January in Alberta


We’ve had quite the nice start to January 2013 with a Chinook {is that a local term?} gracing its presence across Alberta. Instead of the usual -20 and lower, it’s been hovering around 0 to +5 for the past week.

I’m insanely in love with Mother Nature right now. Yet just in saying that, I jinxed it, didn’t I?

As you might know, I don’t do well with Winter. I speak of it often in my 101 Things ABout Me. Yet, with such mild temperaures, the kids and I have spent more time outdoors lately, than most Winters combined.

Our activity of choice? Sledding! … followed by hot chocolate afterward. Obviously.




  1. We had a blast sledding here in Ontario last week. 2 sleighs/3 kids/1 me and an afternoon of snowy bliss…until I threw my back out carrying ds up the snowy hill. Can’t wait til next year when he will be able to walk himself up the sled hills!

    1. Yes! I think of that each and every time this year, the twins are finally TOTALLY independent to go up and down the hill themselves. Love it!

  2. had -25C last night here in Newfoundland and woke up to frozen pipes. Looking forward to the higher temperatures and snow which have been forecasted for the weekend

    1. Oh no! You guys get an earlier Spring there than we do in Alberta though, right? At least I think…?

      1. Spring can come any time from April/May onwards – but only been living in Canada for 5 years so I can’t really tell

  3. What a beautiful photo πŸ˜‰

    We had some cold weather before Christmas here in London we haven’t had the worst yet.

    Have a fantabulicious week πŸ™‚

    1. That’s what I keep thinking, Feb is usually the worst! Or, by then are we just so sick of it that it seems a million times worse?

  4. It is so wonderful to get out in the “dead” of winter! And I am also enjoying the Chinook…except for the wind πŸ™‚

  5. While I am not a fan of winter either, I do agree, the snow covered earth is just so beautiful to look at. And the kids sure do love sledding!

    1. Ha, like all breakables in my house and the kids – good to look at, but don’t go too close. Enjoy the beautiful sight for a minute, and then walk away. Yep, that’s Winter. πŸ™‚

  6. We took the kids sledding, too, last week and had such a blast with their uncle who was visiting from Spain. So much fun, in fact, that we decided to take them to Horseshoe Valley for their first tubing fun. Love this picture, Tammi, especially how you capture the beauty of the sun.

  7. Did you change your header? It looks nice! I think sledding is the best way to spend winter with the kids. I have many happy memories of sledding (Iowa was the best place for hills and snow). My kids are growing up in a warm climate, so they miss this experience.

    Thanks for linking on Amanda’s Books and More!

    1. Yes, I did Christina, thanks for noticing!
      Just before Christmas, isn’t it refreshing?! I just love it!

  8. Ha ha ha, being from Minnesota, I know what a Chinook is! Wanna trade weather? I’m in Arizona and I would much prefer the cold and snow. You can have my 70 degree sunshine-y weather!

  9. What a beautiful shot! I’m an east coast girl, I have heard the term Chinook but not on the east coast, must be a west coast phenomena … and, as an OR nurse we would never ever say …”it’s quiet”…sorry but you have definitely jinxed yourself…lol!!

  10. I am not a huge fan of winter either, but my family is. My favorite activity is drinking hot chocolate or leaving for summer somewhere else πŸ™‚ The family, they are split between skiing and snowboarding.

  11. We have friends in “Winterpeg” and are always checking their temps so we can feel better about our winter. I could never go outside at what you consider mild temperatures. BRRRRRR! Thanks for making me feel warmer.

  12. A beautiful picture, Tammi. I hope you haven’t jinx the warmer temperatures. The snow looks so lovely…hot chocolate is the reason why we have winter!

  13. That is a beautiful pic. I like the footprints most of all. It makes the shot look lived in (if that’s a thing)


  14. it is weirdly warm here too this week- it is supposed to go up above zero by Thursday … which actually sucks because then the snow will turn to slush and then freeze all yucky and hard because OF COURSE it is supposed to go back to -20 by next week. Oh the joys of the North!

  15. That sounds freezing!! I can’t even handle the Wisconsin winters, I’m definitely not a “cold weather person.” I should have stayed in Florida!

  16. I wish we had snow here!! I would be having snow ball fights with my boys every day!! Of course, followed by hot cocoa! πŸ˜€

  17. Looks very pretty there. I am done with winter and it isn’t near as cold her in Missouri as it is there. We just can’t enjoy as much snow fun as you either but still don’t think I could handle even what you call mild.

  18. I am not a winter person and struggle with the cold but when it is crisp bright and beautiful I am more than happy to head outside and try to capture that beauty.


  19. Well, I suppose you’d get used to the cold there eh? My friend out there says it snowed way before Christmas. We had nothing here really until this past couple of weeks and now it’s time for skating and sledding and winter fun. I can take that for awhile. Enjoy the weather there!

  20. I’m afraid to jinx things here, but we are having another mild winter here in Illinois. It’s going to be up in the 50’s this week, which is unheard of this time of year. When it has gotten in the teen’s and have found myself complaining I try to catch myself…since really it’s not been so bad. Not sure how good it is for the environment, but I definitely prefer it!

    Oh, and Hot Chocolate is a must anytime you are outside in cold with or without snow! lol

  21. Nice photo Tammi, but I am in Alberta too and I hate the winter weather, even after living here all my life!

  22. this winter is weird. It was +6c before Christmas then we finally got snow on boxing day and now they say we’ll get up to +8c this week.

  23. You are a braver woman then I! I wouldn’t be able to handle that much cold, let alone the ‘warm up’ you mentioned. LOL

    Although it does look like you guys know how to have fun on those ‘warmer’ days ^.^

    1. Ha!! You and I drink the same hot chocolate {from inside a warm building, looking out}. I hate winter, cold and anything that relates to it. Believe me, me taking the kids sledding is a miracle – a 2013 miracle, I tell ya! lol

  24. I love snow!! Yes, I am one of those crazy canucks that enjoy the winter season, it is my favourite season. I love it when its snowing so much that it becomes a snowday and the city basically shuts down and we are snowed in. That is when I want to go for a walk! Nice picture, it captures a typical canadian winter!

  25. Growing up in Ontario I never heard the term, but moving out to BC got to experience it and it is such a relief to the chilly winter weather. I got woken up to the radio stations personnel advising it was -22 …BRRR!

  26. Oh Tammi, I don’t do well in Winter either!!! I’ll take sunshine and beach anyday. We are getting pretty lucky here in Boston, pretty mild temps for Jan.! Hope it stays like this!

  27. Alberta is beautiful, isn’t it! I live in Manitoba, close to Winnipeg. For the most part, our winter has been mild, too, it was +4 here yesterday, but today we’re having a blizzard!

  28. Very nice picture! We now have enough snow to go sledding. Up until now I could still see the grass on our favorite hill. Of course, it’s a lot colder than it’s been too so I’d better check the hot chocolate supplies.

  29. What a great photo!

    That is one of my favorite things about Alberta – the chinooks – your day can turn so beautiful so quickly!

  30. I have only been to Edmonton for work, would love to take a skiing vacation there some day

  31. Same weather here, in Quebec. My granddaugther, who is 20 month old, made her first snowman yesterday. πŸ˜€

  32. I hope the weather is still going well for you! It’s been difficult to keep snow on the ground here in Toronto. πŸ™ Mixed blessings with that as like you, I am not a fan of cold. You’re an amazing photographer by the way! I love looking at the various photos on your blog.

  33. Nice shot, man do I miss living up north and almost always being outside sliding and skidooing… It’s not bad here is Manitoba but not as easy to get out… It’s more open so more windy and to drag the little ones out it not practical yet as they are quite little still

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