ImagiPLAY; baby toys with a huge impact

I have come to realize that recycling and ‘going green’ isn’t just about separating papers from plastic. These days, you can find any kind of product, that is produced in an eco-friendly fashion. This also applies to toys. ImagiPLAY is a company that makes quality toys, games and collectibles that connect with nature, are eco-friendly, and also hold true educational value. Safe for children and the environment, ImagiPLAY has a diverse amount of products for all ages of children.A favorite material for making ImagiPLAY’s toys is plantation-grown rubberwood. Rubber Tress are generally used to make latex. Yet, when they are done, and the trees are harvested to plant new ones, they have one more great use. Their splinter-free hardwood is used for ImagiPLAY toys.

My girls were able to have 3 ImagiPLAY toys, which are suitable for ages 5 months and up. Without all the bells and whistles (literally), I was eager to see how the girls reacted to natural toys that were kid-driven (and not powered by batteries)

Bird Rattle (ARV: $17.99 CAD)
The first thing I noticed about this rattle, was that it was so very soft! Made from Beechwood, and finished with beeswax, the girls like to touch and feel all sides of it. It makes a slight rattle sound, the pieces of wood knocking together. Usually, this rattle can be found being chewed on and tasted. Sophia has a couple teeth, and she leaves no bite marks in the wood – so, it’s a durable toy.

Pushalong Cat (ARV: $19.99 CAD)
This one is recommended for 18+ months, as it fine tunes balance and motor skills. Yet, the girls enjoy the Pushalong Cat, usually making it roll by accident. Yet, they are so excited when it does. I see the cat fly by me, more and more (I think they have learned the trick to making it go). This one is made from Rubberwood, the edges are smooth and the lines simple.

EarthWorm Green (ARV: $17.99 CAD)
This one is Katelyn’s favorite toy right now. Right form the first time she held it, she is usually found with it (or very near it). It is meant to encourage grasping skills, as the green painted and natural wooden beads can be twisted and manipulated. She loves turning this around in her hands, and watching it change shape. The ends of the Worm it nicely in her mouth too, Mmmmm Worms! In her hands, or in her mouth, Katie s greatly entertained with it. ImagiPLAY’S EarthWorm is made of rubberwood, earth friendly hardwood, and is painted with child safe paint.

For more products made my ImagiPLAY, and for purchasing information, click HERE.


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