How to Teach Your Child Better Hygiene Habits

If there’s two things we know about kids, it’s that they have a knack for getting dirty and getting into everything. Worse yet, is when these two are combined. Whether it be that natural-borne magnetism to messes, or their insatiable urge to touch everything – the result is always left as evidence literally attached to them. On their face, their hands, and their bodies. 

As parents, we’ve learned to operate like robots on repeat. “Wash your hands, wash your face, wash your hands”, are phrases which escape our mouths so often it becomes frustrating. If that wasn’t enough, we also have to do the checks after so-called completion. “No, you didn’t use soap, try again” is something we also say far too often.

Better hygiene habits is one of those life skills, which we parents instruct, and are skills which follow children throughout their lives. It’s best to start teaching these skills early on. For the kids and their health, but also for us – in the hopes that we won’t have to check how clean their fingernails are on their wedding day. 

how to teach your child better hygiene habits potty training tips

How to Teach Your Child Better Hygiene Habits

Provide the Appropriate Facilities and Tools

Make sure you are well equipped with tools for them to get the job done, or else the task success will be hindered right from the get go. Depending on the childs age, make sure they have a stool to reach the sink, and place hand towels at their reach. 

Toilet Area: In some homes the toilet paper holder is just too far for smaller arms to reach. Ensure this is accessible to kids with a toilet paper holder that can be placed at an easier reach. Because kids are kids and sometimes you need a backup to get a {clean} job done, I like to place Kandoo Flushable Wipes on the bathroom counter behind the toilet as well.

potty training tips

Teaching kids to use the potty and better hygiene habits go hand in hand! “I want to do it!” are kid-words which makes us parents cringe when they are potty training. We want to facilitate that independence, but also want to make sure hygiene after using the bathroom, is up to par.

Kandoo Flushable Wipes clean up to 30% better than toilet paper, are moistened with lotion to ensure a thorough fresh cleaning, and are flushable and biodegradable – safe for sewer and septic systems. I also like that the container is perfect for little hands, so that they can pop up the lid themselves with a push of the button. 

kandoo flushable wipes better hygiene habits kids

For those in the potty training stage, the Kandoo website has a wealth of information like potty training charts and potty training tips and tricks. Read articles on how to tell if your child is ready to start, to discussing the popular ‘rewards’ tactic that many use to teach. These resources combined with the Kandoo potty training products help lead to success! 

Sink Area: Put yourself in your childs shoes as you arrange the tools for them. For instance, slippery bars of soap and little hands might result in a bigger mess on them and the entire bathroom. I like to use Kandoo Moisturizing Hand Soap for my kids – it’s a pump soap in fun colours that is also much easier for little hands to use when compared to bar soap.

Tub Area: Make sure the tub area is kid-friendly too. Many tub surrounds have high shelves for supplies, so use baskets or other shelves to have other personal care products for kids at easy reach. 

better hygeine kids with kandoo personal products

Teach Children Why Good Hygiene is Important

Children are more likely to do anything if they are told why they need to do it, so no, “because I said so” isn’t a good reason. Perhaps they’ll know why hand washing must be done, if there’s visible dirt on the hands – but for the other times when germs aren’t seen, they will have a hard time understanding why the task must be done. 

Talk to your child about hand washing and why it’s important to be apart of the daily routine {and many times a day at that}. Routine is a big part of this, so teach kids to wash their hands and/or face after all applicable events like eating, playing, and using the bathroom. 

Be a Better Hygiene Role Model 

Kids watch and simulate everything and hygiene is no exception. Be that role model and do yourself, as you teach. At first, involve them directly by them doing the tasks with you, as you talk through what you are doing. Make sure you instruct with clear and thorough directions. 


kandoo moisturizing hand soap

Plus the colourful Kandoo Hand Soap bottle is a visual reminder to use it, along with a literal ‘wash your hands’ written on the bottle. Some parent friends of mine have attached reminder hand washing notes to the bathroom mirrors, so this saves a step – and just looks a whole lot better.

kandoo hand soap better hygeine habits kids

Make Hygiene Fun

Kids always need that incentive to do anything, and a good time is always palace to start. You could sing while you work {Snow White has been right for years}, use charts, play games or make it a competition. So bring on the shampoo mohawks and that kid-flavoured toothpaste! I’ve always had success with Kandoo personal care products and their kid-friendly packaging that makes kids feel like it’s a special item that is just for them. Combine that with a pleasant scent, and my girls are convinced. In other words, change that mundane into something magical! 

Be Encouraging

With any kid instruction, give praise and be encouraging. Give kids the time they need to understand and develop the habit of good hygiene. Yes you will have to remind them, yet be consistent and have patience. Supervise, instruct, reinforce positive behaviour and be attentive. If they remembered to wash their hands, yet didn’t complete the task so well – praise them for remembering with that gentle reminder that they, for example, didn’t wash long enough. Reward them for what they are doing correctly and facilitate a positive environment for them to fine-tune their skills.

From their 2 in 1 Conditioning Shampoo and Salon Quality Detangler, to the Simply Suds Bubble Bath – Kandoo provides the tools to help parents teach better hygiene habits to children.

Kandoo makes getting clean fun, so make sure you check out their line of products and print yourself a $.50 coupon! 

Do you have any other tips to share?

This is a sponsored post yet as always, all opinions are my own.



  1. Hygiene is very important and I’m happy that Kandoo has expanded their products, they are all great and the best part is the kids love using them too!!

  2. I don’t think that you can start too early with teaching children the necessity of good hygiene, kids often have to be reminded to wash their hands after using the bathroom. In time they’d rather wash them straight away rather than have to go back and wash them.

  3. Our kids (like most) are bad for hygiene !! I am always after them to wash up but I think with example and time they will become less like my 3 little piggies!! lol

  4. I love Kandoo products and even use them myself quite a bit. The hand soap smells awesome! The only thing that works for me as far as teaching hygiene to my boys is to make it habit by being consistent.

  5. Hygiene is very important for us and teaching our children early is the key! Kandoo has great products.

  6. I love making hygiene fun for my son. We usually sing a silly song while washing our hands together. I use Kandoo for all his hygiene needs and he loves it 🙂

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