It Wasn’t Me

Lately I’ve been finding letters, words and pictures written with PEN on walls and furniture.

I’m super frustrated but adding to that chaos is the response that I get from all girls at once,
It wasn’t me!‘.

Sometimes you have to resort to trickery to find out who the culprit is.

Yet usually …


So, Katelyn, you didn’t do this then?

Yeah …. right. 



  1. LOL – this brings back memories. My daughter carved “I Love You” in the table when she was about 6. When I told her off, she cried and said, “But didn’t you read what it said.”

  2. I always tried to be clever when I was a kid and write my sister’s name on things instead of my own, but my handwriting was so awful and hers so lovely that it never worked!

  3. Too funny! I remember my little girl getting into my makeup and saying she didn’t do it, although the makeup was all over her face, lol.

  4. Oh my, it does seem as you have a big problem in your hands. More notebooks seems like a good idea. Scheduled and limited time to write maybe an option to consider.

  5. Too funny! Guess there is no denying that one! Although I do think my older is sneaky enough to sign his brother’s name to get off the hook;-)

  6. My oldest did that. His name is Nick and he wrote with black marker on the wall and spelled his name backwards, then denied he did it! Have a great week! And thanks for linking up at Nanahood!

  7. Ha! I’m already scared when my 3 year old starts writing on everything – we’ll see if he owns up to it or not 🙂

  8. Lol. I have bins and binders of paper available to my kids… and STILL I find stuff like this. So frustrating. Love that she signed her work. 🙂

  9. Omg how funny at the same time frustrating. My daughter etched “mom” on our table lol

  10. This made me smile. My boys never did write on things like this. But yeah, unless her sister is trying to pull a fast one……I’d say guilty as charged!

  11. That’s kind of cute though:) My son just drew all over my doorway in pen yesterday so I know how you feel!

  12. My middle son would always take the heat for his younger sister! It was sweet and frustrating at the same time. He has always been her protector!

  13. It wasn’t her at all. 😉 At least you caught her writing her name. LOL Isaak went through drawing on the walls stage. The worst was when he drew on the wood floor with Sharpie.

  14. After finding quite a few scribbles on the basement walls, the only place my girls (5 & 8) are allowed to have pens/markers is at the kitchen table. I don’t like to have to restrict them but it saves my sanity! 🙂

  15. My son use to write is name everywhere and even on the mail box outside and of course it wasn’t him. He spend alot of time cleaning is name..Eventually it stop.

  16. I had a good laugh reading this. I had 7 ‘it wasn’t me’ for things like this, how to find the culprit is the big question.

  17. How do you deal with this? I certainly know how it would have been dealt with when I was growing up! What goes on in their little minds lol 🙂

  18. This happen all the time here. My oldest is a dangerous artist with a pen in her hand….’Til i discovered the magic eraser. It save my life, by don’t do ACV each time i find a draw on a wall or on furniture….Even on dolls ^_^

  19. My brother wrote my name once on something with lip chap and finally after two or three hours confessed that it was indeed him that did it.

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