How to Save Money on your Weekly Grocery Shopping

Once September starts, our schedules and routines change. The addition of back to school and extracurricular activities place higher demands on our day to day lives, plus adds a lot more to the budget when it comes to buying food for the household. 
First you have to purchase more snacks; for those school lunches and to fill the hunger gap between activities. You also have to prepare and send those school lunches – which requires more meal planning and grocery shopping. Added to this is the everyday meals, and because it’s the fall season – this means more comforting and hearty meals.
When making your grocery shopping list right now, you have to consider all the essentials to make meals at home, school lunch items and plenty of snacks. I know – cost, cost, cost. Yet there are ways to manage September’s chaos and not break the bank.
How to Save Money on your Weekly Grocery Shopping

How to Save Money on your Weekly Grocery Shopping

  • Shop on a full stomach, you’ll likely buy less items you don’t usually buy.
  • Plan your meals, snacks and school lunches for the week and buy accordingly.
  • Go armed with a list and stick to it.
  • Clean out your fridge and cupboards regularly. Use up what you bought before buying more.
  • Watch for sales discounts, use coupons and don’t forget about those handy coupon apps! 
  • Buy the items you use the most in bulk. If you freeze some, make sure to note a date on the bag. 
  • Just because it’s ‘on sale’ doesn’t mean you need to scoop it up, unless you will use it

When it comes to saving money on your weekly grocery shopping, it’s best to know the deals and promotions from your favourite grocers. Earlier this year Safeway and Sobeys lowered hundreds of prices in two key areas that really matter to its customers in Alberta: produce and meat. Actually, I wrote about Affordable Winter Produce in Canada at that time, so make sure to check out what they did because that directly ties into the latest news from the company.

Which is {drumroll} ….

Safeway and Sobeys {and IGA too!} are further building on this commitment to provide affordable groceries by lowering thousands of prices throughout all stores in Alberta, including in key areas such as grocery, dairy, frozen and health and beauty all in their efforts to ensure Canadians are eating better – for less. It’s part of their better food movement which started in 2013.

sobeys price drop saving money weekly groceries

This big announcement means that they’ve pretty much lowered their prices across the board – making sure you save money on your total grocery shop! 

In all of the Safeway, Sobeys and IGA stores across Alberta, there are now lower prices on thousands of items, across hundreds of brands, which lets us fulfill our weekly shopping requirements at one store, buying the brands we actually want, and not just those on promotion.

help Canadians eat better food, more affordably

Now we have quality, selection and value! This price drop initiative comes at an important time of year for many of us , since families are planning back-to-school routines and meal plans.

Important to note, this price drop across the board IS NOT a sale or short-term promotion, it’s a continuation of a long-term commitment to help Canadians eat better food, more affordably. 


sobeys dropped prices all groceries
Want to save even more? Make sure to find additional great savings through weekly in-store and flyer promotions, AIR MILES, BUY BIG SAVE BIG and BUY MORE SAVE MORE deals, and special customer appreciation days. 
If you need meal tips and recipes, also check out, and the #BetterFoodStartsHere mentions on social media. 
Use the many tips in this post to really save big on your weekly grocery shopping, because we all know life’s chaos adds up, especially this time of year! 



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  1. I have to agree with the tip, making a list and sticking with it…. I have been doing this for the past few weeks and it has been a real money saver,.

  2. I got off the track for a while. I was meal planning for so long I get sick of it, but then I didn’t do it for a while and I realized how much money I was wasting. I am now back on track and doing a lot of meal planning.

  3. I totally agree that shopping on a full stomach is the best for saving money. I will buy the whole store if I go in there with an empty stomach.

  4. I have found myself coming home with more than I intended when I forget my list at home. These are all great tips to save money on groceries.

  5. These are all great tips. I’ve always heard that shopping on a full stomach is a good idea. I usually do that as well. It really does work to not get those foods you don’t need.

  6. “Shop on a full stomach, you’ll likely buy less items you don’t usually buy.” This is my number one favorite tip ( when I haven’t followed this tip I have come home with at least $40 worth of impulse foods I would have otherwise never have bought!)

  7. Yes! I actually needed to look over a post like this with my husband. We need to start budgeting and articles like these would really help us… thank you!

  8. This is a great giveaway. I always shop on a full stomach. It really does save you money. I love the Air Miles program. You can collect points at so many retailers.

  9. I love to shop where I can earn rewards. This sounds like a great price drop. I will have to check it out this weekend when I go do groceries. I am always looking for ways to save.

  10. I’m always open to lower prices. I do find that shopping on a full stomach helps us make more intelligent shopping choices too.

  11. We’ve really slacked on our meal planning, which really hurts when you have a family our size. We are trying to get back at it, along with buying in bulk!

  12. I love shopping sales. Today I scored 60 ct boxes of eggs for $2.88. Thank goodness we can freeze them lol.

  13. Great tips to keep in mind to keep your budget on track! My biggest downfall is going shopping when I am hungry!

  14. I have to agree with the tip, making a list, that’s the hardest part…. I have been doing this for the past few weeks and it has been helping. I have also changed some of our snacks and meals to healthier and budget friendly ones.

  15. Great tips. Groceries are so expensive when you’re feeding a family and I especially think it’s so important NOT to shop when you (or your kids) are hungry since you’ll end up buying much more than you really need.

  16. I think these are great tips! With a family of five I am always looking to scrimp and save here and there.

  17. These are super reminders! I’m a big fan of grocery delivery right now so I don’t go hungry. And I save so much money!

  18. It’s very interesting to learn little tricks on how to save money when weekly grocery shopping

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