t have enough pockets for non-camera items and this looks perfect!!

  251. I’d pick B-Hobo Bag in azure – because I don’t have anything in that color, I love it and it would be my fun night out bag.

  252. I would pick the Kelly Moore Classic Bag | Rich Fuchsia , because I love the color, and it looks very classy and roomy.

  253. I would choose the Libby Bag in Caramel. It is a great looking bag and could hold everything I need at my fingertips while traveling, love it! 🙂 Thank you.

  254. I would choose the Libby Bag in Caramel. I like the style, the color and I can carry my laptop and camera.
    mizztuts AT bellsouth DOT net

  255. The Libby bag in caramel I would totally love this bag I am a mom of twins + one as well and we have a ton of stuff!

  256. I love all her bags!!! Hard to make a choice on which style but I know I’d have to have it in the grey! Love it!

  257. I would choose Libby in black. Because it goes with everything and holds so much!

  258. I really like the blue bag, blue is my favorite color and I love the design of the bag. As a college student and mother this bag would help me out a lot with the day to day. I love it.

  259. I really like the blue bag libby bag, blue is my favorite color and I love the design of the bag. As a college student and mother this bag would help me out a lot with the day to day. I love it.

  260. I would love the blue libby bag. I know that it would help me with the day to day being a college student and mother

  261. I would choose the Libby style in lavender because my father was a photographer and he passed away and left menwith all his camera stuff. I would be able to fit almost everything in this bag! Also, lavender is my fav color!

    Lyndsey.rullman at hotmail dot com

  262. I would actually choose the same exact bag you did, the Libby bag in sapphire! Just because it is so gorgeous and I think could keep me really organized when traveling!

    pkbw28 at gmail dot com

  263. As a single mother who goes to school full time, and works 2 different jobs to make ends meet, chaos is my life. What better way to organize it than with these cute bags. I love the Libby in grey and orange. Thanks for the chance to actually be fasionable while pushing myself to the limit. 🙂

  264. i would choose the juju bag muted teal because these its both cute and functional! 😀

  265. I would choose the blue bag because its my favorite color! it would go with all of my clothes!

  266. what great bags… love them all, but my favorite has got to be the libby in sapphire…. a blue bag was next on my list and the libby can fit ALL of my stuff that us moms have to carry!!

  267. I love the Mimi bag in grey! I would like to have it because it’s super cute with plenty of room to carry everything! I would be the envy of my friends …… BUT I could tell them where to get one of their own ; )

  268. I would love to really own one of your bags I think it would look cute on my shoulder I really liked the look of the blue one

  269. I would choose the mustard coloured bag.. i think the colour is beautiful and it is the same design that i prefer.. i need a new one.. the one i have now i have had for years and she’s just not looking the same.. So hopefully it’ll be time for my old bag to retire, hang her up and have a newer beautiful mustard bag.. fingers crossed 🙂

  270. I love this bag. Its so stylish and is a great size to carry all of things. I am amother of twins so I carry alot for them in my bags. I would definitly pick the orange one.

  271. We just bought a house and we are getting everything we need. My gf would love this purse she is so obsessed with them!

  272. I would LOVE the Mimi Bag in grey. I love the shape, and since I have to wear black and white to work, it would coordinate perfectly!

  273. The Libby pictured in blue is fantastic – they are actually all awesome but thats my fav!

  274. Honestly I could not tell you the difference between a Kelly Moore bag and a different one. But I am sure my wife could. If I had to choose I would say the classic or the ju ju. I am entering this contest to give it to my wife, mother of our two kids. The last two nights she has been up all night with our youngest who has a terrible ear ache and can’t sleep. I wanted to get her something nice to say thank you for the last couple nights but also thank you for everything she does. She put her career on hold to stay home with the kids and she keeps this house running as I work a lot. I am very grateful for everything she does. So I went looking for a purse for her and ended up here. Thank you for the opportunity. much appreciated. Have a great day.

  275. I would choose the Classic bag in muted teal. I like it because it is a little smaller than the libby bag but a great color
    heidisweeps at charter dot net

  276. I would def get the classic in blue. That’s my girls favorite color. And beleive me, she need some organization, just saying. 😛

  277. mustard Kelly Boy Bag – Mustard color looks very trendy / love the ‘flap’ on the bag – makes me feel more comfy shopping to know there is a little safety feature like the flap so no one gets a peak into my bag! 🙂

  278. 2 Sues Bag l Raspberry..i choose that tag because i wanted to see your products

  279. Libby Bag in green for my wife because she loves purses and always complains that she has to hold everyone elses stuff in her purse too 🙂

  280. Libby Bag l Sapphire
    I would choose this bag for the same reasons you did. I love the organizational ability with this bag, between children and my camera equiptment, this would be great.
    I absoulutely love the color. I would love this bag, I sure hope my name comes up for this one.


  281. The Libby bag not only looks HOT, but it’s also versatile! From “Diaper” bag, to “work” bag, to “night out with the girls” bag! All the colors are very stylish…my favorite are grey, caramel and black!

  282. Oh my god my mom is always loosing things in her black whole of a purse, the brown libby bag would be beyond perfect for her!

  283. Libby in orange. That bag is named after a relative and is bright enough to keep track of in public!

  284. Just got a new Canon camera and I need a new bag to go along with it. The Lavender Libby bag is perfect for me because purple is my favorite color!!

  285. I would love the LIBBY BAG in black (because I’m not outgoing enough to get a more colourful one). I would use it to cart around my laptop and resources for work or as a stylish diaper bag/purse.

    arctic_teacher AT yahoo DOT ca

  286. I would choose the same as you actually because I love the colour and the chance to have a stylish bag that holds all of my stuff instead of having to carry 2 separate bags while travelling

  287. i hope i can win bcuz i lov that bag in the color purpleand they r so beautiful that any one can lov it… iw ish can win i will be thankful for ever

  288. Adore the Juju Bag l Slate Grey.
    So stylish and beautiful.
    thanks for the great giveaway, too.

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    Hope you get the issue solved soon. Thanks

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