I Wish To Be Here


Simply put, I wish to be here.

With temps this last week in the -40°C range {yes!}, my mind can’t help but to wander to thoughts of warm sun-filled vacations to escape this bitter nasty Canadian Winter. Usually Facebook and Twitter are my biggest distractions, yet these days – I’m all over travel sites. All over? Let me rephrase .. rolling around them longingly like a pig in mud.

My ultimate dream vacations? I think these photos say it all. *drooling all over keyboard*
Have you been to any of these places?

A palm tree on a beach near a body of water
A blue umbrella next to a body of water with Bora Bora in the background
Bora Bora
Bora Bora
A pool next to a body of water



  1. I’d happily go to any of those locals. It’s cold here too, although not as bitterly cold as there. I told hubby that Seattle was looking much better then Calgary after all the super cold temps out that way. brrr.

    1. True Julia, the winters are harsh. But, it’s home. With anything, there’s always something else more appealing, right?! lol

  2. Where is that groundhog when we need it? Lol just a few more weeks. It;s going to go fast I hope.

    1. Wanna come groundhog hunting with me Josee? Let’s force him out of hiding and make him declare this madness over!! ha!

  3. I hear you. It is -38 right now. We have vowed to enjoy our winter this year and decided to snow shoe. We went once. It’s way tooo cold to do that , right now. Those pictures are so inviting. Stay warm. 🙂

    1. I’ve never Snow Shoe’d Doreen, how did you like it?
      It would be nice if the temps were more pleasant, there are great activities to do, but when the its this cold, you’d be crazy to try and ‘enjoy’ the outdoors!

      1. snow shoeing is a lot of fun. We are going on the snow shoe bush triails next. They have a cabin about 3 miles down to warm up by the fire and have some hot cocoa or coffee. Gotta try it. 🙂

  4. Been to the Bahamas wouldn’t go back, is there still a ban or can we travel there? Always wanted to go to Tahiti looks awesome, now I can’t travel anymore so the -44 we had just outside of Edmonton is it! My advice if your young and able don’t drool just go!!

    1. Oh really Doris.. I’d like to know more, you didn’t enjoy the bahamas? Ban? ok – new to me too… you have me very curious!
      And alas, I wish I could!! lol

  5. these places look amazing… I would love to go to any of these places..
    Especially Bora Bora..

    1. YES! Bora Bora would be fantastic! My dream has always been to try those huts on the water, but I do believe the nightly cost is a mortgage payment…. 🙁

  6. I think we need a mop because I’m drooling over myself looking at these pictures, too! LOL I sadly have not been to any of these amazing places (yet), but I hope to one day. Preferably during a Winter like this O.o

  7. I plan dream vacations daily!!! and in fact have a board on pinterest devoted specifically to holidays – places I’d like to go….

    gorgeous and sooo much more appealing than this -40!

  8. I have always wanted to go to Tahiti, these pictures are hypnotic I swear I cannot stop looking at them…thanks for sharing.

  9. Simply put, but oh so true. I’m looking at places like this for January, heving a month off work in the middle of winter and craving some sun… Unsure if the Budget Fairy is with me on this one though…

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