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JC Toys is a family owned and operated company that designs and manufactures a vast line of collectible dolls, specialty play items and play dolls and accessories. The dolls showcased are Berenguer Dolls, which are designed by Salvador Berenguer of Spain. He is one of a long line of sculptors in his family, the talents and experience passed down for many generations. His inspiration is his childhood, his children and grandchildren – creating true life replicas in doll form.

My girls were sent the Sleepytime Bambini doll, which is quite large at 22″ in length. First is the soft filled body, which is plush and thick. It is just light enough for the Twins to carry, yet if they were any younger they probably couldn’t. Unlike their other dolls, this one is sturdy enough to stay in a seated position if placed in one. To me, this speaks highly for the quality in materials. The hair is life-like and full, not at all like the huge tacky holes-for-hair that their other dolls sport. The Sleepytime Bambini doll comes wearing pajamas, a crisp robe and darling slippers, and she appears as though she just got out of the bath, complete with a sweet baby scent. She also comes with a pillow and her stuffed bunny. I am in complete awe of just how real this doll is. I mean, from the drowsy, half-closed eyes to the relaxed and dream-like state of the facial expression…wow! The sculpting of the face really captured the essence and emotion of a sleepy baby. The girls fell head over heels for the Sleepytime Bambini doll. At first they stared, expecting her to move. they were almost confused whether it was a toy or not. It was funny! The Twins noticed the life-like folds in her hands and feet right away {and compared them to their own hands and feet}. At any given moment, the Sleepytime Bambini is found with at least one of the girls {even at night}.

JC Toys also carries anatomically correct dolls as well, like the Lucas and Lily Dolls. Aren’t they just sweet? This would be a great doll for a big brother or sister, as we all know the questions that come up once they see a new baby! The anatomically correct dolls would also make a great learning tool for the curious child, for understanding and education.

And I can’t be a M.O.M {Mom of Multiples} without loving the ‘Lots To Cuddle Twins’ play dolls. How great would this set
be for my girls!?

** Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, opinions are my own

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