I’m Here..

So, I jinxed myself – Remember I said I was lucky sickness hadn’t spread through my house???
My oldest twin Katelyn (by a whopping 2 minutes!) who was sick with the ‘flu’
now has a terrible cough and cold, and I spoke too soon – her beloved twin sister Sophia, caught it too.
Plus, ’tis the season – we have company visiting right now.
Them not feeling well, coupled with new people in the house – they are very out of sorts.
The biggest change (to me, anyway) is that they are not sleeping well, due to all the excitement and their stuffed little noses and constant coughing.
I haven’t posted because I’m wrapped up in my #1 job – Mommy. And, playing a little hostess on the side!

But I am here, on the sidelines (and at at strange hours!)
making plans for something big for My Organized Chaos.

So, once I get my own little chaos under control – I will share with you!!

So stay tuned….

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