I am officially a SAHM

One of the benefits of living in Canada is our Maternity and Parental leave. We get the option of taking 52 weeks paid leave (with your current position held until you return). I know only a couple of people that didn’t take the full 52 weeks. These are mainly teachers, that like to return at the beginning of a year, wherever that time may land in their leave.

In late May of 2008, my doctor wrote me off work due to my Twin Pregnancy and the stress that my work was placing on me (physically and mentally). I had the girls that July, so on July 25, 2009 (their birthday) I was due back to work. Yet, I had holiday entitlements that I didn’t use prior to going on maternity leave, so I took another 6 weeks off. It was 2 weeks ago, that handed in my resignation and as of today, Sept 1 at 12am – I was officially unemployed. It didn’t take me long to find new work though, I instantaneously jumped into the role of SAHM.

When I went back to work after Isabelle was born, I had terrible experiences with child care. TERRIBLE! I look back and feel awful for the stress I put us both under. Plus, there was so much that I had missed, significant milestones that were witnessed by others and not me. When I worked, I seen her for 3 waking hours per day, for sometimes 6 days a week.
I am SO looking forward to being home and raising the girls. I love that I an able to see Isabelle off to school, in the morning. I am their Mom and this is where I feel I am needed,
and where I need to be.
I don’t feel a loss of self or purpose at all. I thought I would freak out over the thought of giving up what I worked so hard to achieve. I actually decided this with no second thought.

But, I will miss the pay cheque, that is for sure. For the first time my family is going single income. I think that alone scares me a little. I’m sure it’ll all be fine, but having 2 incomes was like a cushion, our security. Yes, I think the paycheck is the only thing I will miss. So, it’s a new and unfamiliar chapter to me, this SAHM business. But I embrace it for all it’s worth!


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