INGLESINA Trilogy Stroller – Now in Denim

We all know how important that stroller purchase is. It’s one of the items that I used to stress a lot about when I had babies. There’s so many out there, and they are most definitely not created equal.

When I was contacted to review the new INGLESINA Trilogy Stroller in the new {and trendy} Denim fabric, I immediately thought of the perfect little tester. My new great niece, beautiful Miss Marley! Indeed she’s a precious bundle of love and I knew my niece, Tasha, would love the chance to review this stroller for My Organized Chaos readers. Plus, it gives me a chance to show off this new bundle of cuteness, so it’s a total win-win. Bragging Auntie coming though!

INGLESINA Trilogy Stroller denim review

So, from my family to yours, here is new Mom Tasha’s review of the INGLESINA Trilogy Stroller!


First off, how GORGEOUS is this stroller, the Denim/White option. So pretty and trendy! The INGLESINA Trilogy Stroller was super easy to set up, that being said I sat on the couch and watched my husband set it up….ha….but for real, he said that the instructions were easy to follow and straight forward.

INGLESINA Trilogy Stroller - Now in Denim

Now one of my favourite features is that the bucket seat can be faced towards you or away. This is huge as some babies are more sensitive to their surroundings and sometimes just want to see their mama (or dada)! It is so easy to pop out the seat and switch it around.

INGLESINA Trilogy Stroller Denim

To use The INGLESINA Trilogy Stroller with a baby you have the option of purchasing a car seat adaptor or bassinet. The adaptor is only compatible with certain car seat brands so make sure you check that this will work with yours before ordering.

INGLESINA Trilogy Stroller review canada mom blogger

The bassinet {or carrycot} is great for young babies and I was fortunate to test out the complimentary Trilogy carrycot for the Trilogy. Then, once Marley was older, I just used the stroller without the carrycot.

INGLESINA carrycot stroller review trilogy

It has a great canopy to block the sun. You can zip down a section to get some air flow. It also has a flap that blocks the sun or wind.

INGLESINA Trilogy Stroller Denim canadian review

On flat surfaces, such as a in a mall or sidewalk, this stroller provides such a smooth ride. However, I would not recommend taking it on a trail or grass as it is too bumpy.

I love the stability of four wheels. It is easy to maneuver up curbs, turning, etc. It has a park brake on the wheel that is easy to engage.

INGLESINA Trilogy Stroller review denim

The canopy provides a few different options for sun protection, including a low setting which I find most strollers don’t offer. I found that the storage basket on the bottom could have been a little bigger and easier to access.

trendy stroller review canadian mom blog

Closing it and opening it took a few tries but once we got the hang of it, it was really simple. 

Overall, this is a great stroller for the city type. If you frequent malls and sidewalks this is the stroller for you. This stroller has top style but is still highly functional.


The INGLESINA Trilogy Stroller with it’s complete list of specs and features is on the INGLESINA website. It can be purchased online or from boutique retailers listed on the website, from many countries and not just in North America.

If you have any questions for Tasha about this stroller – leave them in the comments below!


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  1. We had an Inglesina umbrella stroller and it was the best! We took it with us to Disneyworld and it stood up to all the harsh terrain the crowds could offer.

  2. What a sharp stroller!! I love the bassinet option, too. It’s nice to only need one stroller for different stages in baby’s growth!

  3. What a cute baby! My son and daughter-in-law would get so much use out of this with their one month old.

  4. When I read denim I thought something completely different, but this looks great! I bet the materials is very durable for mom too!

  5. I Love the INGLESINA Trilogy Stroller denim colour! I like the size and the features too!

  6. This looks like an awesome stroller! I would LOVE to own one of these. I love the many ways it converts.

  7. That is the coolest looking stroller. The denim looks awesome. I would have picked one up for sure.

  8. This is such a cute stroller. I have never seen one made from denim before. This would make a great baby shower gift.

  9. That is so super cute! I love Denim! I will definitely get this for my sister. Makes me wanna baby! Not really, lol!

  10. This is a great stroller, I love the denim. We will be in the need of a stroller soon for a new grand baby joining our family this summer. so excited!

  11. That stroller looks really nice and functional. The big basket area on the bottom is another big plus.

  12. my sister tammi did an excellent write up… and tasha is my daughter. and marley is my beautiful grand daughter very nice stroller indeed.

  13. That’s a nice looking stroller. I like the short wheelbase so that it will be more maneuverable.

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