In a Blink of an Eye


It seems like I blinked, and now I am here.

Honestly, WHERE does the time go?!

We went to Kindergarten Orientation this past week, the twins are SO excited for Fall. myself, I have the Summer to get over the shock and some time cherish my babies just a little longer.

Kindergarten Orientation Twins

Do you ever pause the life around you and ask yourself, ‘How did I get here?’. I blame the chaos.




    1. Yes, I think you will – we all have that bit of sadness. on the other hand … those few hours to yourself? There’s no tears over that! 😉

  1. It takes a long time to get to kindergarten, then you blink and your kids are out of college. The journey is just beginning.

  2. Its been so long since I took my kids to start, but it is always a eye opener that they got old enough to go to school.
    Oh and their dresses are darling, did you make them?
    Coming from Theresas Mixed Nuts, hope you can join us at Oh My Heartsie today….

    1. Oh no, I can sew, but nothing that complicated. They are Old Navy dresses, got them on sale. I don’t think they’ll last much longer, we hit a growth spurt recently and many items are now snug. Gah – growing too fast!

  3. It only seems like a blink of my eyes that my oldest was just a baby. Now she is all grown up and about to be married. It does fly so fast!

  4. Well Isaak is close to the same age as your girls. I most certainly feel the way you do.

    Sometimes he still acts like a baby: He refuses to even try to tie his shoes, he wipes his behind once and then still asks for help and he is so slow in the mornings. We’ve got to take care of some of that before the first day of school!

    Then he is so grown up. He is actually playing with his big brother now, he asks deep questions, is willing to jump into new situations better than before, and he is so inventive.

    Your girls will do great in school. It’s kind of nice they have each other. Even if they are in different classes, they still have each other before school, during recess and after school.

  5. My Grandmother’s favorite line was “don’t blink” it is the way children grow up!

    I myself always related having a baby to Halloween / Halloween you say as you scratch your head. Yes, Halloween you see when they are 2 and under they do not remember dressing up and going out saying “Trick or Treat” by the time they are 12 many are telling they are way too old to dress up and beg for candies. Now since Halloween only comes one time every year. WE are talking 10 days! That is 10 days to enjoy them! So basically enjoy these days when they do happen / cherish them and DON’T BLINK!!!

  6. What a sweet photo! My four year old wanted to ride the school bus with her older sister so bad last fall that she sobbed & sobbed. Now that she’s finished a year at nursery school she is looking forward to Universal Pre-K this fall. I’m pretty sure that I will be a hot mess when she goes to kindergarten the following year though. Good luck to you! =)

  7. I was in the same position with my twin girls a few years ago and now they are going into Grade 3. I just went to fill in the papers for their brothers who will be starting preschool and the head of the school remembered the girls. It felt like a flash of time had passed. Not 3 years!

    1. Isn’t that the truth! I ran into one of my oldests babysitters when she was 3 and 4, it was like a week had passed. Crazy how life gets so far ahead of you!

  8. I have the same thoughts, and my son is only two! I can’t believe how quickly they grow and change, and it only happens faster as time goes on. I’m constantly reminding myself to slow down and enjoy every second with him, because I know how it will seem like a blink of an eye before he’s starting school too.

    1. Exactly! I’m really looking forward to this Summer with them, to do so many things together. My plan is to make some sort of memory each and every day!

  9. Cute kids! Yes time will fly by so quickly and it goes at warp speed as you get a little older.

  10. Oh YES, time flys by far too fast….my baby is now in the navy and our second boy is getting ready to join as well 🙁
    The years go bye and I often wonder how that has happened so quickly!!! Cherish those little hugs and sweet times, all the best with Kindergarten

  11. Oh my gosh! You’re right! Where does the time go??? I remember when I first started reading your blog, the girls were still so teeny tiny! Hard to believe how quickly they grow up! Mine is finishing JK this year and will be going to SK in the Fall!. Crazy! Where did my baby go? 🙁

    1. Awe, thanks Christine! Often I look back at really old posts and reminisce. So happy I have them, but it’s surreal to look back!

    1. I know, I thought I’d never say that and still, it sounds so stupid to say it – BUT IT’S SO TRUE!!
      lol 🙂

  12. time does fly my oldest just graduated from university (nursing) and is not living here, I still tear up thinking about her not being home.

  13. My best friend is 41 and pregnant with her first children – twins – a boy and a girl after years of conception nightmares…I think I will direct her to your blog because she’s due in July and she finally has happiness in life and may relate to your positive and upbeat take on having twins. Thanks Tammi. I don;t have twins but enjoy reading about your cute little girls’ milestones nonetheless and marvel at how you do it all.

  14. My oldest son graduates from kindergarten next Wednesday – it’s really bittersweet to see that he is growing up and not as dependent on momma any more. I don’t want to blink either!

      1. Well, I was kind of disappointed as they didn’t wear grad caps and didn’t receive little diplomas so it didn’t really seem too much like a ‘graduation’. The only part I almost cried was at the beginning where they were playing a sappy song and all the kids were walking in. LOL. It was cute though and my son said his poem perfectly in front of the audience – he was way better in front of an audience than I’d ever be! 🙂

        1. That is so sweet!!!

          I know what you mean though. My oldest had a ‘grad’ for preschool, with cap and gown and flowers. They even got professional pictures taken, one of my favorite pictures ever. It was cute.
          The twins just finished PreK and there was no cap and gown … I kinda felt sad about that.

  15. it’s crazy where the time goes hey!! my son is one year old and i feel like that year just zoomed by, i really get now why people say to enjoy every minute because before you know it they’ll be grown!
    found you through the wordless wednesday blog hop 🙂

  16. It DOES go by in the blink of any eye. My four kids are 12, 15, 16, and 20…I sometimes stop and think, “how did this happen so fast? How do I have a houseful of teenagers?”

  17. My youngest is going to kindergarten in the fall. I think she is ready, especially in comparison to when my son went to kindergarten, but I’m not sure I’m ready… I have a hard time with the fact that it’s my baby!!!

  18. Time goes by, much too fast at times. Enjoy your summer with the kids. I am sure the school year will bring with it many other joys 🙂

  19. I often hear this from my sisters/sisters-in-law – not to mention my mom! I try to spend time with my little guy before he’s 5 going on 15!

  20. they are so cute! i am holding off on my 4th going to kindergarten…i’m not ready to let him go!

  21. WIshing you and your twins all the best with Back to School and new experiences!

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