IT GETS EASIER!…And Other Lies We Tell New Mothers


Having children alters your life in every way possible, though I really don’t think I need to tell you that, right?
Right from the moment a new Mom
announces her pregnancy,
she is bombarded with tips and advice…and lies?

IT GETS EASIER! . . . And Other Lies We Tell New Mothers, is a book that was written by Claudine Wolk. When she was a new {tired, cranky and desperate} Mom, she had questioned various mother’s on parenting! The author/Mother, who is also a blogger, speaker, and columnist gathered together all this information that she wasn’t given – and wrote the truth.

Because really, does it ever get easier? Umm…no.
After all, you may eventually win over the lack of sleep issue, but there will always be a new issue that comes along. Parenting is a never ending battle, and there is no manual and definite how-to instructions, despite all the ‘advice’ that you are given.

Let me tell you, this book is a such a fun read!
It is full of hilarious information, that can only be the truth. I love this take on parenting, because if you definitely need a sense of humor when faced with that middle-of -the-night poop explosion.

The Topics of this book:
* Real-life tips for getting through labor and delivery
* How to get more sleep
* How to get the baby on a schedule
* The myths and realities of breastfeeding
* Managing and losing the baby weight
* How to cope with “mother-guilt” that is self-imposed and imposed by society

Best of all, just knowing that you are not alone when you are struggling so much, is really refreshing. And the realization that others don’t have it so easy, is reassuring. Not only is the book helpful, but I also enjoyed the humorous tips that are places in boxes throughout the book:

“Only your own baby will have you cursing your
sleeping neighbors or sleeping husband
in the middle of the night as you pace the floors”
{HA! I cursed everyone in the middle of the night,
and was tempted to set off an air-horn – just so that I wasn’t the
only one in the neighborhood not sleeping}

“The squirt bottle is your friend.
Continue to use it at home after you use the bathroom”

{I took home 2!}

“If you haven’t heard about ‘the Naughty Chair’,
it’s time to tune in”

{Go, Supernanny!}

“Make it a point to think the best of other mothers – especially
those who have made different choices from you.
Your choice is your choice. Hers is hers. Leave it that way.”

{We all know an egotistical, all-righteous mother who think their kids
are smarter, happier and will live longer because of the choices they made.
Pssst…your kids’ poop stinks as well, lady!
Never buy into anyone that says their way is THE right way!}

Claudine Wolk also offers many parenting websites, blogs and even other books that are great resources. Yes, she suggests other books that are written on the same topic.
Hows that for supporting other mothers!

** Disclosure: Product samples provided for review purposes, all opinions are my own



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