HP Envy x2 Laptop/Tablet {with Photosmart 7520 Printer}


I recently got an exciting review duo from HP, the new and impressive HP Envy x2 Laptop/Tablet Hybrid and a Photosmart 7520 All-in-One Printer. Reasons for the paired products will be explained below, yet first, a little about each.

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Like many, I own and adore my tablet device. When I got it, I believed I’d use it for everything. Yet surprisingly it’s used mainly for checking {not writing} emails and social networks for me, and for games and movies for the kids. Thing is, I’m a keyboard girl, and other than simple swipes and reading, anything ‘work’ doesn’t feel comfortable enough to take on.

So when I have to work outside the home, for trips and events, I take both my laptop and tablet. Yes, I lug around and take up space in my bags for an additional tech item, just for its keyboard.

Which is why I have fallen madly in love with the HP Envy x2, as it’s a Laptop/Tablet.

This aluminum yet super lightweight laptop {at 3.1 lbs} has a keyboard that detaches by simple slider button. And voila, it can also be used as a 1.5 lb tablet. Thin? Oh yes – 0.76″ at it’s thinnest point.

HP Envy x2 Laptop Tablet Hybrid Review

If I thought my HP Envy TouchSmart Ultrabook 4 was easily portable, this is even better. I can literally pop the HP Envy x2 in my purse. My carry-on bags will love me from now on!

HP Envy x2 tablet laptop size

With 2GB of RAM {64GB} and 1.8GHz Intel chip, it doesn’t have enough memory or storage to replace the household laptop. As in, I’ll never be able to download too many RAW photos I take. On the other hand, the screen part and the keyboard part, each have individual batteries. That means a way longer battery life than other laptops or tablets. So, being able to use a full laptop that easily fits into my purse, and trusting the battery to last for a long time, makes up for the limited memory.

HP Envy x2 Tablet Hybrid

Just like my HP Envy TouchSmart Ultrabook 4, it comes pre-loaded with Windows 8, has a touch screen … yes Tammi, it’s a tablet. Of course it has a touch screen. I pointed it out here, only to say it’s nice having the touch screen when using it as a laptop too!

HP Envy x2 Laptop Tablet Windows 8

I did a little cheer when I noticed that it has a slot for a full SD card {and a MircoSD slot in the tablet}, so that I could upload pictures while traveling. Mental note, change my camera to take smaller sizes though, just in case. It’s important to note that competitor products don’t have this!!

HP Envy x2 Laptop Tablet Review

It’s hard not to notice that it does have a generous 11.6-inch screen. This pleased my daughters immensely, since it’s not as much of a struggle to have the three of them crowded around a smaller screen {less fighting mamas!}.

HP Envy x2 review

The HP Envy x2 Laptop/Tablet Hybrid {arv $900 Cdn} has happily impressed me for being one device that can please all members of the family, and cuts down on the products that I have to tote. For music {Beats Audio!}, video, camera {front and rear facing, 8MP}, apps {my oldest loves Fresh Paint the most}, and for being productive when it comes to work – this device has it all. It’s like my new sidekick and will be coming with me everywhere!

NOW, moving along to the HP Photosmart 7520 All-in-One Printer {arv $200} …

Households need a printer, and when you have a laptop/tablet, why not marry it with the HP Photosmart 7520 All-in-One Printer. This particular printer boasts the ‘I can do anything’ motto just like the Envy x2. It’s a photo printer that can Print, copy, scan to e-mail, fax, and access Web content with the color touchscreen. Plus, it can ePrint straight from the Envy x2!

Photosmart 7520 All-in-One Printer Review

This Wifi printer {which takes five individual ink cartridges} is sleek in look with a large 4.33″ touchscreen. It actually resembles a device, which is why immediately I tried taking it off. But, don’t do that, it doesn’t come off. Yet, you can angle it for better viewing.

You do need to read the manual on this one, and set it all up using CD, yet I loved that it you have the option of enabling Google Cloud for printing. As well, the Photosmart 7520 comes pre-loaded with 20 apps with kids activities too.

HP Envy x2 PhotoSmart Printer

Specs aside, because you can read them online anywhere – I’ll just say that having such a compatibility between these two products is devine. So, if I make/find something on my HP Envy x2, I can directly print so easily. And, there’s always something to be said for convenience.

 Where can this HP Love take you?

Valentine’s Day is approaching and the internets is filled with clever and creative ideas, to celebrate the occasion. It’s true that you can do SO MUCH with a laptop/tablet and printer, when it comes to showing that special person in your life, you care. For Valentine’s Day and beyond!

For instance, my own creation from last year, ♥ Photo Valentine’s Day Card Cards and Lollipops ♥, this entire idea can be done with the HP Envy x2 and the Photosmart Printer. Take your photo, edit and add embellishments, print and voila – all you need are lollipops!

Using the HP Envy x2, you can be creative with the apps, music, photo, video, websites … the list goes on and on. Both these products are versatile and made to do pretty much anything together, and the options are endless.

So, my mission to you – How can you use an these products to show someone you care? ♥

Tell me and you can win them both!!!!

HP Envy x2 laptop tablet printer review giveaway

WIN IT: One lucky reader is going to get a HP Envy x2 Laptop/Tablet AND the HP Photosmart 7520 All-in-One Printer, arv $1100.00.

TO ENTER: All you have to do is fill out the form below with your qualifying entries.

♥  This giveaway is a little different than the usual, it’s more creative and fun – just like these featured HP Products. Follow the rules please, not doing so will disqualify you. The mandatory entry, while easy-peesy, is specific. Any copied answers or ‘I want this’, ‘pick me’, etc  – will not fly.

I will collect some of the URL ideas from YOU, in its own ♥ Pinterest Board ♥. It’ll be a great collection of ideas to use all through the year. So, please share and like the ideas {especially yours}. After all, sharing is caring – let’s spread some HP love!

Good luck everyone!!!



Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.




      1. I would love to research wedding favours and everything wedding, a perfect example is attached below. I love pinterest for all of my ideas about weddings, teaching, recipes and more! As an educator, a newlywed, and hopefully a parent in the near future, it’s got information about everything I could ever need!


    1. I forgot to say that I can think of lots of things that I could use this for, making t-shirts for the children, tote bags and presents for grandparents.

  1. I’ld go on sites like this and do crafting with the kids. They are really good on their 3DS so it would be easy to understand on a tablet πŸ˜‰ Hour of pleasure and cleaning :/

      1. Awesome, I love chores lists!!
        Happy Mom = Happy Family. I’m feeling the love already!!

  2. I like to make cards for my family. My printer died, so I haven’t been able to and I’m having severe withdrawals! lol BUT I found a great card online that I will be making for my hubby for our Anniversary (We’ll celebrate our 17th wedding anniversary on Valentine’s Day) even if I have to DRAW it and make it by hand. πŸ™‚ http://www.notonthehighstreet.com/rubywren/product/personalised-days-i-ve-loved-you-card (If you wanna see cards I’ve made in the past, check out my facebook: CustomCardsUS–I won’t link, cause it’s rude!)

  3. This is one I would like to use for an upcoming family reunion , it is for making family reunion scrapbooks , I hope this is okay to use as an example as the place I usually use for these things is a password protected site on shaw where family shares photos etc but cant really post it here , but I didnt know about this site on HP till today so will be wanting to use this too

  4. I love DIY printable projects especially making my own invitations, cards, etc.
    I don’t have the proper printer for that especially when producing photo-based printables and my PC is truly on it’s last leg.
    I would love to be able to print something like this: http://thediymommy.com/this-home-runs-on-free-printable-artwork/
    out and frame. So cute and cost-efficient that purchasing already framed art at a shop.
    I’d also love to use it to print photos of the family on my own.
    Great giveaway as always!

    1. I would love to print off photos for friends and family.
      Also, I love to make my own cards…..this would be so awesome!

  5. So a few weeks ago when all the last castoffs of Christmas clearance were almost gone, on a whim I picked a prelit white Christmas tree for a song. I had an epiphany in the bathtub (best idea area) and decided I would surprise my family by setting it up and decorating it with valentines and red ornaments. If I had a creative way to make hearts and personalized valentines for it it would look so much better. I was trying to recreate big sweetheart candies with the sayings and my kids names but its too hard by hand to get it right. Still looks cute but I know I can do better!

    1. YES!! Made one just yesterday in fact!!
      The whole family is loving the new tunes!

    1. Glad to get a homeschooling mom’s opinion on a great site.
      p.s. you are incredibly awesome, I could never ever do what you do. Ever.
      Bowing down to you, woman!

  6. This is an amazing giveaway!!! I would probably use this site to start scarp booking, i have always loved the idea but have never had the tools so I would start with a gift to my husband by actually making our wedding album! I would also love to make a few scrap books for my boys i would make one for each of the boys and then some family ones…

    We really need a printer as we always print at my parents or a friends which is a 25 minute drive from our house. We are also looking at a tablet/ipad for all its amazing features, specially all the kids apps as our 3 year old loves learning games and we can get them in french as well for him…

    Here’s to hoping!

  7. http://pinlavie.com/pomegranate-heart-ice-cubes/

    I actually got this idea off of pinterest because I was looking for something to do with pomegranates. Well we are thinking of doing this then adding special notes (on printed labels) and sticking them to the glasses.. It would be great fun and surprise. Plus I use Avery.com print templates a lot for fun ideas..

  8. what a great way to print pitchers and send them to family , you never have to many and theres no price on family .

  9. Definitely would love to win! My husband is stationed overseas and his laptop is on it’s last leg!

  10. I would use these to download and print the 100’s of projects my 7 children are assigned weekly in their Chinese immersion school. They are always fighting over the computer to get their work complete. If only I had $ or room for 7 computers.

  11. http://www.etsy.com/listing/83159665/photo-charm-bracelet-beaded-photo?ref=sr_gallery_8&sref=&ga_search_submit=&ga_search_query=photo+jewelry&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_ship_to=US&ga_search_type=handmade&ga_facet=handmade

    I would love to make photo charms for bracelets, necklaces, etc. my aunt has done it but my printer is old and the ink doesn’t do we’ll in the process.

    I would also love to print gift tags…. I am the WORST about not including a tag on a gift- because I forget to buy a card!

    Thank you for the opportunity!!

  12. I would use the Envy x2 to take a group photo of all the children who come to my twins 6th birthday this year, and then print it on the Photosmart printer. I’d love to have all the children create their own photo frame and then add a group picture to it as a keepsake from the party instead of loot bags. http://www.creatingchildhoodmemories.com/2011/02/picture-frame-craft-kids-party-favor.html

    I also do my own greeting cards for holidays (Valentine’s, Christmas, Birthday invitations) and I use pictures of the family/kids and then design and print my own (I don’t have a link as it’s all created by me).

  13. Would love one of these! I would definitely be making all sorts of projects using the fabric printing options!

  14. We live in BC so I’d use the computer to stay connected with my sister and her 4 kids in Ontario using Skype: http://www.skype.com/en/ I’m new to Skype but it looks like as awesome way to stay connected with family who cannot afford to travel across Canada with a large family very often.

  15. I’d like to make these bottle wrappers but I don’t drink bottled water, so I’d use them to decorate gifts for my husband and family’s favourite beverages. http://canada.michaels.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-MichaelsCanada-Site/default/Product-Show?pid=C_32563 I also make my own greeting cards so I both of these items would come in handy for that too! I’ve used HP products for 7 years now and love them! Thanks for the opportunity to enter:)

  16. Our printer is dead…our three year old killed it. I can’t print pictures, I can’t print crafting templates, I can’t print anything. My life is colour free and sad. I would use this printer to pair the handmade with the man made. Print frames for my sons handprint valentines. Print photographs that my son could decorate. Sigh…please help me and choose me to win!

  17. A few weeks back, I scored a prelit white Christmas tree for a song on the clearance table and the other night I had an epiphany (in the bathtub where I have my best ideas) and I put it up for Valentines day. My idea was to put paper conversation hearts all over it and write the family’s names on some and on valentines day I will hide a small treat and valentine on it. It looks ok with my handmade paper hearts but I found some printables that would make this look so much better! http://www.polkadotpixies.com/2013/02/free-printable-valentines-day.html?m=1

  18. i could skype with my brother in New Zealand! I could also print off so many different cartoon pictures for my kids to color.

  19. I’d like to use them to make and print my Digital Project Life pages that I learned to make at jessicasprague.com. It would be so amazing to be able to print so easily from the computer directly to the printer wirelessly. More pages and photos would get printed instead of living only on my computer.

  20. I teach 1st-5th grade students Math Intervention at my Elementary School. I would create Math worksheets using http://www.superkids.com/aweb/tools/math/. I work with over 650 migrant students, and these two tools would be amazing to help support the work I already do. Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. We have never been to the Caribbean and someone suggested to me that St. Marteen was a perfect spot.
    I am going to get ideas from http://www.st-maarten.com/ and print up some pages and make a little booklet. I will give it to my husband for our anniversary. We can then save up for a trip. The great HP Photosmart 7520 will make super pages for my booklet and the HP Envy x2 Laptop will make doing research easy.

  22. I would love to use this and add pictures
    to print out and frame and put into my daughter’s room.
    I would also love to design a card with one of my daughter’s paintings and print them out and use them as thank you notes, and I’m going to get her to paint one for the Christmas cards next year!
    and of course, the printer would be fabulous to print all of my kid’s and projects as well as my and my husband’s essays.
    ps the HP Envy x2 Laptop/Tablet Hybrid would be incredible to have!!!

  23. I would definitely use it to make personalized calendars for family and friends.

  24. Actually this is the 1st year I have considered printing up my own valentines for the kids instead of buying them (between daycare and school we’re talking about 75 valentines!) and so I found these printables, and am now contemplating doing it on my own. Doctor Who http://doctorwho.livejournal.com/8789889.html (which would be for me to hand out because I am a geek), http://starwars.com/play/online-activities/print-and-play/valentines_cards/ which are star wars ones for my son (which I think are hilarious) these Disney ones for my daughter http://spoonful.com/printables/mickey-minnie-cutie-valentines

  25. I’d like to use the HP computer and printer to make photo collages such as the ones here: http://www.photovisi.com/gallery

    It’d be so fun to make them with my family and then admire our masterpieces! We can share with other relatives and friends!

  26. I think this is a really cool idea – Block Posters that lets you print out any size wallpapers with your printer. http://www.blockposters.com/
    Upload an image from your computer and choose how many sheets wide
    you would like your poster to be once printed
    Once you’re happy with your selection, you can download the PDF file containing your newly created images and print each one massively blown up, resulting in a
    huge pixel poster to stick on your wall. PS> If I owned this site, I think I would have used something or someone a little more attractive than a crazy man with a hammer..lol This would be fun for as an example, a birthday party and print out a huge picture of the the person and put it on the wall as part of the decorations. Thanks for the giveaway! πŸ™‚ My last laptop was and HP and it was awesome πŸ™‚

    1. Sry broken hand in a cast here… the reason I would use these and think they are something I would do is we are avid gardeners here, and this would make giving homemade sauces or things out of the garden really special!

  27. There are SOOOO many things I would do with these two devices. I have a 6yo daughter who NEEDS a computer! Sign of the times! But, what I would use these two devices for is to continue to create a cookbook to pass down family recipes I’ve been collecting from my Grandmothers, Mom, In-Laws, etc. I want to put them all together so these recipes, which provoke so many wonderful memories, aren’t lost. Memories Are Made Kitchens!
    I found this cookbook idea on Pinterest~ http://followushere.wordpress.com/2010/10/27/diy-cookbook/

  28. My daughter loves arts and crafts and gets a lot of enjoyment out of making creative valentines for her family members, teachers and friends. I love this idea and the cute printable tags the site provides. A great quality color printer is a must when you are making DIY projects like this one!

  29. this would be great my grand-kids and I, we make pictures and print them out, also its easy to use,(good for me,being old.lol), thanks.

  30. I really like this idea. would like to make my dogs custom shirts.

  31. Now that my oldest is getting older, I have found she needs a computer more and more for school. Both my laptop and that of my husbands are “work” computers so it is hard to find the perfect time to give ours up for her. Although we do! The desktop that she used all the time died. This is exactly what we need for her to be able to practice her math facts and do extra work on reading, writing and science. http://www.woodridge68.org/education/staff/staff.php?sectionid=186&

  32. I have admired this idea ( https://myorganizedchaos.net/2013/02/hp-envy-x2-laptop-tablet-photosmart-7520-printer?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+MyOrganizedChaos+%28My+Organized+Chaos%29 )for over a year now, and I would love to be able to create these awesome photo cards at home with a new HP Envy and printer! They are definitely ‘stand-out’ cards, both literally and figuratively!

    (I hope it’s okay to use YOUR idea; I truly HAVE loved them since you posted them last year! Pinned ’em and everything!) πŸ™‚

    Thanks so much for this chance!
    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  33. ~ I would definately ask my teenage daughter to lend her technichal savy to help me. I’ve had this idea of going to the local senior centers and nursing homes and taking a picture of each person for Valentines Day or just because and making them feel special and loved.

  34. I would love to meet my family I have never met from both my mothers side and my fathers side. I do not know anyone on my fathers side including my father. I would love to be able to make a profolio of all the information I found and try to locate everyone. Also, I dont know my family from my moms side either. My mom had to leave the state where she was from in a hurry and has not been back in 25 years. I would love to be able to locate her family for her as well. Of course a lot of work would have to be done and I would love to use the Photosmart 7520 All-in-One Printer . I would be able to even scan photos of her, print off information I found, print off photos of family members I found, send emails to possible family. I would use websites like http://www.peoplefinders.com, http://findlostones.com/, http://www.Facebook.com, http://www.thefreelibrary.com/How+to+Find+Long+Lost+Friends+and+Loved+Ones-a01073923900 and many many more

  35. I love the look of these vintage prints:

    I’d like to use the PC and printer to create a collage of some snapshots of my children, frame them all in vintage frames and create a vignette on the wall. I have a wall just begging for something special.

    I also like how you have set up this giveaway. I’m going to check out some other URLs that others have posted for some other ideas now.

    Thank you.

  36. I would love to win this, to help keep up with my family. Also it would be an awesome printer to print out my PDF patterns from on-line. I currently do not have a printer. Also, I am saving up to buy an embroidery machine, and the tablet would be awesome to connect to different downloadable embroidery designs. I have posted this on my facebook. http://pinterest.com/pin/57843176436183955/

  37. As a almost retired man, I have started a new hobby in Painting; http://www.facebook.com/BillsFunCornerWithPaint?ref=hl . Having this new HP Bundle would help tremendously with scanning, Printing and sharing online my latest and greatest!! Wishing everyone a fantastic day and remember everywhere is Art, you just need to look from a different angle sometimes, Cheers!!

  38. This really was an exercise as I wasn’t sure what all this printer could do…now I know that it can almost do your dishes too! Wait…I rhyme! But seriously, I use my own printer So much. I am an artist, and like to scan my pics for a web page, but also for printing on cards (I love making cards). I also use it for business cards and a multitude of other crafty type things. This printer is amazing and frankly I’m not sure I would get back to the drawing board if I had it. I found this web page card that I could do using a mix of velum paper, printing on the card; envelope and then adding a watercolour pic after. http://www.ioffer.com/i/handmade-card-watercolor-butterfly-friendship-65917386

  39. Gosh, I love all the projects on the HP Site, I especially love the tooth fairy pillows.
    Perfect for my granddaughter when she starts loosing those beautiful baby teeth. They have so much for all ages, I now need to go back and look some more. Thanks for the chance, by the time this giveaway is over I will need the laptop and printer to start printing off those gathered projects.

  40. These labels look so cute for gifts or even at the office. My printer is broken so it would be fun to print fun stuff again.

  41. I like to take pictures and change them… like take someone on a horse and then put them on a zebra. These kind of things are my passion and they are great for making cards or personalized books. I’d love some new equipment to make that easier.

  42. Woulx love finally sit down and work a project I’ve working hard to complete. A large mounted poster board with a large pic of myself with neice/nephew as a baby surrounded by pictures of them in various stages in their life (1st step, kindergarten, dances, etc). Would love to give each this personal gift along with something else special for their bday! I am blessed to have been able to share in these moments.

  43. I would make a picture/movie slide with important photos and memories using this new system that my husband and i shared and make a beautiful movie for him to enjoy EVERY valentines day!

  44. The entry for this awesome! Makes you actually look and think! lol Anyways, while I was ‘looking and thinking’, I found this…
    ok, so I know its not HP but the ideas are really pretty neat. My fav is #9. Make your kids dream come true. My son loves cars and trains. Would be neat to put his pic in the McQueen car! πŸ™‚

  45. I would love to print out these:


    The general craft is called cube craft. You print out the templates, fold, and cut like so, and can either display it or, in this Angry Birds example, play with it. Just imagine – Angry Bird paper toys that you can toss like one would in the Angry Birds game. Just need to create paper blocks and have at it.

    So much fun! In general, any of the cube craft/cubee craft templates would be interesting to print out. Look, a spongebob cube craft pin:


  46. I would love to create a quality memory book of my hubby’s 50th birthday and then to make two extra one for each kid. I need a quality printer, not to mention that my computer is ready to kick the bucket. Thanks for the chance!

  47. A few of my husbands favorite things is fishing, baseball + candy so last year I gave him 2 jars of candy!
    I used old pickle jars and put labels on them that I created in Microsoft Word and printed off.
    You can find the labels here:
    I used the labels for CD’s, (Avery 5931) they were perfect for my pickle jars!
    The fishing one had gummy worms in it and the label said “hooked on you”, with a pic of fisherwoman.
    The baseball one had a mixture of gumballs + stuffed a big chew packge in there. “I hit a homerun when I married you” on the label. :). I did this at lunch @ work. If I had this set, I could be printing labels for evrything! LOL

  48. I would use the laptop/tablet to visit my favorite cooking sites! http://Www.notquitenigella.com and http://www.foodnetwork.com. The printer would be great for printing cards from https://m.americangreetings.com. I love their cards! My husband works out of state an I only see him a few weeks out of the year. Sending cards is an important part of our marriage. As I don’t have a PC, that would help too! Then we could at least Skype! I think that would be my #1 use for the PC!

  49. I would be able to assemble, photo edit and print the many photos I take as my hobby. The tablet would be great for photo editing and enhancements. I could then print assemble them into the various scrapbooks along with internet photos and maps for added interest. These would be a huge help and great artistic tool for me! Here is an example of some photos from my fall visit to Italy https://picasaweb.google.com/111319802320932434885/MilanVenice?authuser=0&feat=directlink

  50. I will kindly donate the boxes that came with the PC and printer to one of my nieces and/or nephews. http://bit.ly/X0jrEP

    Their parents can thank me later. Via e-mail. Which I’ll read on my new computer.

  51. I would love to print my kids artwork to be able to give away to friends and family as postcards, notebooks, or even gift labels, some examples here:
    my daughter especially loves drawing and she is so good at it, and her artwork is so funny at times, that it makes me want to go and show everyone πŸ™‚

    1. OOPS! I like it because my my little one’s favourite characters can be found on nickjr, and there are colouring sheets, games, cards. At Halloween there are pumpkin carving templates, Valentines there are printable cards, etc.

  52. I am a work from home mom blogger and I own several business’ and I reallly need a new computer/printer bad!! This would be a dream come true thx so much for the chance and good luck to everyone!!

  53. Growing up my nanny had a very profound effect on my life in so many ways. My two favorite things that remind me of her are Hummingbirds and Bleeding Hearts. She had a Hummingbird feeder and her and I would sit for hours and watch these little wonders. Also my nanny was a huge plant and flower person, who had a yard filled with amazing aroma , colors and variety. We shared a mutual love for Bleeding Hearts, and we would water and nurture these plants with tender love and care.

    My nanny passed away almost threes years ago, and when I see these two wonderful things together Hummingbirds and Bleeding Hearts it floods me with amazing memories and special times with her. I give a huge THANK YOU to my nanny for helping to make me the woman I am today !!

    That is why I love Hummingbirds and Bleeding Hearts, click the link the second picture says it all.

  54. Would Love to Win this Awsome Giveaway…Very Nice then I could say I have 1 of them…Thanks for the oppertunity…Again Awsome Giveaway..

  55. β™₯ I really love old skool and vintage holiday ideas, cards and crafts to share and keep in close touch with family and friends. For example http://vintageholidaycrafts.com/
    And I even follow + tweet + RT @CCWordPlay on Twitter so that right there is a special networking connection directly from her website. Fantastic giveaway thanks for the chance!

  56. it would be soo helpful for the gala im planning in my events class….espically since im on the management team for it im hoping to find something to will make it easier to carry and share with the class the ideas we have during our meatings….and being able to print out the layouts for everything with a good printer would be fantastic

  57. I would love this prize. I was just shopping around the other day for an All-in-One printer. Thanks for the opportunity.

  58. I would love to be able to print out all of the photos from my digital camera and share with my family and friends. This prize would allow me to do just that. And I like making custom cards for family.

  59. I would love to make little notes to.print out and leave on my girls doors when they woke up.

  60. I would love to use the HP Envy 2x & the HP Photosmart 7520 printer to update my decor seasonally. I would love to print out things like these pretty signs and slip them in a frame for my faux “mantle”.

    St. Valentine’s Day: http://libby-bonjour.blogspot.com/2011/01/photobucket_26.html
    St. Patrick’s Day: http://eighteen25.blogspot.com/2011/02/subway-art-lucky.html
    Easter: http://gewoonmarieke.com/2012/04/02/keep-calm-and-hop-on/
    Spring: http://www.lesscakemorefrosting.com/2012/03/bring-in-spring-with-a-printable-poster.html

    I also think this would be genius for road trips. We have to travel 3 hours to visit the in-laws, so the kids could watch a movie, or catch up on their homework. Plus, it is grand for vacations as we tend to travel a ways away, Then if we need it, we could use the GPS to figure out directions, find a new place to eat at, see interesting touristy spots along the way, etc. Not to mention that we can use it on vacation in case we have a rain day to look up alternate activities, or research things, etc. πŸ™‚

  61. I would love this to help print my home business flyers, adds and invitations… would be a lot quicker than our 11 year old printer.

    This would allow me to spend more quality time with my kiddos!

  62. I forgot to say that I love the printable decor idea because it would allow me to update the decor for the seasons affordably. Always a plus!

  63. I can use it to connect with my sister on facebbook http://WWW.facebook.com because my current computer james up a lot trying to use it because it’s too old to use a recent browser and my sister can only be contacted by Facebook since she no longer answers the phone (strange I know but she’s afraid it’s my mother (who lives with me) calling).

  64. My little one is really into fairies this year and when we decorate her bedroom this spring I want to incorporate some images and pictures of fairies…maybe on her furniture and of course on one of the walls. I love this site so much because they have so many different images of fairies! The printer would really save us some money making our own pictures for her wall..


  65. These machines are so cool, I love the fact that you can use it as a tablet or attach a keyboard very Awesome πŸ™‚

  66. How do I love thee ( HP Envy x2 Laptop/Tablet Hybrid and a Photosmart 7520 All-in-One Printer)….let me count the ways…
    Wow! The possibilities are endless!
    1.) My partner and I do artwork for independent bands, small skateboard companies, DIY published vegan cookbooks, Benefit shows for local non-profit organizations like our local animal shelter, food banks, and even people in our community that are raising money to help with vet bills, doctor bills, and diapers, and other items a new mother would need)…unfortunately…we are using a 10 year old computer…needless to say…anything we do takes about 10 times longer than it would if we had a more modern set-up.
    *so designing and printing out flyers would be much faster and allow us to take on more projects like our Punx for Pooches where we raised $170 “bones” (bad pun intended) for our local animal shelter…bringing warm blankets, treats, toys, and medical items to our furry friends that are waiting for a forever home πŸ™‚

    2.) I would be able to print out letters, pictures, jokes, and whatnot for my adopted soldier through an organization called http://www.adoptaussoldier.org/
    Check out their site! maybe you would like to adopt one of our brave women and men serving our country overseas!

    3.) I would love to be able to print out pictures to make an amazing scrapbook of my brother, sister, and I through the years to give to my Mom on her 70th birthday next year…..

    So…the possibilities are ENDLESS!
    Thank you so much for the opportunity to win such a valuable item…and in my eyes the value comes from how it can be used both personally and to help support my community.

  67. I would print thesehttp://www.americangreetings.com/printable-cards/invitations/printable-birthday-invitations/pn/3172827
    for my daughters birthday

  68. This would be AWESOME for school! I’m a university biology student and this would save time and money with printing notes and diagrams! Also, the tablet would be great for my 32 hour flight (each way!!) coming up later this year!

  69. Definitely http://www.skype.com/en/ would help me connect with my sisters! No one lives in the same state that I do – and one of them lives in China! We love to skype-it-up to catch up on each other’s lives without paying long distance charges!

  70. It’s still pretty far away, but a great Mother’s/Father’s Day gift idea is printing “Best Mother’s/Father’s Day gift… EVER!!” on a kid’s t-shirt, then having the kids personalize it with their handprints underneath (with fabric paint). Hide the shirt till the day arrives and have the kids wearing it by the time mom/dad wakes up.

  71. i like this prize cause then me and ny son could spend more time together playing on treehouse.com

  72. I could send and receive more photos and updates from my family, who are scattered all over the world. We are a military family.

  73. I just bought my first “fancy” camera and I cant wait to use photo editing programs and print off my pics!!!! This package would be a FANTASTIC start!!!!

  74. I’ve been sitting here thinking about what I’d like to do with a set like this. I have both a laptop and printer but both are from 2009 and are showing their age. I like to help people whether it be by a deed or talking about my experiences with being bullied, as a child and teen in school, and how that has shaped me into who I am today. How I didn’t let it make me into a bully like mine were. I now have severe anxiety and depression but talking to others…especially the young…is therapy on it’s own. I always believe that if I talk of things, that I was taught NOT to talk of…if it helps one person? Then my childhood and life have been worth it. I find I am most passionate about helping those with no voice. Children and teens being bullied….people in the workplace being bullied…yes they can talk but most won’t. And animals….they cannot speak and I see such atrocious and sad things online. Lost pets…abandoned pets….people suffering because their pets are gone…animals suffering as they are no longer wanted or abused. Who talks for them? I do. On Facebook we now have good things along the bad. Lost Dog Networks…pages against bullying…even lost cat networks. I live in Bridgewater, NS and the one cat network is mainly for the Halifax area. But people do post from my area. My idea is to make posters, for those in my area and print them out. They could be posted through-out town and with that laptop…they could be made electronically as well. I always have wished to have a better system to do these things. Posters could be done to help against bullying as well, and I found a great site, that will make surveys. These “questionnaires” can be filled out anonymously in schools, after school programs, with, the YMCA, etc. There are so many possibilities.

    I am on what is called “stress leave” – I am now on medication for the anxiety – and am getting counseling for my own fears, depression and phobias. I grew up poor and I still am…ha ha…but I can give of myself – and lord knows – I have time to give. Sometimes, our attitudes towards others, can make us the richest people in the world. So I am rich in my own way. I find even making people smile and laugh, gives me a reason to get out of bed, and face yet another day. Yes I told you a lot…likely too much but who knows? Someone might read this and think ENOUGH! I WON’T BE BULLIED ANYMORE…or I NEED HELP…PLEASE HELP. Remember…I speak for those who can’t. β™₯ Keep smiling people…for it makes you “feel” better and if nothing else? It confuses the heck out of those who never do!! Lol….

    Good luck everyone!!! πŸ™‚


    Lost cat group on FB. So many cats….in the cold winter here in NS:


    There are many templates online to make posters plus Print Shops as well:


    A page dedicated to helping stop bullying in schools with questionnaires. This is neat and I am a member….just haven’t had the resources:


  75. I’d like to make pictures of my children,grandchildren and my dog and eventually make a photo album.

  76. The possibilities are endless in my preschool classroom! Education.com and many more sites have wonderful activities for preschoolers to do. I could print them out at a moments notice and start playing with the kids. The kids could play educational games at http://www.abcmouse.com/. I could download the kindle app so the kids could listen to a book! OMG, I am so excited about all of the great things I could introduce to my preschoolers! We also take lots of pictures to place around the room so they can identify their artwork and personal belongings!

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win!

  77. My son’s 4th birthday is coming up and he is obsessed with Toy Story. I found all these different cute ideas for his party from http://family.go.com/parties/article-888473-disney-toy-story-party-t/ and since I haven’t had the spare cash to buy a new printer after my old one died 1 year ago, this giveaway is AMAZING!T
    After the party I can upload some of the pics on the AMAZING tablet to http://www.shutterfly.com/ and my brother who lives in California, can view them instantly!
    THANK YOU again for this incredible giveaway! πŸ™‚

  78. First thought that came to my mind was my 5 yr old and his current obsession with underwater creatures – this would be a whole lot of color printing – to make a personalized booklet of all his favorites with room for him to draw/write his own dreams of swimming with these animals. I think my 2 yr old would also enjoy using some apps and playing movies.

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  80. I would use the prize to make cards, pictures, frames and send them to all our family and friends.

  81. This would be a nice gift to give to myself. I certainly could use them especially since I find coupons online to print off.

  82. I am in the process of looking for work and the HP DeskJet D2660 printer that I have does not really work to well, and it does not have a scanner. Therefore, a new PC and all-in-one printer would be really nice to have. It would be very useful in my job search.

  83. I have lots of young children in my life and they are all highly creative. It’s nice to rely on a website that will enable you to print blank templates for them to color …. http://www.coloring-book.info

    Given the massive amounts of snow the Blizzard 2013 dumped on my area and with schools closed it has come in handy. πŸ™‚

  84. I’d love to be able to organize my recipes and print them to keep them neat! I love this printable recipe page: http://freeprintablesonline.com/2011/05/retro-treated-vintage-recipe-pages/ Right now, I have some recipes hand written (and abbreviated in my horrific chicken scratch/homemade short hand that I can barely read!!), some are printed on scratch computer paper (printed something else on the other side and ended up not needing it but didn’t want to waste the paper), some are written on note pads, etc. I’d love to create a binder, print out all my favorite recipes, and keep them somewhere neat and safe!

  85. I have lots of out of town family that I skype on a regular basis to be able to see there faces. Using the HP Envy as a tablet would make skyping a much easier and enjoyable process.


  86. I would like this for my daughter she needs a new laptop but moves around a lot so this would be good for her.

  87. I’m a huge video game nerd.. so I’d love to print these out and pass them around to my nerdy friends:

    I’d also just really like to be able to print out photo-grade pictures of my baby boy to give to his grandparents and other family members (aka his undying fans πŸ˜‰

  88. I would love to use it for printing shirt designs for my son, and for unique gifts…such as photo bags. Such as On custom ink.com. Thank you for the contest to win these awesome products!

  89. I like to browse on Pinterest for recipes and DIY projects. Therefore, having the HP Envy tablet would be helpful in organizing recipes and making it easier to reference, while I am in the kitchen. I would no’t have to keep running to the computer like I do at the moment. Most of my recipes are from blogs that I follow, but I go to FoodNetwork.com as well. Here is an example of what I made last night from a recipe that I found on pinterest from Paula Dean’s website.. http://pinterest.com/pin/92323861083331003/.

  90. My mom lives very far away.. overseas… So this would allow me to do a lot of things! I would download skype and talk to her using the camera’s on the computer. I would take lots of pictures, organize them and email or print and mail them to my mom. I would find a photo of me and her from the last time we were together. I would add it to this card http://printable-cards.gotfreecards.com/photocards/designer.html?id=75&cat=Mother%27s%20Day , print and mail it to her so she receives it on the Mother’s Day.

  91. I love to make them cards or to help them with projects they need with on the computer thank your for the giveaway

  92. The printer is awesome. It is a must have for everyone. I love HP products they work well and there are never any compatibility issues with other hardware or software. This is an awesome prize package.

  93. The ability to use our computers to keep in touch really makes the world a bit smaller. Keeping in touch with loved ones makes a big difference when they are so far away.

  94. Nicole by OPI Modern Family Collection
    I have used the same colors of nail polish for a long time but I saw this sweep and I entered and really hope I win.

  95. This would be the proverbial iceing on the cake winning both. I would be able to share this win with my family and extended family telling them what awesome products these both are and that there is absolutely no reason why they too can own this laptop and printer.

  96. I would like very much to win this price for my wife and daugter , haven”t been able to buy this great laptop and printer, lok”s wonderfull!!!

  97. http://www.disneyjunior.ca/en/doc-mcstuffins/colouring-and-create/djr_col_dms_group02.pdf
    My daughter just turned 4 yrs and she said she wants to be an artist as she loves painting. She loves painting the stuff from Disneyjr.ca., if I win the laptop and the printer, It will be easier for me to make her dream a reality as she can have her own touch screen laptop and print all she wants from the website and color them and hang them on the wall. She is my dream and my life and I really want my dream;’s dream to come true.

  98. My 8 year old daughter LOVE to create and make things.. Our only printer is black and white. I would use this to make personalized birthday cards with her.

  99. As a single mother, with 2 part time jobs I try to save as much money as I can .. with this laptop and printer I can go to my favourite couponing site http://extremecouponingmom.ca/coupon-database/ and find ALL the printable coupons and print them and save even MORE money than I already do πŸ˜€ I have a printer but it is crappy and half the words run together and the stores dont take them ! I would LOVE this !!!

  100. I love cooking and initially found inspiration from http://www.epicurious.com/ to create new dishes. Now I love discovering new blogs with recipes and I am just learning about Pinterest! I’m still old school enough that I print out these recipes and I love to share the best with my daughter. I also love to print the photos she shares with me as it makes me feel closer when she is so far away for now!

  101. My daughter loves looking at pictures. Would use the computer and printer to make a small photo book with some of her pictures. I know she would just love it.

  102. My son and I found this and my son thinks it is so cool that mom can do this to his clothes but my great nieces and nephews also love it. If I win I will be a busy mommy and great Auntie and that is ok with me to make kids happyhttp://www.hp.com/hho/hp_create/ironons_fabric-clothing.html

  103. This would so perfect for all my pictures! And I am desperate need of a laptop!

  104. Please Enter Me In Your Giveaway.
    It Would Be Awesome To Win The HP Envy x2 Laptop/Tablet AND the HP Photosmart 7520 All-in-One Printer.
    In Response To Your Requirement To In a comment, Provide a URL example of how you can use HP PCs and/or printers, to create something special or connect with a loved one.
    I Would Use This To Make My Family And Friends Homemade Photo Greeting Cards.
    Thank You For Having This Giveaway!!!!!!!!!!

  105. my 20 yr old daughter is a single mom to a 15 month old and does day care in our home for 3 others about the same age, plus afterschool care for two older kids once a week. She is always looking for craft projects to do for them…mostly now is for her to do and gift to the parent, as they are pretty small to “do” most crafts. BUT, next year will be busy for her during holidays and doing seasonal fun activities with the kids.
    We found this adorable little turkey print out to do for a special Thanksgiving meal for the kids. We could use them for placecards and then they can take them home. There are SO many ideas out there for day care providers to use. My daughter will be moving out within the year and she will not have a printer to take so this would help with some inexpensive craft supplies to print. Thanks so very much!


  106. I’m a stationery freak, and I’ve been literally designing my own note cards, and stationery since I was a little girl, so I’d put this tablet and sweet printer to use all the time visiting: http://www.shutterfly.com/cards-stationery to design my own stationery, particularly during the long boring waits at my doctor’s office. I wish I had that tablet last year as I spent most of my year in the hospital and since I only had a desktop at home and no portable device my blog had to go dark while I was in the hospital. I’m a bit too unfocused for knitting, but designing new stationery I can do for hours and completely lose track of time!

    Thanks for the hosting this fantastic giveaway!

  107. This site changed the way my big sister and i comunicate. She is getting married in june and this site is a place for us to brainstorm ideas. I thought it would be cute to print the evolution of her dream wedding and put it in a binder. This could help alot. Thanks for all your hard work.

  108. I want to create learning items for my son as well as make cards for family members that live far away

  109. I love Skype http://www.skype.com/en/ because it allows my daughter to talk to her best friend who lives in another state. It’s so easy to use and if she had her own laptop-tablet she’d be able to Skype with her bestie whenever she wanted. ^_^

  110. would love these to do with daughter for scrapbook. I could use this soooo many ways πŸ™‚

  111. http://pinterest.com/pin/172122016980784346/

    I would love to put together a personal herb book. I like to use herbs for medicinal teas and DIY around the house. I would like to have identification pictures, how/when etc to harvest, uses how and when..you get the idea. Also for some of the DIY things I make for around the house – keep those recipes organized in a book.

  112. I print out all my invoices when I purchase something or sell it. I have to have a good printer!

  113. I would like to find stained glass patterns at stainedglasspatterns.com and http://www.delphiglass.com β€Ί free patterns & projects. My father wants to learn stained glass from my sister. I could print patterns for them to try.

  114. My wife bookmarked this link and has been wating us to fill it in for our kids for a while now. We need a new printer though and this would be our first project.
    It’s for Creating and Printing a child’s personalized POKEMON card. Made to look like the collector’s cards for the series, it’s pretty neat.

  115. Love this great spring butterfly and bird printable…cute on Easter eggs, but could be used in so many ways

  116. My son and I love our 3 cats. He wants to take them everywhere but we all know that is not possible. With the webcam I can take photos and submit them to http://www.zazzle.ca/ and there I can put the cats on baseball caps, mugs, t-shirts and so much more. Then my son can take the cats with him wherever he goes. I would love to use the printer to make our own family photo Christmas cards.

    1. These would really brighten up the kitchen instead of the old hum-drum square pot holders!

  117. I love to sweep, but can’t because my laptop officially said goodbye πŸ™ if I won I could be a sweeper again! Oh I so hope I win!

  118. These would be great tools for enhancing our homeschool with multi-media resources on the web and printing all the great free printables I’ve found—I love to love my kids by making learning more fun. Some of the things I like to print for them…the paper “toys” at this site: http://www.thetoymaker.com/

    1. It sent before I could finish. I love these cards, because they really reflect our personalities! Thanks for the chance!

  119. If I won, I would have made this website that I made for our son who was born yesterday. http://beardednerd.com/baby-boy/

    We also have print version to send to the older generation that don’t use computers so it would be great to print them out and send them off.