Dry Brittle Hair this Winter


It never fails, each and every Winter I fight a battle with dry brittle hair. Another concern is all the static that comes with the dryness, and this includes my 3 girls too.

Years ago I used the Joico brand exclusively, mainly because my then kid-free self was often found in salons. These days, I opt for drug-store brand hair care for convenience, and thus haven’t used Joico in quite some time.

I guess that’s a lame excuse though, since I am in malls just the same. Most times shopping for the kids or household items, I really need to think of a quick-stop to treat myself. A new line to consider? Joico’s K-PAK!

Termed Winter Hair Revivers, this line is made for rehydrating your tresses {thus beating dryness}. Joico’s K-PAK line works to repair damage by restoring the hair’s cuticle and moisture. Working synergistically to rebuild, reconstruct, strengthen and protect damaged hair, the K-PAK line locks in the hair’s moisture giving your strands lustrous shine and a silky smooth touch.

K-PAK RevitaLuxe Bio Advanced Restorative Treatment:

  • Repairs and restores years of damage instantly by reconstructing the hair structure from the inside out.
  • Corrects and protects strands with regular use. Transforms overly-stressed and compromised strands into luxuriously soft, strong and healthy hair.
  • Suggested retail price: $24.95

K-PAK Liquid Reconstructor:

  • This intense leave-in reconstructive liquid protein spray offers fine hair strength, shine and support without added weight.
  • Fine, lifeless hair has restored vitality, strength and elasticity.
  • Clinical results show benefits equal to Deep-Penetrating Reconstructor.
  • Suggested retail price: $25.35

K-PAK Shampoo:

  • Begins the reconstruction process using a unique cream foundation enriched with Joico’s exclusive Keratin Silicone Complex.
  • Gently cleanses the hair while enhancing its elasticity, strength and shine.
  • Suggested retail price: $16.75

K-PAK Conditioner:

  • Reconstructs, strengthens and detangles dry, damaged hair with K Keratin Silicone Complex. Hair feels smooth, silky and shiny with vitality and bounce.
  • Suggested retail price: $19.99

K-PAK Intense Hydrator:

  • Replenishes moisture and lipids to overly dry, damaged hair, rendering it manageable, soft, shiny and hydrated. Seals the cuticle and improves elasticity.
  • Suggested retail price: $20.25

While I’m not entirely crazy about the shampoo {my hair is so hard to please, quite the diva}, I do very much like the RevitaLuxe Bio Advanced Restorative Treatment. I have long, straight hair that gets easily tangled with washing, yet this treatment made it so simple to comb through. As well, the softness that results lasts until the next wash. More importantly, for the last month I haven’t been sporting that crazy static that I always do when Winter hits.

I wouldn’t say to run out and try the entire line, that’s rarely needed nor done when it comes to hair care products. Yet, if you think your locks need a kickstart to last until a warmer season, check out one or two of the products and see if it helps you in your battle.

One Canadian reader is going to get the K-PAK shampoo, conditioner and the Revitaluxe deep conditioning treatment.

To Enter, Fill in the form below with your qualifying entries. Good Luck!!



Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.




  1. Never used it before but would love to try it! My hair gets crazy in the winter!

  2. I’d like to win because my hair is simply not playing nice with Head and Shoulders and I’m on the lookout for alternatives. Joico looks like something I’d like to try.

  3. I have never tried them at home before but have had the salon use them and just love them…….too expensive to buy so sure would love to win them!! Thanks for the great contest!

  4. My hair is so very dry! I believe I used JOICO products years ago, but haven’t lately

  5. I would love to win because I usually just buy whatever is on sale or cheap for shampoo and conditioner. would love to try some good quality products

  6. I have used their conditioner before, as I got a sample of it when I use to get glossy box. Its nice, would like to try more of their stuff.

  7. I have not used Joico before and I would like to try it to make my hair healthier and stronger.

  8. I’ve tried Joico before and their products always leave my hair feeling great. Would love to win this so I can try the shampoo and treatment which I havent used before.

  9. I have never used these products before, but would love to give them a try. Winter leaves my naturally curly hair super frizzy and not fun to deal with at all.

  10. It would do a world of good for my fine limp hair…and it would also make me fee better 🙂

  11. I have only had it used on me in the salons. I had some hand me down hairspray which wasn’t for my hair type, but it did smell great!

  12. I have never used this product before, but would like to. I have tried different shampoos, but none that really took care of the dryness in winter and the static cling. Thank you!

  13. Have not tried this brand before. I have very unruly and extreme naturally curly hair. Need all the help I can get, especially in the winter months ! Thanks for the chance good luck all !

  14. I’d like to try Joico…I get my hair razor cut so the ends tend to dry & split easily.

  15. Love joico. I take some harsh meds for rheum arthritis Amf hypothyroidism and their products are wonderful

  16. Yes I have used it before. I’d like it because my hair has a lot of heat styling damage.

  17. I’ve never tried their products, but have heard great things! My hair sure could these products!

  18. Since my salon started using Joico, I’ve noticed a great difference in my hair – looks fantastic! Would LOVE to win!

  19. Love the design tammi! Yes I’ve used joico before and desperately need it because I regularly wreck my hair with dyes. 🙂

  20. I’d like to win because this winter’s cold weather is wreaking havoc on my hair. Yes, I’ve tried Joico products previously.
    rafflecopter name: Lisa K

  21. I would love to win because it’s a great product. I used to use it but unfortunately cannot afford to spend that much money on hair products anymore.

  22. I haven’t used Joico personally but the salon I used to go to always used it on me and my hair felt great afterwards.

  23. I’d love to win to show my hair some love. Have abused it for quite awhile. Would love to see if some quality products could help restore some youth to my hair 🙂

  24. I have used it before and it is great. My hair gets very dry and frizzy in the winter, could sure use some help getting it healthy again

  25. I love the Joico line…my hair is so dry in the winter from the elements and colouring it doesn’t help much. But K-pak helps give it back life 🙂

  26. I have long and coloured hair so I’m always looking for products that will condition my hair and keep it healthy, not just looking shiny! I haven’t tried Joico yet. Cheers and thank you!

  27. Yes I have used it before, Ive used the Sun Therapy and it smells amazing plus made my hair silky soft – Joico is an amazing brand!

  28. I would love this for my hair – hair products are expensive and I cannot always afford the best products…

  29. yes I used joico products their gel smells like grape candy so good

  30. i have never tried Joico before but my hair is so dry and brittle right now it isn’t funny!

  31. i haven’t used this product before but I think my hair needs it! Some good quality product to help revive my hair that i rarely have time to take care of!

  32. I bought a Joico serum at the salon and liked it, but there’s been too many other demands on my bank account to re-stock.

  33. I’ve never tried the products but would love to! My hair gets crazy dry and brittle in the cold winter months.

  34. i have never used theseproducts before, but with the super dry alberta air, it would be awesome to win

  35. I’d love to win to have soft, manageable hair. I have tried Joico before and really liked the product!

  36. When you described your hair as full of static in the winter I could certainly relate to that. I would love to get rid of the crazy hair. I have never tried Joico products but would love to.

  37. I have never used Joico before. However, I have really dry hair! I would love to try it.

  38. The name sounds so familiar that I think I’ve used it before, but I’m not too sure. I would love to win as I LOVE try new products!

  39. I would love to win these products, I love joico and my hair definetly loves it to especially in the winter, I have very fine thin and brittle hair.

  40. I’ve never tried Joico products before. But I have tried a plethora of various products over time.

  41. I’ve never tried Joico that remember, but I have tried a plethora of products. Have yet to find something that works for more than a week or two.

  42. I’d like to win because my hair is my POWER and always has been. My pride and joy and the better it looks the better I feel!

  43. I love Joico hair products! My hairdressing salon uses Joico and my hair feels great and smells wonderful! I do buy it from the salon once in awhile – – shampoo and conditioner — as a treat for myself.

  44. I used Joico K-Pak years ago to repair my damaged hair and the results were great. I’d like to win this as my hair needs a serious treatment again

  45. would love to win this since I have pretty damaged and colored hair so this will really be a great prize to win 🙂

  46. Never used this product….My hair is fine and wavy and really hard to handle in the Winter with hats and cold, yucky weather…Would love to try this product

  47. I have never tried Joico products but I have certainly heard about them. My hair drives me crazy! Yes, I blow-dry it too much and straighten it often so I put it through a lot, but the winter months make it especially dry and brittle…and full of static. uggg.

  48. Id love to win as I am not always gentle with my hair (coloring, flat iron. blowdrye) and could use something great to help revive it!

  49. I’ve never tried any of the Joico products, but I’d love to. My hair is dry year round, but gets worse in the winter.


  51. I have not used their products before. I have certainly seen them around, but never tried them.

  52. my hair gets so dry and frizzy in the winter, this would be awesome to win, to treat my hair. I love Joico products

  53. I would love to win cause my hair is sooooo long (It’s down past my bum..lol) and needs some serious attention in the winter to maintain it. I love Joico products as they are great for your hairy but a little too pricey for my budget so I hope I win!!! My hair would be extremely appreciative. Thanks for the giveaway.

  54. I have never used Joico before and so I would like to win to see if it can improve the condition of my hair

  55. I’ve never used it before. My hair is so dry and I am desperate to find a product that works.

  56. I’ve never tried Joico but I’d like to, I have fine hair and it’s very static-y in the winter

  57. I have never tried Joico products but I have heard fantastic things about them. I would love to win so that I can test them out and possibly be their newest dedicated customer

  58. I’d love to win because I’ve tried Joico before, and loved it, and always wanted to try their K Pak line!

  59. I have not tried Joico before, but the winter hair blahs have definitely hit & my hair could use some TLC.

  60. I’ve not used Joico products before and I’d like to win so I can try them – quality products.

  61. I’d like to win ‘cos as I’m aging, I’m noticing more hair loss so when it’s all tangled, it just means more hair being pulled out. In the winter it’s hard to wear hats ‘cos of the static & in the summer it’s course & dry from all the washing after biking to/from work … so basically yeah I’d like to look somewhat presentable ONCE & thank you for the opportunity.
    I have used Joico but that was many moons ago. One of those mall sidewalk sales & it was an impulse buy during Christmas when you’re young & money is burning a hole in one’s pocket … oh the good ole days 😉

  62. I’d like to try the restorative treatment as between winter and styling my hair could use it. My mom used to buy Joico when I was a teenager, but I haven’t tried it since then.

  63. I’ve never used Joico but I would love to, anything to take care of my hair, especially in this dry crappy weather!

  64. I need to repair my hair, I’ve tortured it this year to the point of it looking dead. I’ve used Joico products at the salon, and have enjoyed the results!

  65. i’ve never tried joico before, but i’d love to. my hair gets so frizzy and staticy in the winter and it’s be nice to be able to have it not do that.

  66. I have not tried Joico and would love to try something my hair is so dry this time of year it really needs some TLC.

  67. My hair stylist always recommends Joico products to me. Would love to win this so my wife can try it too.

  68. I’ve never tried these products and I’d love a chance too! My hair could def use a little more tlc!

  69. I have never used Joico before but I know I need it as my hair very dry and gets worse in the winter.

  70. They make great products and I haven’t used them in years and would like to try them again

  71. KPak is my go to salon brand. I tend to venture to others but always come back. I would love to win this because my hair needs some serious care.

  72. I tried it once, my sister gave me a sample from her bottle of shampoo and I loved it. I would love to win because my hair is dry and damaged.

  73. Never tried but it seem that’s exactly what i need. It would be nice to win it. 😀

  74. I used to use Intense hydrator but haven’t in years. Would be great to use for winter as it is so dry.

  75. I’ve used Joice before. I’d love to win because my hair is dry and this would really give it some much needed moisture.

  76. my hair needs some lovin…i have used Joico before but havent purchased their product in a long time

  77. Unless you yourself have kinky hair that turns into frizz with the winter weather, you don’t know what bad hair is. Joico has always been a great hair product leader.

  78. I have not used these products before, but would like to! I would love to win as my hair does get really dry in these harsh Canadian climates this time of the year.

  79. Each and everyone of these products that I read above are exactly what my hair needs.
    To repair, restore vitality, strength and elasticity. To gently cleanse and replenish moisture.
    Wow, this just described all of the things my hair needs, indeed.

  80. I have used Joico before. I would love to win this because my hair and my daughters hair can use some help, Joico would be perfect.

  81. After pregnancy, my hair has changed (for the worse!) I would love to get it back on track with some new awesome Joico products. I have never used them before but have always been intrigued.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  82. I want to win because my hair is very dry. I’ve never used Joico products before.

  83. My mom uses Joico, and I remember trying it when I was younger. I’d love to try these products out, they sound like they’d be good!

  84. I have never tried these products before but I’ve heard great things about them 🙂 Thank you for this giveaway.

  85. I like to try out different and new products. I’ve tried Joico before and they are great hair products.

  86. I would love to win! I have used Joico products before and they are wondetful but so expensive:(

  87. love to win, im also a hairstylist and this is what i use in the salon. love to pay it forward as well. RAOK season is here to stay for all of 2013 ( would loveto share this with one of the RAOK i have chosen to be one of my 5 through the 2013 season )

  88. I’ve never used Joico, , but I would love to win Liked your review, this hair treatment sounds like it might help my dry hair Thanks!!

  89. I would love to win this as Joico is one of my very favorite hair care brands. I have very frizzy unmanagable hair that needs all the help it can get!

  90. I would love to win this as Joico is high quality products! I have used these products before 🙂

  91. I am looking for a good quality hair care product. I keep trying this and that and can’t seem to find something that doesn’t leave my hair yucky! I have never tried these products before and am anxious to try them out!

  92. I’d love to win because I’ve got dry hair that is worse in winter. I tried Joico a long time ago back in the day before husband and kids when I could spend all my money on myself…..it would be nice to treat my hair to some special products again!

  93. I’d like to win because I need a new hair treatment! My hair has gotten really dry after the birth of my daughter. I’ve never used Joico before.

  94. I would love to win because my hair has recently started falling out and not behaving. Tried a lot of things would like to give this a try!

  95. It’s been years since I used Joico, but I remember it well – the smell,of that shampoo will always remind me of my mother. 🙂

  96. It’s been years since I used Joico, but I remember it well – the smell,of that shampoo will always remind me of my mother. 🙂 Would love to give this a try.

  97. The shampoo & conditioner that I am using isn’t working for me. I remember using Joico spray in the ‘big’ hair days lol

  98. I have used it year and years ago, but would love to try it again. My hair is dry from being blown dry each and and flat ironed.

  99. I have not tried these products before but would love to. My hair is very dry and brittle and the winter air doesn’t help much. I need something to restore it back to health again.

  100. if only for this 1 reason – This intense leave-in reconstructive liquid protein spray offers fine hair strength, shine and support without added weight – I would love to win this set. Sounds awesome.
    I have fine hair and most anything weighs it down.

  101. I could love to win this product because its excellent for your hair, smells awesome as well and does what it says! Favorite shampoo!

  102. I have never used Joico before. With long hair now I find it’s even more important to use great hair products to manage and have it look good.

  103. My hair needs needs this amazing stuff, it’s very dry and over-processed !! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  104. my daughter is a hairdresser and she recommended this product I have tried Joico and really enjoy it- i love it @tomboybc

  105. I would love to try this brand out to see if it could help my hair in the winter! I’ve never tried Joico before but I would love too!

  106. i would love to win them so i can have great hair 🙂 i used them before and were great .

  107. no i have not used before,but always wanted to get around to trying-i have very long straight stingy hair.i wake up every day with it a knotted frizzy mess.its dry and brittle.i need total hair rescue.

  108. i would love to win becuase our current shampoo makes my head very dry. i have only tried it at the salons when they use it on me

  109. I’d like to win because I like Joico products. I have used them before and they’re great.

  110. would love to win. i always love trying new things, with the chance of finding my new favorite product

  111. I would like to win because I have never used Joico before and I could really use this for my dry hair.

  112. I love Joico products they are amazing. My hair is dry and fly away thanks to the cold dry winter we have had, I could really use this.

  113. I’ve never used it at home, but have had it used on me at the salon!! Worked great would love to win this prize pack!

  114. I would love to win Joico……I can’t afford it now but it would do wonders to my hair.

  115. I haven’t tried it would have heatd so many good things about it I would love to win

  116. Yes I’ve tried their products and really like them 🙂 I have such dry hair! I would love to win this!

  117. I have use joico before, but it was a ‘treat’ shampoo because of the price. I would love to win because I did really like them and I am also battling static.

  118. the only time i have used this was when i went to the hair dressers and my hair was so soft afterwards, so yes i would like to use this product

  119. I’d love to win the K-PAK Liquid Reconstructor: I have not used these products before.

  120. I would love to win these products, they look amazing. I used to use Joico freeze spray (I think it was called) in the early 90s

  121. my hair is so lifeless. it’s difficult to find a brand that i can work with. i love trying new brands.

  122. I’ve never used this produtc I would love to win it because I would love to try a great product

  123. I would love to win cuz my hair is driving me nuts.. its soo dry just want chop it off.. LOL

  124. I have never used it before but my hair is majorly damaged from the winter weather so this would be such a huge help!

  125. My mom used to get Joico when I was younger as she had sensitive skin and scalp and she loved how it worked on her hair! I’d like to try it again as an adult!

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