Katie’s Song, Disney World Love

World and EpcotYou may recall that my little Katelyn loves to sing, and it’s not uncommon for her to break out in song at any point in time.

This particular musical moment was during our trip to DisneySMMoms, specifically a day that we were at Epcot. Sometime in the afternoon, the twins and I sat down to wait while my oldest and husband went on the Maelstrom adventure cruise in the Norway Pavillion. While waiting in this little quiet corner of the park, Katie started to sing so I switched the camera from photo to video.

I call this song of Katie’s, “La La La, I’m so happy“. I watch this video and feel the pure joy and happiness that Katie felt while at Walt Disney World. I think it’s just too cute!

My kids’ happiness makes my heart swell until I think it may burst. I’ve taked before about how we only have 18 Summers with our kids – and why you should make them count. Make Memories!

I feel so incredibly fortunate to have been able to experience Walt Disney World with my family. And one reason out of a million, was to hear Miss Katie sing. A snippet of this video was used in my Walt Disney World Memories Video, hope you have a chance to check it out!

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  1. Oh how cute is she?? What a little sweetie. I would sing too if I were in Disney World ~BUT~ I certainly would not sound that good nor would I look sweet doing so. 🙂 Perhaps she will be a famous singer one day! We are so hoping to make a trip to Disney this year but so many things are going on that I am not so sure if we will make it. I love Disney World, it truly is the greatest place on earth!

    1. It certainly is Jeannette!
      Seeing their happiness there {as well as my own} is the best feeling!!

  2. So true, I’ve never counted summers that way, but now that I’ve read this I will be making the most of the summers with my 4 kiddies..

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