sippy cup tracker, invent it!

As a Mom, I am aware of all the brands and types of sippy cups on the market. There’s such a variety of sizes, shapes, styles, colors, characters and spouts. Which is great in itself, but for all you inventors out there – I am pleading for a new and improved sippy cup. One that would certianly save my sanity in this house of chaos….a sippy cup tracker!!!

No, this is no joke. Stay with me here, and I know you’ll agree.
We have sippy cups that light up, sing and ones with holograms.
Great, the kids are happy. But, I’m not!

Since the Twins have grown some independence now that they’re toddlers and we have recently taken down the flood baby gates – the entire house is their playground. And, where they go – the sippy cups go too. Yet, when it comes time for meals or when I want to do dishes, I can never find them! I search this house high and low up to 5 times per day looking for sippy cups.
Sometimes they will be left on a stair or table – but silly Mommy – it’s much more fun to hide them in shoes, bury them under laundry mountains, and let them sleep in the tub!
Let’s face it, sippy cups are colorful and fun – but so are all the hundreds of toys that span every inch of this house too!
They blend in – very, very well!

It drives me literally insane trying to track down sippy cups all day long – and usually I stumble across one in the oddest place, way after the milk has expired!
Like today, for example. I was madly searching my room for that favorite necklace when I happened to open a drawer of my nightstand {albeit one that I never use, since it stores home movies of the kids, and old keepsakes}
And, what do my wandering eyes should appear {and Santa himself could not have caused the reaction that this did}….drumroll….a sippy cup!!
After a sigh and possibly a whisper of a curse word or two, I unscrewed the lid to find milk that turned to sour cream. It was so rank I could have barfed!! I had spent the last 2 days looking for this particular cup, both in the house and the yard!

My daily chaotic life could be so much easier if any maker of sippy cups could PLEASE invent a cup with a tracking device on it. No, I’m not asking 007 spy-ware – but along the lines that our cordless household phones have. A simple beeper {oh, and it better be drip-proof too!}

Think of it….
Mom can’t find the sippy cup and she’s frantically trying to gather all the items as she heads out the door for the day. She reaches in her cabinet, and pulls out a small device that looks like a car alarm thing and pushes the button. A ‘beep’ or ‘musical note’ sounds from under the bathroom vanity. Mom fetches the sippy cup, saving much time out of her day, and 25 cents worth of valuable milk. She smiles and gently pats Sammy on the head lovingly. Mommy is proud to have such a smart product! Then, they drive off  as neighbors wave as they pass…ok I got carried away there, I admit.

But still, I dream of products like this.

I plead for a way to find those darned sippy cups!
I have Twins, I’m tired, I just want to find the cups so I can go to sleep!!!!
Instead, I play a twisted game of Where’s Waldo all day!

Yes, that is the reality of my daily life, and all the products that could make it easier.

C’mon parents, now isn’t that a great idea!!!!!

I know it’s possible, so why hasn’t it been made!?!


  1. You just might be onto something here. My sister found a sippy cup under her bed from my daughter that had been there since the last time we visited (which must be about 3 weeks now). It had milk in it and she said it was about ready to bite her when she opened it. Needless to say she didn’t bother washing it but just threw it away. I understand, but still… it’s an extra expense to replace it!

  2. Yes, Amber – I found one wedged under the seat of my vehicle last month – and I just tossed it. Ewww!!!!
    Actually, it was one of the cups that I used with my oldest daughter – many years ago – so it was time to let it go. But, it was one great cup – never leaked once!
    May it RIP…*sob*

  3. I have one we lost before my 2.5 month old was born. I have no idea where it could and you’re right, it’s driving me batty!

  4. I’m a grandma but have had enough firsthand experiences with lost than much later found sippy cups and I htink you should patent your idea Tammi! Who wouldn’t buy a sippy cup that can be located with the push of a button?!?!?!!!!!

  5. Hey Tammi,,, yes a sippy tracker would be an excellent invention – for now I just follow the puddle trail ’till I find the sippy (which is usually empty)!


    1. Grrr, I hate leaking cups!!
      I have tried every brand out there and only trust a couple…
      Funny how they have ‘leak proof’ in big letters on the package – and they leak on first try.
      Yep, that’s one of my peaves!

      1. oh please do tell me some good sippy cups. I’ve tried so many and I’m ready to throw them all out the window!

  6. I totally agree….and while they are at it, could they make a little alarm for lost socks too!!?

  7. I think you should invent this! Seriously, mums would know what type of products other mums need, and this is most likely one of them.
    You could become a very rich person if this takes off!

  8. Oh my goodness, what a wonderful invention that would be! Not to mention, the inventor would be a millionaire!!!

    When K-man was little, sippy cups always disappeared and were found later…. Much later……. *gag*

  9. That is why I was over the moon when Mabel’s Labels announced their Marco Polo Labels April 1st. I need somthing that can track sippies, stray shoes, keys, etc. Darn thing was an April fools though. I would totallu buy them!

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