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For the past 8 weeks my daughter has been using the online Kaplan Tutoring program, as part of a blog tour with Mom Central {see my introduction to Kaplan post}. I have to admit, we had a much more positive experience than I would have ever initially thought. My goal for these 8 weeks was to have my daughter log in and do at least 20 minutes of the program, every other day. I thought with school, her activities and such – this would be just the right amount of time. And we have done just that, all except for some missed days due to traveling, illness and added activities due to the holiday season.

My daughters’ thoughts on Kaplan Tutoring:
She is always VERY eager to log in, and constantly asks if she can ‘do my Kaplan’. She alternates between the math and reading sections, yet enjoys each one the same. Sometimes questions are asked, which have been asked previously. Either she is excited to re-do them {if she knows the answer}, or she winces if she remembers that it had been a hard one. Yet, even if it is a hard one, I find that the second time, she puts more thought into the answer and either gets it right or takes another closer step to mastering that problem. So, I see that she IS learning. Which is fantastic! She loves the ‘roll to win’ games that sometimes come up too. I only told her recently that the more she does Kaplan, the more she accumulates point, which can be redeemed for prizes. She was really excited about that, but note: it really wasn’t a huge incentive for her at all, since she liked it so much right from the first login. She sees it as a ton of fun!

My thoughts on Kaplan Turtoring:
Well, my favorite part has to be the parent progress reports – where I can log in separately and track her progress and see how she is doing with Kaplan. We did initially have some problems getting her evaluations completed {we had to re-do them}, so this took a good chunk of time for her to complete. And, since I didn’t want to push her too much, I kind of feel like we are still catching up in that sense. And though a parent can be really focused on the parent progress reports, I don’t evaluate them too much – as I can tell that she is doing well in most areas. Yet, it would be a very valuable tool to pinpoint the exact area of a subject, that a child is having difficulties with. For instance, according to Kaplan my daughter needs to work on her measurements such as weight, capacity and temperature. Which is correct, since they haven’t taken this in school yet. But, it’s a great way to introduce her to new areas! The parent-student involvement is definitely the main feature of Kaplan Tutoring, since I think it certainly adds to providing a successful outcome.

Last week I had parent-teacher interviews with Isabelle’s teacher. She was very pleased with Isabelle’s schoolwork, especially her reading. I had mentioned that Isabelle was using the Kaplan Tutoring program, and though her teacher wasn’t aware of it – she wanted to know all the details. So, we had a lengthy talk about Kaplan and how it works. Apparently many parents have asked her to recommend an online program to help their children – and she is now going to suggest Kaplan. In fact, she will most likely provide a link to Kaplan from the school’s website, or send out a notice to parents.

I wrote this review while participating in a Test Drive Program by Mom Central on behalf of Kaplan and received the products necessary to facilitate my review. In addition, I received a gift certificate to thank me for taking the time to participate


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