Katelyn’s new ‘trick’

Notice a trend in these pictures?

Yep, Katie found her nose!
Most importantly, she has found the holes in her nose.
These days, half of all the pictures I take are like this.
She literally does it all day, and has been for weeks!

Sophia {and even Isabelle when she was a baby} went through a very brief phase of this ‘exploration’,
yet moved onto other things right away.
Yet Katie…her finger is nice and comfy and I have a feeling it’s there to stay…

~ Katie, when you read this years from now – I’m sorry honey,
but it just had to be blogged.
It may explain why your nostrils are much
bigger than your sisters’!
And, also my dear Katie – you also MUST learn to point with your index finger and not the middle one, sweetie.
You have been doing this for almost 5 months now, and people are starting to wonder if you actually mean it.
Plus, I don’t appreciate getting the finger from you, as soon as I start videotaping the family.
{like the treasured video of me waking you up to wish you a happy birthday}

Love you always my dear, you certainly make me laugh!


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