Just Like Mommy


At the city fair last month, we took the kids to the ‘petting zoo’ in the Little Red Barn. Bunnies, goats and ducks ran amok and the kids were in heaven at the chance to be so close to all these adorable animals.

That is, until one duck ran straight toward Katie and nipped at her face.


Are your kids just like Mommy?

It’s actually a good thing my little one has fast reflexes and shut her eye, or that bite would be on her eyeball and not her eyelid.

Fast forward to this week:  While taking a walk down at the ponds, we passed by a group of ducks. Katie immediately ran to me, pushed me aside and said, “no Mom – bad ducks bite me”. It made me realize that at the very same ponds, when I was young – I was bitten on the knee by a swan. I was terrified of swans for the longest time after that. And, I still recall that day vividly.

So, I think Katie may be scarred for life – possibly literally. Just like Mommy.

A flock


  1. Those aren’t ducks… they’re Canadian Geese and Canadian Geese are vicious little buggers! One of them stole a whole sandwich out of my hand. They’re not at all scared of humans – and boy do they make a mess!

    1. My bad – it was a duck that had bit her, but now she calls them all ducks, so I kinda got into the habit of calling them that too. lol
      And yes, they are vicious!!

  2. I can understand why she wouldn’t like them! It sounds scary to be bitten by the eye!

    I was like that with dogs after being bitten on the hand. Fast forward…my dad went up to a lady with a bulldog and Mica got pounced on. He hasn’t liked dogs since.

  3. I was just so shocked from the petting zoo. Not even a ‘be careful’ sign or anything. Just one big fenced ring filled with baby animals. And, parents were discouraged to go in with the kids, due to the limited space. I think we learned the hard way, to be weary of kid-friendly petting zoos!

  4. When my oldest daughter was 2 1/2 (she’s 10 now and STILL tells this story) we were attacked by a flock of geese. It was totally terrifying. Geese and ducks should NOT be in a petting zoo. They are way too aggressive.
    And I also have a small reindeer phobia. When I was 4 one bucked me down with it’s antlers at Santa’s village…which also made me a little mad at Santa to have such mean deer.

    1. Oh no – that would be devastating as a child!!
      My daughter fell off a picnic table once out camping – and hated camping for years b/c of it!
      If I ever get close to a reindeer, I’ll know to keep my distance!

  5. Some of the small goats are bad too in petting zoo. My son got cornered by a few of them because he was giving them food. He was small then and they were pushing him around. I think they should not allowed anybody to feed them; the animals would be much calmer I’m sure.

  6. Oh they are out behind my sister’s house, they look harmless but so dangerous yikes! Bad ducks! (I always wind up calling them ducks too lol)

    1. Same here Amy – if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck…..lol, you get my point.
      I call it a duck!

  7. Oh no! My little ones love birds but now I’m going to have to keep a closer watch when we’re around them at the park. One thing about me though: I’m not afraid to punch a bird, so they better not get too close. LoL!

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