Indoor Gardening Kits for Kids

Looking for Indoor Gardening Kits for Kids?

Green Toys have become a welcome company in this home. I have has the great pleasure to review so many of them, and they haven’t disappointed me yet. Green Toys are as eco-friendly as eco comes, they are made 100% from recycled milk jugs. They impress this Mom as they do not contain Phthalates, BPA, or external coatings. I also appreciate the fact that there are no ties, cellophane nor straps for parents to fight with.

My daughter received the Indoor Gardening Kit, which comes with:

– 3 planting pots in a vibrant yellow color
– A peapod shaped planter tray, which is just a sweet touch
– A trowel
– Soil pellets
– 3 packets of Organic Seeds (Teddy Bear Sunflower, Basil and Zinnea – which s in tune with the eco-feel of this toy)

This Gardening Kit has been a wonderful item for her to have. I adore gardening myself, and she has shown a great interest in it too. She helps me quite a bit and loves to keep me updated daily on how my flowers are growing. The Gardening kit is all her own and she is very proud. I like that there is 3 different seeds included, it teaches her about flowers and herbs etc. To me, I see this Green Toy as educational. To her, it’s just plain fun. Of all the Green Toys I have reviewed so far, this would be my pick for favorite!

It’s nice that she was able to garden along side me this summer. I also think this would make a great winter toy to have. Bring a little nature indoors, it would be a nice perk to our long Canadian winters!


** Disclosure: Product samples provided for review purposes, all opinions are my own


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