Joby Review

My passion is photography. I’m not a professional by any means, but I love the art and beauty of pictures. Looking back through my albums, you see pictures of me and my family, my pets and my dolls. Flash forward to today and dozens of albums later. You will see pictures of my kids, family, friends, scenery from trips…but somethings missing from the recent albums…??? Oh, Ya – ME! I’m always the one left holding the camera. Sometimes I like to be in pictures too!! But there is never anyone else to do the honors.

Until now. That extra helping hand is a product made by Joby, and it’s called the Gorillapod.
“Joby develops innovative accessories for the photography and personal communications markets. Based in San Francisco, California, Joby was launched in 2006 as a single-product company with the Gorillapod — a flexible camera tripod — as the initial innovation.”

The Gorillapod comes in 4 sizes for cameras and is available in 40 countries. It features legs that bend and rotate 360 degrees to secure a digital camera to virtually any surface. It is a necessary product for active, on-the-go photographers. Which Gorillapod is right for you? Well, that depends on the size, weight and type of your camera. The Gorillapod site is helpful in telling you which one you need. With Gorillapod, there’s nothing standing between you and that great, sought after shot!

When I seen and read about the Gorillapod products, I felt like they were made for me, and I just had to contact Joby for more information. They were generous to send me the Gorillapod Go-Go, the cousin of the Original Gorillapod. The difference? The Go-Go is made for any mobile device, such as MP3’s & video players, cell phones, compact cameras, GPS, and other mobile gadgets. The Go-Go comes with a universal camera adaptor, two high-bond adhesive clips and a high-tech suction cup that holds on almost any smooth surface, including soft-touch finishes!

So, did the Go-Go meet my expectations when tested? Absolutely!! I immediately tried it on my little compact camera. Attaching it is so simple, and I’m confident that under time constraints I could attach and position the Go-Go in a flash. I immediately began testing it out, around the house and outside. It amazing how much the Go-Go opens up the possibilities for photo locations. You could even hang a camera off the chandelier! The legs bend in almost any position, yet is sturdy enough to prevent camera shake. Plus, it is so small, I can take it anywhere and I do not feel like I am inconvenienced with one more thing to carry around. Unlike my huge bulky tripod, which seems to have made permanent residence in my closet.

But, remember the GoGo has more uses than just for cameras. And everything you need to fully use this product come with it. No need for buying extra parts! I think my husband would find it useful for work. He could use the Go-Go for his GPS and cell phone, to position a mobile device while you remain hands-free. Will I give it to him? Honestly, I don’t think I will. I’m lovin’ being in pictures again (well, when I wan it be, anyway!) A great gift for the man that has everything, or for anyone with a mobile device…which pretty much includes anyone!)

The Pros as I see it:
-The mounting system is so versatile, use it for any compact mobile device
-The capabilities for positioning is endless, as it bends in any way you require it to.
-Compact size, a mini tripod that
-Comes with a 1 year warranty and satisfaction guarantee. They will exchange the product or refund your money if you aren’t 100% happy with it.



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