How to Scare a Twin Mom


How to Scare a Mom of Twins?

Picture this:

It’s middle of the night, all is dark and quiet. Mom of twin toddlers is sleeping soundly, dreaming of the day when sleeping comes about more often. Then, a creak in the night wakes the Mom from slumber. She bolts upright in bed, {and since bed is positioned for a straight view to the hallway} the hallway is what she immediately sees.

This is is the view….

Ok, so it looked more like this….

It was dark though – I could have sworn there was fog involved, maybe some glowing eyes. Regardless, the two of them standing there side by side, watching me in silence….gave me a freaking heart attack!!!

Having watched many scary movies in the past, I debated on what to do, in order to make it out alive. Reaching for the phone and calling 911 did cross my mind. Hiding under my covers was another option. Jump out of bed and slam the door shut on them? A door stops creapers in the night, right?

Instead I screamed, ‘what are you doing? Go to your room!!’. Anger, yes anger is better than showing fear!

Their intense stare broke into giggles and they waddled quickly back into their room.

I sat there for the longest time, wondering if maybe they somehow *knew* about The Shining and how that would make me pee my pajamas. Nah, that’s impossible… Should I put a bell on their door so that I could hear them come out? By this time I was full-on scared, and didn’t want to get out of bed in the dark – what if something was under the bed?

Instead I chose to hide under my blankets.

What has this Mommy become!?!



  1. Sorry, I’m laughing so hard I could die! That would FREAK. ME. OUT! Even when I wake up and there’s only ONE kid staring at me, but two? Flashes of The Shining are sooooo not cool.

  2. OMG, that is too funny! Of course, I totally get it. I’ve woken up to the toddler stare myself so I can relate to the whole heart attack feeling. I think the double stare you get would have finished me off!

    1. LOL! I woke up with my son staring at me last night. Totally freaked me out!

  3. I cannot wait for the day my future children do this to me… I apparently did it to my parents and I have heard my mother’s screams as my younger siblings have done it to my parents. It’s probably genetic and we will probably all reap our just rewards for our giggles.

  4. Too funny! As a Mom of twins, I usually react with something close to anger, if I see them in the middle of the night.

  5. bwahahahaha…. oh, sorry, it’s not supposed to be funny when Mommies are scared like that…… but I’m still chuckling! I hate it when I wake up from a dead sleep and there’s a child standing 3 inches away from my nose, just looking at me…… definitely freaks me out!

    Hopefully the girlies won’t wake you up like this often. Adrenaline isn’t good for sleeping…

  6. Hahah!! That is too funny…I am such a heavy sleeper, I would never know if my kids were standing there staring at me!!

    1. I used to be too, Ruth. And there has been severe thunderstorms that I have slept right through. But when it comes to my kids, they could blink in the night and I would hear them!
      One of my side-effects of parenthood maybe?

  7. that is too funny. I guess I will be seeing that picture in a few years because that seems like something my twins would do.
    I like the bell idea!

  8. OMG! I am dying here!! LOL I can recall a similar event with my twin boys… now 13. That movie always scares the bejesus out of me!

  9. That was SO funny – sorry- SO funny!!!! I to have woken up with one kid staring at me – can not imagine it being two – YUK! why do they do that?????? man alive it is creepy, I was NEVER aloud in my parents room -ever- no memory of EVER being in it- so I am pretty sure I did not do this, wish my people did not do it. My ten year old just did it to me the other night while “stealing” my flashlight (we are both night readers) scared the dickens out of me and I yelled to LOL.

  10. That’s too funny!

    I do understand where you are coming from!

    Mica used to creep quietly out of his room from a nap or nightly slumber. He would stand over me in my bed staring at me until I awoke, or if I was up doing something he’d just creep up to me and scare the crap out of me!

    Thankfully Isaak doesn’t get out of his bed on his own yet. Instead he lays in bed quietly and messes his diaper. YUCK!

    I did decide to be a mean mommy once. Mica wouldn’t listen to get his pj’s on. I went outside to dump the compost. I saw him through his bedroom window dancing around. Messing around, and not getting his pj’s on. I pounded on his window. It scared the _ _ _ _ out of him! His look was shock! He yelled for Daddy! I lost it and started laughing, and pounded once more. This was after his countless times of scaring me. A taste of his own medicine. Mean, yet fun. Probably not something I should have done, but the evil side of me couldn’t resist.

    1. Oh my, that would scare me. I scared my Mom really bad once when I was a kid. I’ll never forget, she was so upset she looked ill and my older brother was so mad at me. That was the last time I did that to her – sometimes it takes a good scare to shock you!

  11. My twins are ten but will still come to my room in the middle of the night and stand over me, willing me awake. I scream so many nights.

    I once yelled at my oldest daughter in anger after finding her, two at the time, floating face down in the pool. I yelled at my baby for nearly drowning. Yes, anger and fear go hand in hand sometimes.

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  13. The Shining! Nah, not those two precious ones.
    Now if they were in those early teen years, maybe. Nah, not really.

  14. He he! I have a couple of sleep walkers, so this is a normal thing in my house, although I admit it can be quite creepy!

  15. K that would TOTALLY freak me out TOO!! One set of eyes is bad enough staring at you in the dark!! 🙂 But thanks for the Laugh!! Sleep Tight!! 🙂

  16. HA! Oh dear….I can’t say I blame you for freaking out O.o Seriously, I know I’d love my kids more the life itself, but there are some things you just can’t help but get the heebie jeebies from and THAT’S one of them! Lol

    They certainly are cute though xD

  17. I totally have a string of bells on Ash’s door. Seriously. I do. And before we hoped he’d soon be able to night-train and had to leave his door open-able so he could theoretically get himself to the potty, that string of bells hooked from his doorknob on the outside to a screw in the door frame.

    Just sayin’.

    1. Ha! I did that with my oldest! She used to sneak out in the middle of the night and steal cheese slices out of the fridge {as if fridge locks stopped her!}. So, each night I put a bell on her doorknob. Hey, it worked!

      Glad to hear we drink the same kool-aid Rhiannon – cheers!

  18. Hilarious. After 7 years with twins, I’ve never thought of that image. Until now!

  19. Oh my word…stuff like that totally freaks me out – and i haven’t seen the Shining (too chicken) – though that scene is definitely familiar.

    I’ve woken up before with my kids face within an inch of mine – and THAT is freaky too.

    I’d have hid under the covers just like you….after I saw *I am Legend* I made Brent get up with Jonah when he woke up – I was too scared to go through the hall myself. hahaha….

    This would have scarred me for life.

  20. Hilarious! My boys scare me all the time. Kids are naturally creepy! My 6-yo started making the throaty noise from the movie The Grudge one night and I was absolutely terrified to enter his room!

  21. I have twins, too. Face to face when you open your eyes is super scary, too. Because your reflex is to punch.

    That stuff is funny now, but in the moment, it’s for real;)

  22. Oh my heck, that would scare me to death! And I haven’t even seen that movie! That’s hilarious, though.

  23. I’m a mother of twins too, mine just turned 2 last month , last week I was sleeping in bed when I woke up with the little ones sitting on the floor staring at me, I swear John’s (my son) eyes flashed silverish blue, now there is a bell on their bedroom door and on my door.

  24. Very funny! lol I’ll definitely share this with my sister who so much wanted twins!

  25. My friends twins used to go out at night and walk around the neighborhood when they were 2. they were caught coming in from “their walk” by their dad going to work.

  26. October 26-Thank you for the laughs and the way you react -so familiar to all moms. Yes; we still have crazy dreams and imaginings and there just might be something under our bed-who knows? Darkness casts its own spell.. Now, if you start putting out saucers of milk to appease the fairies, I think you may have to do something about your imagination!

  27. You seem to be about as brave as the rest of us! Do not feel badly about that little episode –They may learn more ways of causing you scary moments as they get older-But I hope not!

  28. I watch too many horror movies… and sometimes my boys say the creepiest things! Like, “look at the ghost on my hand.” EEKS!

  29. loved reading this, had a really good laugh, so thanks for making me smile 🙂

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