Introducing the New Little People Characters


Like all kids, my girls each have their own distinct personality. The twins, though similar in many ways, are very very different. Yet one similarity is that they all constantly surprise and amaze me. As each one learns and grows, their personalities do as well. Their souls expand with each new experience. 

Fisher-Price has released 5 new Little People characters, each with their own personality, to resemble the differences in children. All of these new characters have individual traits and interests.

fisher price new little people characters

  • Eddie is a complete sports lover, very active in whatever he does. This boy is full of energy, has a love for dogs and prefers the colour red. 
  • Sofie is a daydreamer who explores. A lover of butterflies, she’s very creative and inquisitive
  • Mia is a shy girl who loves to collect and organize things. This thinker loves horses & the colour pink. 
  • Koby is a silly boy who loves dinosaurs and the colour Orange. Totally outgoing and full of spunk!
  • Tessa loves the colour yellow and especially animals {her favourite is cats}. She loves to dance and twirl and takes on any challenge. 

Thoughts on the new characters with individual personalities?

My girls are not exactly like one of these new characters, rather a mix of a few of them with some characteristics stronger than others. In fact, all 3 of my girls are a mixture of all 3 of the Little People girls.

My kids love the Little People sets and have since they were very little. From original characters from decades ago, to the ones sold in sets today. They even go crazy over the real life HUGE Little People at Azul Sensatori

fisher price little people azul hotels

So, it’s not a shocker that my girls were excited when the New Little People Characters arrived at our house. Instantly these new friends were going on many adventures with my girls, along with previous Little People characters and other toys. 

fisher price little people


fisher price little people fisherpricemoms myorganizedchaos


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  1. I still have all of my kids little people and they are teenagers. In fact, I even have MY little people from 40 years ago! They will never EVER go to a garage sale! They will go to grandchildren!

    1. Same here Diane, we still have all of ours from when we were kids too. They’ll always be a hit with kids!

  2. they are adorable, I’m sure we’ll get some of these. Could always use more Little People!

  3. I remember playing with Little People myself and I am sure that my gang will love to play with them as well!

  4. I remember playing with Little People when I was little. Love all the new people:)

  5. These are really great ways for kids to learn not only about their own but others’ personalities

  6. I actually have never heard of Little People… am I the only one? Nevertheless, they are adorable. I would definitely think about these as gift options for my neice!

  7. Picked up the Little People® Disney Princess Klip Klop Stable for a Christmas present, so it is now safely tucked away 🙂

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