Helping Families Stay Connected with HP & Windows 8


Before Mother’s Day, HP surprised my Mother-In-Law {MIL} with a delivery that still makes her smile from ear to ear.

Needed and very much wanted in her home, she’s been spending the last couple of weeks getting used to the HP ENVY 23 Touchsmart All-In-One Desktop PC AND a HP ENVY 120 e-All-in-Printer.

HP Mother's Day

New to them is the massive screen size of the PC, which they love. Tip: when gifting to seniors, the larger screen is a must, for comfort and for ease on their eyes. ok, so the massive screen would be a plus with anyone, who am I kidding?! Yet, especially for them, they really like not having to sit so close or tilt in certain directions to see what’s on the screen.

They have also been getting used to Windows 8, unfamiliar to them yet they are catching on very quick. My oldest daughter and I were able to give them a navigation tutorial on Mother’s Day, maybe the greatest present of all – peace of mind and help getting started. So, when gifting something ‘new tech’ to others, add in a personalized tutorial with the gift and it makes all the difference. And saves them so much time researching how-tos.

Finally, beyond their usual games, Facebook and email checking they do on their PC, we have been opening up a whole new world of communication to them. How to used certain features of the laptop and program, and get the most of the fine set that HP gave to them. This, has been the best experience. While some of it is old-news to us, it’s all new and brilliant to them, and I love the eyes-wide expressions as they learn.

For instance, we’ve had the following conversations:

  • The HP ENVY 23 is Touchsmart:“WHAT? I can touch the screen to do things AND the keyboard too?”.
  • Also, the modem is built into the screen, so all that’s needed is the screen, the keyboard and the mouse {all included with purchase}: “Wait .. where that huge tower thing? Are you sure there’s not another box with that piece in it? .. That’s it?”.
  • The HP ENVY 120 printer: “whoa. It’s so smart, like it can read our minds” 


Yet, it’s a pretty package, yet it’s also fast with tons of storage. In fact, they are amazed with how fast this PC works.


HP & Windows 8 Help Families Stay Connected:


I have to give credit to Facebook & Email, yet lets look at other ideas…


The first thing we set up for the kids’ Grandparents is Skype, the free program to see & hear {converse} online. Versus long distance phone calls, of course, free and convenient is the way to go. They love that at any time they can see and chat with friends and family, being able to connect with others in face. Again, much more personal than a phone call or an email.

The girls were able to make silly faces, show off their lastest treasures and what they were wearing {it’s what my girls love to do}. Their Grandparents could literally see the happy faces. Priceless.

skype call HP stay connected

With Skype they’ll be able to chat with us no matter the distance, even stay connected with family and see new babies to new hairdos. The possibilities are endless. It’s a means to stay connected face-to-face and keep those bonds strong.

Cards, Crafts and more:

In my intro post announcing the #HPLovesMom program that we were participating in {announcing our in-laws surprise delivery}, I talked about how easily the girls made Mother’s Day cards. For last minute ideas or just to add that personalized touch to a card you’d like to give, the free Photo Cards at Snapfish are a must-know.

fathers-day free printable cards

They have great Free Photo Cards for Father’s Day and every occasion imaginable. Easy to use and easy to print, it’s both convenient and a touching way to show you care. The designs are stunning, full of color.

free fathers day photo cards

Plus, there’s a great selection too. Making them at home is faster and more frugal than ordering or having them made, plus there’s the pride in ‘DIY’. An added bit of love when gifting!


With an easy touch of the button, my in-laws are able to print photos from their SD card, from emails or from the web. They are used to hitting the local printer to get the job done and are marvelling at the ability in doing it all right from home. They were even able to print photos we sent from Mexico so that they could have them up and heavily admired before we even went to bed that night.

HP ENVY 120 printer photo

That way, those precious photos and memories are hitting that fridge faster. Saving money and time, printing them at home fits their lifestyle better. This has amused and impressed them greatly. I can’t wait to introduce them to Christmas Photo Cards later this year, maybe even using their PC to make and send their annual letter to friends and family. More HP greatness through the year!


One thing my daughter love most about WIndows 8 is the Fresh Paint app. When they are on our  HP Envy x2 Laptop/Tablet Hybrid or our HP TouchSmart Desktop Computer, they are often seen on this program. A digital coloring book and crayons, their creative abilities are heightened as much as their fine motor skills.

fresh paint app hplovesmoms

The girls love drawing photos using the Touchsmart screens and then printing them for our fridge. Now, they can easily send their creations to Grandma and Grandpa, for them to add their their collection as well. It’s a faster and more frugal way to stay connected and share with family and friends. Plus, it’s more fun for the kids. They love this app!

fresh pain hp review

I have plans to upload a couple of my favorite photos to Fresh Paint and play with the layers and canvas options. You can turn your photos into masterpieces that looks hand-painted, for example. Then, you upload the final photo to a canvas printing site and voila! Isn’t that an awesome gifting ides for Christmas? You need to check out the Fresh Paint App, fun for the kids but also full of creative ideas for a DIY project.


What are your Favorite Windows 8 Fetaures?


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.




  1. I’m a Mac girl, but I do agree that having a big screen for seniors is key. We are thinking of getting my husband’s grandmother a windows tablet for her birthday in September, since we live two states away and can’t see her as much as we want. We want her to use Skype to talk to us whenever she wants and chat with the kids. HP looks like a great choice!

    1. That is a great idea, it’s so important to be able to see each other face-to-face like that. I’m sure she would really love it!

  2. I adore my HP Envy laptop! Once I learned how to use Windows 8, it has been fabulous! My son loves the touchscreen too!

    1. Woot! Another fan! I love the ENVY series, such great products. My MIL is loving hers, and she’s getting the hang of it really fast. I’m impressed!

  3. These are such wonderful features! Especially for your MIL. Love how easy the touch screen is to use. I’m sure it makes their lives so much easier.

  4. We are looking into getting a new computer or upgrading the one we have. I have heard great things about the the HP Envy and Windows 8! Thanks for sharing and helping me to decide what to do!

  5. I was eyeing this computer at Costco the other day, it’s nice! How lucky your inlaws are, the generosity from HP makes me smile. Great company, good on them!

  6. What a wonderful gift. I would love to get that system for myself and my Dad so we can stay in touch with Skype easier. With him so far away and so sick getting to see his face online is a close second to being there. His laptop is a dinosaur so we are usually left chatting without video.

    1. Oh, you definitely need a new one then, Julia. You would be able to do so much, and ‘see’ people more. It’s hard when families are so far away!!

  7. My son would like that app, and great points on Skype, we use it all the time.
    happy for your mother in law!

    1. I like the app mainly because both my 8yp and my 4yo’s love it. It’s nice to find an app that is good for a wide age group!

  8. A feel good post that makes me smile 🙂 Your in-laws look tickled pink! Well done on HP for this truly lovely gift to them and as it turns out, to you and your family 🙂

    1. Hear, Hear! HP made a huge difference in the lives of my in-laws. We thank them very much!

  9. Thanks for the review, it’s a great idea for Father’s day for my “senior aged” father.

  10. I would love this computer and these programs to talk with my grandkids, I miss them so much. going to look into buying them, i think i might be able to figure it all out.

  11. I am in the market for both a new laptop and printer! Getting a laptop that is easy to learn and with touchscreen would be awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  12. I have an HP laptop which I LOVE but have yet to get used to Windows 8. I fumbled around with it at a mall kiosk and it was quite interesting but will take me a while to get the hang of it.

  13. Wow, this is a great product. I need one of these as my printer really does not print great pictures.

  14. So wonderful to be able to give this awesome gift to your MIL. We are giving serious thought to getting the HP ENVY 23 Touchsmart All-In-One Desktop PC for my MIL so we all can keep in touch more often, face to face.

  15. I love having Skype available for when I travel to Vancouver for work and to stay in touch with our family in Ontario..makes that long distance not so bad.

    1. Peace of mind right? I used to worry about reaching someone back home if I need to, when traveling. Now, it’s just that simple.

  16. I love the idea of an all in one computer and this one looks awesome! I also love that the printer is so small!!

  17. Oh my kids love drawing apps, they would love that Fresh Paint program!
    Thanks for the review, looks like your in laws are enjoying it very much!

  18. I like the big touch screen, this would be great for my in-laws as they are still learning how to use the internet to stay connected to our family as they live in Europe!

  19. What a lovely gift for your in-laws and your post made me smile. I just love HP products, they are durable, user friendly and I can deal with the cost. I am looking into a new PC this summer and the HP ENVY 23 Touchsmart All-In-One Desktop PC is at the top of the list to check out.

  20. This would make a great gift for my parents. The large screen is a great feature and the touch screen is awesome. HP has advanced a long way in the market and have made a great name and reputation for themselves for a reliable product.

  21. Would love to get my Dad set up with something like this so we could stay in touch with Skype. Maybe something the entire family could get together and do!

  22. I’m honestly not a big fan of the touch screens, I can see their purpose, but just not that impressed with them right now. I’m only starting to get used to typing with my ipod touch. (note i’m 21, and have had my ipod for about 3 years) I much prefer a mouse, and not getting my screen messed up with fingerprints.

  23. so many amazing features, can’t wait to upgrade my old desktop pc. This looks awesome. I love the photo/art feature as well as the touch screen

  24. I wish we’d had this type of technology when I was a child. My Nana & Grandpa lived in Scotland, and it would have been sp nice to be able to connect with them.

  25. I will have to let some of my own family know about this, seems like it would be perfect for my uncle and aunt who’s kids are all really far away for work, they aren’t the most tech savy and this seems easy to use 😀

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