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One of my favourite things to do as a child was read and write, oftentimes found under a shady tree with pen and notebook in hand. I probably filled dozens of journals as a kid, right through to adulthood.

Even though my ‘writing’ is primarily done on the keyboard now {you’re reading it!}, right beside me like a comfort blanket is at least 3 notebooks that I write in daily. We live in a digital world yet writing is so crucial. Plus, pen to paper is just one of those simple pleasures in life right next to the smell and feel of a real book. 

BICFFYW contest get kids writing

But it’s true that in today’s digital world, the practice of handwriting is becoming less common. Learning how to write by hand is a critical skill in every child’s education and emotional development. It sparks creativity and can help kids become more thoughtful, inquisitive and confident learners. Studies have shown that writing by hand also helps improve kids’ school performance, become better readers and develop idea composition, expression and fine-motor skills.



That’s why BIC is rallying Canadian parents to join the Fight For Your Write movement and make writing by hand part of your child’s daily life!

Every week from August 10 until September 20, visit and be a Handwriting Hero by participating in BIC’s weekly handwriting challenges. For every submission, BIC will donate $10 to Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada with a minimum donation of $5,000 and a maximum donation of up to $10,000 and you’ll be entered into a grand prize draw for a chance to win $5,000 towards your child’s education!

No Purch Nec. CAD Only. Age of Majority in Prov/Territ. of Res. Ends 09/19/16. See for Official Rules.


The weekly #BICFFYW handwriting challenges which are on are ones that parents can do with their kids to spark creativity. My kids have been doing the challenges too, eager to put the task at hand to paper, literally.

BICFFYW fight for your wright movement

Using an array of BIC stationary, they’ve been easily doing the challenges found at and I’ve been uploading them to the website. There’s a gallery so you can see all the submissions too, which are fun for the kids to read. 

Aside from the challenges, one easy way to get kids writing is to take advantage of their fresh on the mind fun-filled summer. Have them list their favourite part of this last summer and what their best memories are.

BICFFYW contest get kids writing 1

For those kids that need promoting, as questions to help them get started. It’s a great way to be a handwriting hero, yet it also makes a wonderful keepsake. 

BICFFYW contest get kids writing

Let’s not let handwriting be victim to the digital age, join the #BICFFYW movement by participating in BIC’s weekly Handwriting Challenge Promotion!


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, yet as always, all opinions are my own.



  1. This is such a great idea!! I have lost my handwriting skills but I am trying more lately to write little notes around the house so I don’t lose it completely!

  2. Writing things by hand helps me remember them better. I normally keep a grocery list on my phone to add things to as I notice they’re needed but before I go do my shopping I handwrite my list on paper. I’m going to see if my kids want to try the writing challenges that Bic has.

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