Kaspersky PURE Internet Security

I recently had the opportunity to test out the new Internet security program Kaspersky PURE, made by Kaspersky Lab. Available for purchase this week, I loved being able to test it out for the last month as I was looking for a new security program and this one has some great features! The Kaspersky PURE Total Security is the first product to combine the award-winning, premium protection with central management capabilities – and these aren’t available anywhere else.
Ideal for families with children, or households with multiple PCs {and I’m sure most households have more than 1 computer}, Kaspersky PURE protects more than just a single computer – it turns your machine into a hub, capable of managing the security and parental control settings of every PC on your home network. This program fits the busy lifestyle as it can easily run scans on every computer in the household, enforce limits on computer usage, and prevents important information from being lost, stolen or accidentally deleted.

Here are the NEW features in Kaspersky PURE include:

  • Home Network Control -from one PC, you can conveniently view and maintain the security tasks for all the PCs in your home: fix security issues and run scans, updates, and backup tasks
  • Remote Management of Parental Controls – set and adjust parental control settings, customize reporting, and monitor all online activities—for all PCs in your home.Plus, you can set allowed online time!
  • Password Manager – combats identity theft by generating distinct, strong passwords for all of your online accounts, storing your account information in an encrypted vault, and automatically logging you on to websites. You only have to remember one master password.
  • Backup & Restore – simply schedule routine, automatic backup to an external drive, USB, or FTP location. You can store multiple versions of files, and restore individual files or an entire data set. In case your hard drive crashes or your PC is stolen, you can restore your backup data to any PC – even machines without Kaspersky PURE.
  • Data Encryption and File Shredder to make sure your private information stays private

Installation of programs often leaves me frustrated right from the start. Yet, this product was so easy to install – yet keep in mind that you have to ensure that any other virus detection programs are uninstalled before this one will work. Since I have installed and uninstalled many programs in the past, this was a simple task for me to complete and in no time, I had the PURE start-up screen on my laptop. You can choose the recommended settings, or if you are savvy, change the settings to suit your needs. I really loved the back-up feature since last year I didn’t do this – and lost everything. And I mean, everything. Now I am the back-up queen and appreciate the ease that I can now protect my information thanks to Kaspersky PURE. My daughter uses the other computer in our house, so the parental controls is key as well. I am able to monitor the sites visited {even though it is a minimum for her, at her age}, yet I’m sure parents whose children use social networks would just adore this feature. I haven’t had to do much with this program, it works so well on it’s own. Yet it did catch a couple of email viruses and I’m thankful for that.

Kaspersky PURE retails for $89.95 for a 1-year license, and can be installed on up to 3 computers.


Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this post, opinions are my own.


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  3. I like the Backup & Restore feature the best. Too many times I’ve forgotten to do this.

  4. My favourite feature is definitely the back up….it is so distressing to lose things that are important to me online.

  5. The password manager would be most important to me. Last year, my “usual” password was scammed and almost cost us a good deal of money.

  6. My friend just told me about this the other day when I had computer problems! I love how I can use it to replace my current virus protection!!

  7. I love the Backup function as I have seriously never backed up anything on my home PC ever. Do it every day at work, but never at home.

  8. My favourite feature is Remote Management of Parental Controls – I can’t watched my 11 years old go on line & sit beside him every single minutes. This is definately help.

  9. I like all the features especially since the one I currently have don’t do it’s job very well. I’m definitely needing to try this one!

  10. The feature I like the best is that it centrally run scans, updates, and backups on multiple PCs

  11. Password Manager – combats identity theft by generating distinct, strong passwords for all of your online accounts, storing your account information in an encrypted vault, and automatically logging you on to websites. You only have to remember one master password.

    Love it! For all my sweeps passwords

    reannenny at aol.com

  12. My favorite feature is the Data Encryption and File Shredder to make sure my private information stays private…so important! 🙂 Thank you.

  13. I like all of the features but will choose this one for the giveaway: Remote Management of Parental Controls

  14. I like that it has a secure password manager. So many websites have unique rules about creating a password. This one has to have capitals and lower case, this one will only accept lowercase, but you have to have a number. One wants a special character; the next won’t accept anything but letters and numbers. Drives me nuts!

  15. I like the Backup & Restore feature the best…since I have experience losing hundreds of pages of original material in my word processor.

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