Iberostar Resorts Riviera Maya Review

Last month hubby and I took a Spring vacation to the Riviera Maya, one of our favorite locations. Last time we visted the area, we took the kids and stayed at the Barceló Mayan Palace. This time, we wanted to get away without the kids, for some much needed R&R. We had a chance stay at the  Iberostar Resorts Riviera Maya, one of 4 on the property – the Lindo.

Iberostar Resorts Riviera Maya

The resort itself is clean, well-kept and all the staff were pleasant and welcoming. It was ‘high-season’ for the resort, meaning that it was at full capacity. When it comes to walking around and dining, you wouldn’t have known it. Yet, at the pools and beach – yes, it was busy! Quite possibly the most people we have seen at a resort, ever {good thing it’s a huge resort!}. The fact that it was incredibly busy didn’t hinder our experience at all though, it’s a popular destination for good reason. I recall people boasting about the resort for years prior, often times people choose this resort time and again for their vacation. In fact, we met a nice couple on the airport van that had been there just 3 weeks prior and were going back again!

For kids, it boasts a lazy river, wave pool and many kid-play areas. Yet even at full capacity, we never seen any kids at the Kids Club, they were all with their parents at the pools. Besides the shallow shelf in some areas of the pool, there wasn’t a ‘shallow kids pool’, so bring the life jackets for the little ones!

Many times a day there were activities at the pool, of which MANY participated. The kids {alright, AND the adults} will love the ice-cream bar, located on top of the swim up pool bar. You can get soft serve in bowls and cones in both pool restaurants, yet this one has hard ice cream and lots of flavors!

Iberostar Resorts Riviera Maya

Things that stood out to us? The swim up bar had a water fall, which was a fun addition. The swim up bar played a mix of pop music, techno and some traditional Mexican music.

It really wasn’t my mix of taste, preferring island rhythms all the time {what can I say, when in Mexico, right?!}.

Luckily, the tiki bar by the wave pool always played Mexican music, so those that prefer to lay back to this sound, could grab a pool chair in that area.

Yet be forewarned, at full capacity – most of the pool and beach chairs were all saved by others, by 8:30 am! So, if you want prime real estate to relax for the day {even though there are signs saying that you can’t reserve} you’ll have to do it. Alarm clocks on vacation? Depends on how bad you want that chair!

The food at the Iberostar resorts was of great selection. We really liked the Seafood and Mexican à la carte restaurants. There was lobster at both, and the Seafood restaurant had lobster, mussels, shrimp and scallops! Service was a little hit and miss at the pool buffets at lunchtime, yet impeccable for dinners. And yes, all staff gave great smiles and said ‘Hola!’ all day long.

Iberostar Resorts Review

You have to pay for internet at the resort, and can only use it in the lobby. The charge is $3 for 15 minutes, and it all has to be used in one setting.

I didn’t know this at first and bought an hour, and used the code on my laptop. I was done checking on the kids after 20 minutes, so I then left thinking the rest of the time would be there next time I took my laptop to the lobby. Nope!

Reception did refund my minutes though, and I’m guessing that they get this situation a lot.

During my stay, I did get an eye infection, to which I had to visit the resort doctor – Dr. Lucy. Honestly, LOVE this woman. Besides professional and thorough, she was so nice to talk to.

I didn’t expect to visit with her for so long, learning of where she grew up and her experiences. She really left an impression on me, I wish her well and hope to have the chance to talk to her again some day. As a side note, my eye is just fine, no hay problema!

Even though it’s not bitter cold in Canada anymore; I so miss the heat, ocean waves and smells of the Riviera Maya. Always a nice place to visit and for our Spring 2012 trip, Iberostar did make our getaway a great one.



  1. We stayed at an Iberostar property when we went to the Dominican Republic a few years ago and it is the best vacation I’ve been on. The rooms were huge and organized 8 per small 2 story building. It felt quiet and secluded but was by no means a ‘mega’ resort where you had to walk for hours to get anywhere. The staff was super friendly and no one got sick from the food, water etc. I also would recommend Iberostar resorts!

    1. The DR is my fave place for a sunny vacay, Ingrid. Just you mentioning it put a smile on my face {thank you!}.
      I haven’t been to the Iberostar in DR yet, but good to know. You never know when the mood will strike for a relaxing holiday!

  2. We also have stayed at the Lindo – if it had off-shore snorkelling, we wouldn’t stay anywhere else – nice rooms, fabulous food, great pools. But, since snorkelling is our #1 priority when on a Mayan Riviera vacation, we have had to settle for resorts farther south.

    1. That’s right Pat, off shore snorkelling is my hubby’s fave as well. And yes, we couldn’t here. Yet, he didn’t seem to mind that he couldn’t this time.
      Which resort in the Mayan, do you find the best for snorkelling?

      1. Akumal Beach Resort has THE BEST snorkelling right off shore, but the trade off is the quality of the rooms, food, beverages and other amenities. It is a 3* (maybe even 2.5*).

        Whatever the Grand Oasis Riviera Maya is called now – Be Live I think (next bay south of Akumal), had somewhat better amenities, good snorkelling and is within (a long-ish) walking distance of Akumal Bay. We will probably try the Grand Sirenis next time we go to the Riviera Maya – it is just north of Akumal and said to have OK snorkelling. The Barcello is also reported to have OK snorkelling. Catalonia Royal Tulum has snorkelling from shore but it is a long-ish swim out – but if you head to the south of the bay it’s a shorter distance from shore. That resort gets good reviews – we stayed there years ago when it was the Copacabana.

        If you can deal with Cancun and the Club Med – there is good snorkelling at Punta Nizuc. You can get there via the beach but you have to walk in front of the Club Med property to get there.

        1. We almost stayed at Be Live recently, but it was the walk that deterred me. I have to admit, I need to choose something right on the beach – just my preference.
          I can’t say enough about the Barcelo Mayan honestly, we took the kids there for a wedding about 2.5 years ago. Loved everything, amenities, food and all!

          Thanks so much for all the info Pat, sounds like you know your Mayan. I’ll be sure to pick your brain next time we go! lol

  3. Oh my! That looks like such a gorgeous resort! Paradise 🙂

    Glad to hear you had a great time!

    1. Thanks Soozle – even though we are crouching on summer here, I still long for a tropical destination. I live for the humid air! It’s so terribly dry here in AB.

  4. Thank you for the information on the Riviera Maya my husband and I were thinking of visiting there. I am glad I saw this post!! Thanks!!

  5. this looks like a dream vacation. You are SO lucky. Will keep this one in mind for a future trip.

  6. I am going in November and can’t hardly wait. I’ve never been and it looks beautiful. Thanks for the pictures!

  7. It looks like a beautiful place. We’ve noticed the same thing when traveling… unless we were at the pool by 9am we couldn’t get a lounge chair. Unfortunately, the best places are always crowded.

  8. What a beautiful place, I’ve heard the same things about the lounge chairs. I love all of your gorgeous pictures!

  9. Hey does anyone reading this have any opinion on the Barcelo Maya Palace? We are going there in October for a family wedding which will also be our first real vacation without two kids (3 and 5) I’m particularly intererested in the kids club. Although I am probably too paranoid to leave them there I am kind of curious as to if anyone has stayed there and used it? Wish me luck on the trip. My daughter can be a handful at the best of times. She’s just like her mom lol

  10. Wow, that place looks amazing! I love the colour of the water, it is so blue and clear. Glad to hear that you had such a great time and it is so good to spoil ourselves once in a while. An absolutely gorgeous place to go for sure.

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